hey I have – welcome to my channel if you are new my name is Steffi in today's video I am going to show you guys five a quick and easy healthy lunch ideas that you can bring to work or school or whenever you're just a really busy person only go and want to make sure that you have something healthy with you for lunch alright so the first meal doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing but a promise that tastes a lot better than it looks so the ingredients you'll need is some spring roll wrappers this is just the brand that I use some shredded carrots sliced cucumbers and lettuce of your choice I'm using a butter lettuce from my protein I took some chicken breast and slice them into thin strips iced six strips because I wanted to put two pieces in each roll I'm making three rolls total so I'm seasoning it with some pink salt pepper and garlic powder nothing fancy I'm going to heat a pan on medium high heat and I'm going to coat it with this avocado spray and this is my favorite to spray I'm obsessed with it you'll see me use it in every single recipe once my pan is hot enough I'm going to lay down these chicken strips and I'll cook them for about one to two minutes on each side for the rice paper I just ran it under the faucet to wet it I find that that works the fastest and it's the easiest for my sauce I am going to do 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter and about 1 tablespoon of hoisin sauce I completely forgot to show you guys the brand and I'm so sorry but it's just wasted sauce I'm also going to pop this in the microwave for about 20 seconds and stir that all together and then I took some more avocado spray and sprayed it in here just to kind of thin it out you can also use rice wine vinegar if you want to help thin out the sauce more and then I'm transferring that into a container and voila lunch is served to keep the rolls moist throughout the day before you actually make it to lunch I would highly recommend you wet a paper towel and just lay it on top of the rolls meal number two is vegan friendly it is a hearty kale salad and it is so delicious and so simple you'll need some kale obviously some avocado oil I used about a tablespoon some Tomatoes half of a lemon shredded carrots dried cranberries I'm using the 50% less sugar craisins these still taste amazing and the sugar content is a lot less which I feel great about and you also need some chopped up onions after that I am assembling my kale salad in my Tupperware container and I'm going to add in my avocado oil as well as my lemon juice toss on all of my veggies and put some salt and pepper on it and you are good to go after I mix everything I top it off with my walnuts and my dried cranberries and there you have it a very simple fast and easy lunch the third meal is just as easy as well you'll need some quinoa avocado oil lemon tomatoes some hummus of your choice and a cucumber I am going to slice my cucumber up like so and then I'm going to assemble the bowl together which is easy peasy lemon squeezy after that I will garnish it with some pink salt and black pepper and some dill now the dill is optional I know there are people who say they can't stand the taste of it so you can omit it if you want you can throw an Italian seasoning whatever your little heart desires and then I'm adding in a pan-seared chicken breast and in a little sauce container I'm going to scoop generous amount of hummus because hummus is life and then I'll pop it into my bowl and what I do is I toss the hummus around in the quinoa mix and it's just fabulous and I love this Tupperware container because it comes with these little white plastic silverware that's cute I love it and it has a little compartment so it makes it so convenient fourth meal is a vegetarian friendly stir-fry these are my favorite noodles here the Barilla protein-rich noodles for the stir-fry you can use any kind of vegetables that you want I chose broccoli some red onions and shredded carrots you can even throw corn in here red cabbage like I said anything you want for my stir-fry sauce I am putting 1 tablespoon of raw cane sugar as well as 1 tablespoon of low-sodium soy sauce and then I'm adding 1/4 teaspoon of corn starch just to kind of thicken that up now I would highly recommend you use coconut sugar because it caramelizes a lot better I found that the raw cane sugar didn't give me the flavor that I was looking for in a pan again I'm going to coat it with some of that avocado spray on medium-high heat and then I'm tossing in my noodles and then all of my veggies and just stirring that up for about 5 minutes I'm going to transfer that into my Tupperware last but not least is a teriyaki chicken I actually have the full recipe to this and I will link it in the description box below but this is actually just one serving it is the exact same sauce that I use for my stir-fry and so this recipe is perfect for just one serving I used about half of a head of broccoli and then four ounces of diced chicken but you will heat your pan up on medium-high heat and add all of your ingredients at once and then toss in the sauce in the minute you toss the sauce in shut off the stove because it is still emitting heat and it will continue to cook once that's all done I'm going to serve it with the side of jasmine rice because I find that that's what it tastes the best with alright guys set it for the video if you would like to see more healthy food recipes like this go ahead and give the video a big thumbs up and as always I hope you all have a fabulous day thank you so much for watching bye


  1. I need help I really wanna start eating healthy but my whole family eat unhealthy and when I say something like I want oat for breakfast they look at me as if I have said something bad😢

  2. Bruh you cannot cook to save your life.. put full broccoli heads in?? Then added the chicken when they weren’t even cooked. #1 broccoli still probably hard #2 you dried out the chicken

  3. Omg I love this. The recipes are so quick, easy, but most importantly tasty! Thank you for the inspo ❤️

  4. Looks amazing! BTW, Can I pre prep everything for my husband’s meal throughout the week? Does it taste good even if you put them in the fridge?

  5. I loved all of these and had them all for school, but when I heard two feet on the outro I subbed automatically lmao

  6. Gloves while touching raw chicken GENIUS 😂 I absolutely hate the idea of the possibility of getting sick from raw chicken!

  7. i don’t think that i’d have any problems eating any of these lunches, however, my mom doesn’t want to buy all of these stuff for me to eat

  8. or she could have not cut the chicken strips before she cooked them and then just cut them once the chicken was cooked… That would have helped her avoid fliping the 4 pieces of chicken in the pan..

  9. Are these recipes ones you typically eat for lunch and/or dinner? I would love to know your what I eat in a day foods

  10. WOW! This is one of the first videos where healthy doesn's mean *starving*! All these dishes look absolutely delicious and filling at the same time. A lot of the ingredients go with each other which is going to be so helpful when meal prepping this summer!!!!!!

  11. Randomly stumble upon your video… the music at the end gave me the feeling to go to the gym and I'm dead tired with eyes about to pop out from a long day at work. Thanks girl. I guess I'll make an effort to the gym. Haha.

  12. I would love to make these, but if i would take it to school people are gonna look at me like wtf is bringing to school

  13. You should really get some reusable containers for your dressings. I love the recipes but the unnessecary use of plastic annoys me haha :).

  14. Definitely trying some of these. I've been trying to find a good healthy meal prep video so thank you! I'm in 8th grade and want to start eating healthier and I figured that meal prep is an easy way to eat healthier! Subscribing 🙂

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