5 Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Work & School

5 Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Work & School

hello everybody welcome back to my channel in today's video I am going to show you guys a 5 a quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas especially for people who go to work for house schools or is always busy and on the go so our first recipe is going to be a super easy acai bowl it's delicious and fast I'm going to start off with a base of half a cup of coconut water you can use anything you like and then I'm adding in one ripe frozen banana and an acai pack make sure you have a great blender that will be able to pulverize everything because I don't use a lot of liquid that way I can keep the texture at the thick as possible once that's complete you can top it off with anything that you like I'm going to use some fresh banana slices and then some fresh raspberries and some purely Elizabeth granola and voila this is absolutely refreshing on a hot summer's day as well second recipe is going to be a matcha chia seed pudding this is very refreshing as well and it feels so light and filling I'm going to put 1/4 cup of chia seeds into a mason jar and then I'm going to add 1 a teaspoon of vanilla matcha powder by the matcha reserve and just look at how bright and green that is this is extremely high quality matcha and I absolutely love it I'm also going to add a splash of vanilla one tablespoon of maple syrup for added sweetness and 3/4 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk I'm stirring everything together very well then I will pop a lid on it and a store it in the fridge for about eight to ten hours or basically just overnight makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy and then you can wake up in the morning and actually have something to grab now this does taste bomb with just fruit but if you want to be a little bit extra like me then you can go ahead and add some vanilla Greek yogurt to it either way I was trying to make it look aesthetic I failed miserably but it still tastes really good this next recipe is going to be a very simple breakfast wrap you can absolutely grab this and head out the door with it like literally it's portable I love it so I'm just going to cook two eggs i whisk it in a bowl that way it'll all be like nice like an egg Pattie if you get what I'm saying I'm going to sprinkle some cheese on this as well because cheese is a so bomb I love it and then I'm adding in some spinach and again you can put whatever fillings you want in this wrap it doesn't have to be exactly like this I then seared the rock a little bit in the pan because it makes it warm and melts the cheese and it just gives it like that nice little crispness and voila look at that our fourth recipe is really basic but it's so delicious I love avocados and eggs on toast you can use any kind of toast that fits your dietary preferences and check out this avocado oh you guys like how small the seed is that's how you know you've got a bomb avocado because the smaller the seed the more avocado you've got and I'm not really going to explain how I mash my avocados because I think I've shown it on my channel it's like one too many times but I add pink salt and pepper to it and of course just mash it with a fork if you wonder why my cooking utensils look weird it's because I am the kind of person that grabs the first thing I can see and I use it to cook with like I just don't care okay so whenever I made the eggs I overcooked them and I want it to do some yolk corn and it just it just not happened because I got distracted and I let it sit on the stove for too long nevertheless it still tasted a bomb last but not least I've got a very basic yogurt parfait accountable going on here this is actually like one of my go-to breakfast –is when I'm really pressing for time and when I'm pressing for time I don't have time to make it look cute like this but for the sake of YouTube we will try our best to look at that it I typically love to put frozen blueberries in here as well but again can do whatever you want I'm using fresh raspberries and some granola alright and that's pretty much it guys I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching I hope you all have a fabulous day okay

34 thoughts on “5 Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Work & School

  1. My school messes up my diet. I have to leave out at 6:30 and that’s the time I have to eat breakfast. It sucks

  2. Yum! It all looks super good but I'm not big on breakfast; especially when I'm in a rush lol (I know, defeats the whole purpose of this vid) but, I can still eat these when I'm not busy & just chilling at home!

  3. So I’m Latina and when you said that you had to show people on your channel how to mash their avocados I nearly lost it 😂

  4. So expensiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Avocado? High-quality matcha? Im just a broke college student.. cries at the corner of the room

  5. Would've been really nice if you would have included the calories and other nutrition facts but nice video👍

  6. I always watch these kind of videos and never do them but I actually tried the egg wrap and it was delicious

  7. So helpful, gorgeous, and SO SO YUMMY! Good job, keep up the amazing work on this channel! Love you always!

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