6th Doctor, Colin Baker – When I Grow Up

6th Doctor, Colin Baker – When I Grow Up

Many moons ago
A teacher said to me Tell me boy, when you grow up
What do you want to be? Is it a fireman
Or a sailor A train driver perhaps
Or Lion Tamer In the circus
Wearing your new Lion Tamer’s hat Or a policeman
With a truncheon Catching bad guys on the run
Or a military man in the army With a trade and a shooting gun? I look at him, tilted head
I swear that this is true I said “I don’t want to be any of those
things.” “I want to be Doctor Who.” So you can keep your poxy fire truck
Though I’m sure it’s really exciting And to sail upon the seven seas
Is actually quite inviting And soldiers and coppers with batons and guns
Wearing their clodhopper boots Do nothing to ping my slightest interest I want to be Doctor Who I could be Superman flying around
With my big red flappy cape Or Spiderman web slinging swings abound
With responsibilities great Batman has always been a favourite of mine
Oh and the Incredible Hulk too But none of them can travel through time you
see I want to be Doctor Who To fly around the universe
in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space Saving civilizations from tyrannies amass
To never die, only change your face Understanding the beauty of the most violent
of creatures Traveling in the small box of blue
There’s nothing on this earth to compare I want to be Doctor Who The teacher was not pleased with this
And told me if I wanted to survive Pay my bills and have a good life
“You need to get a 9 to 5.” I could not argue with this statement
The concept was nothing new But he asked me, what I wanted to be and I wanted to be Doctor Who From that day on I’ve always worked hard
Made enough cash to do as I please Though I have never tamed any lions
Or driven any trains from A to B I’ve always stayed friends with the superheroes
I first met when I was at school And every weekend when my son is Peter Pan I am Doctor Who I am Doctor Who (laughs) You were expecting somebody else?

9 thoughts on “6th Doctor, Colin Baker – When I Grow Up

  1. Colin Davies, who wrote this poem, will be appearing in RANDOM at The King's Arms in Salford, 7-9 July 2017, as part of Greater Manchester Fringe. Tickets are on sale now http://www.greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk/details.php?show_id=413
    There are nearly 150 shows on this July as part of Greater Manchester Fringe 1-31 July 2017 www.greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk

  2. I was in Cambridge today (long story…job interview, etc…) and as I left I wandered down the street and saw none other than the Colin! On his bike, travelling in the opposite direction…I knew that I would not be able to get my phone out and take a pic (he might be miffed…?) so it was one of those 'moments'. Rather like the couple of times I saw Stephen Hawking – do you go up and say Hello… or not? I am still pissed that I did NOT! Hey celebs, how do you handle the pot pourri? (That sounds better than the paparazzi)

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