9 Types of DEPRESSION Everyone Needs to Know!

9 Types of DEPRESSION Everyone Needs to Know!

9 types of depression everyone needs to know Hi! I’ve talked about depression a lot on
this channel. Mostly it’s my personal experiences and how I cope with it but
there are many different types of depression that I have not talked about
yet so today I want to share with you nine different types of depression that
everyone needs to know. Before we talk about the types of depression let’s talk
about what depression is. Whether you are a new mom who just gave birth to an
infant and you’re feeling a little bit down or a college student who is
overwhelmed with school and work or just someone who lost somebody and is grieving,
every definition of depression is gonna be a little bit different
depending on who you are. Depression is not just feeling sad.
Symptoms generally include anything between hopelessness and physical
symptoms depending on what type of depression you are experiencing. So the
word depression is an umbrella term for these nine different types of depression.
Major depression. This is the most common type of depression with 7% of our US
population having this at any given time. Extreme sadness, hopelessness, lack of
sleep, lack of eating, and even suicidal thoughts are very common with this type
of depression. Major depression has to last more than two weeks and some people
only experience one episode of it. Dysthymia. About 2% of our population
has dysthymia. This type of depression is different than the other
ones because this is more of a chronic long-term depression. It could last
anywhere between six months to a year or more. The symptoms of this type of
depression are very similar to major depression but they’re less severe.
Postpartum depression. This type of depression is not really talked about. I
had a friend who was going through this six months ago after she gave birth to
her infant and she was telling me that it’s something that moms do not talk
about because when you give birth to a baby you’re supposed to be happy,
you’re supposed to be joyful but for some people that’s not the case. It’s
very common for new moms to have some sort of sadness.
85% of moms actually have some sort of sadness after they give birth but
there’s another percentage of women who experience a more intense sadness which
could lead to depression. Their symptoms can be very similar
you major depression. They feel hopeless, they sleep a lot, they eat a lot, they gain
weight as well as they don’t feel a connection to their infant or they fear
that they’re gonna hurt their infant or not be a good mother. This can occur
within a few week of the birth up to a few months after the first it all
depends on person. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This type of depression
only happens during a certain season usually it’s winter. When it starts
getting gloomy outside, more cold, you’re spending more time inside, it’s more dark
outside, that’s when these individuals start experiencing depression. Four to
six percent of Americans do experience this so it is something that happens. I’ve
experienced it before too. Symptoms could include: anxiety, irritability, weight gain,
the common depressive symptoms but they only occur for a few months
within a year. Atypical depression. Don’t let the name fool you. Atypical depression is very common actually. According to doctors, atypical depression
is not really understood and very under diagnosed. Signs of this type of
depression could be heaviness in the limbs the arms and the legs, over sleeping,
overeating, weight gain, and relationship problems. Psychotic depression. Psychosis
is a mental state categorized by a false belief or delusions or false sights or
sounds, hallucinations. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI,
20% of people who experience depression it can get so severe that people start
seeing things or hearing things or feeling things that aren’t there. People
with this type of depression it can get so bad that they can be catatonic. They
won’t be able to speak, they don’t move, and you don’t want to get out of bed.
Bipolar disorder. There are three different types of bipolar disorder but
today I’m just going to be talking about them in general. I have a whole video on
bipolar disorder if you would like to go check that out. Bipolar disorder is when
someone has high moods and low moods. The high mood is called mania. Mania is when you
have high energy, lots of thoughts, poor judgment, and the low mood is when you
have a depressive mood. You’re sad, you’re hopeless, you have lack of energy, things
like that. Symptoms can go back and forth multiple times within a year.
There’s different types of bipolar disorder so again go watch that video
it’s really educational. Situational depression. This can also be called
adjustment disorder and it’s triggered by a stressful event maybe a death in
the family maybe a traumatic experience maybe a loss of a job or even
a bad breakup. This type of depression is very common and it doesn’t last a long
time. Usually this type of depression could last anywhere between a week to a
few months and situational depression can turn into major depression if you’re
not careful and if you don’t get treatment. PMDD, premenstrual dysphoric
disorder. This is a very new diagnosis that went into the dsm-5 and it’s very
controversial. A lot of people think it’s PMS, a lot of people think it’s not, a lot
of people think it should not be in there. I have a whole video on it if you
want to go check that out as well and my friend shares her experiences with it
What PMDD is is you experience premenstrual symptoms two-week up until your menstrual
cycle. It’s very different than PMS. PMS it’s like your boobs hurt and you get
moody crave things this is not what that is this is that on steroids. Some people
who have this disorder can become suicidal those two weeks before their
period. It’s very serious and it’s very good that we have this diagnosis now so
people can start getting help. Those are the nine types of depression. If you
would like me to make a video specifically on any of them let me know
down below what are you interested in I will gladly make a video let me know
your comments down below did you learn anything in this video did anything
surprise you? Also, if you have any video requests please send down below I love
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bye guys

100 thoughts on “9 Types of DEPRESSION Everyone Needs to Know!

  1. Ive been depressed for years and it makes it where i dont want to do anything no matter how much i want to and im always tired

  2. i am not sure i have depression or if it is just a side effect of my bulimia. i have good and bad days but on most days i am 'fine', like ok or just meh but thr moment i go to bed all the thoughts come, like suicidal thougts and urges to self harm. i also feel this when i get mad at myself or something related to my bulimia. anf some days i feel this for the whole day

  3. I was diagnosed with major depression but mine has been lasting for a few years. Even with treatment and therapy I don’t feel it’s getting any better. I was wondering if my therapist made a false accusation or if it is just major depression?

  4. I think I have a psychotic depression. It is weird and I don't know how I can get through this except taking medicine. How does it appear? I never take drugs but I already have hallucinations. That is so creepy because the voice I heard said "You are a failure", you are worthless" and many things like that.
    I also know someone else who lived this but I think it is not so common. I met him at hospital but I think now he feels better. But I asked myself if this voice is for life or just a moment I have to wait the end of this. How do you know it ends??

  5. I found out that im bisexual. which is not a problem. the problem is that I fell in love with my best friend who is hetero and also has a crush on another girl. he doesn't know anything. it hurts so much when he talks about her. I pinch my arm every day and I just don't know what to do anymore. he means so much to me because he is my best friend but I don't know… it all hurts so much. the thing is that he used to be so different. he used to kind of flirt with me and we also cuddled sometimes so I thought he was also kind of into me but suddenly he changed so much he doesn't treat me very well but I just can't let go of him because he means so much to me and I just don't know what to do anymore im lost and desperate. he is everything I have without him I would be nothing. as I mentioned, I pinch myself in the arm a lot when I can't handle it and he knows that I do it but I told him that I do it because I don't like myself. he doesn't know that he's why im doing it and I just wanna talk to someone. my parents are homophobic and i just have that type of personality when people get tired of me quickly. Im scared that ill be alone one day because no one likes me anymore and I can feel that my best friend / crush is distancing himself from me and I just can't do this anymore I want to die. I don't have any hope that things will get better and im just all alone. no one understands me and no one ever will.

  6. I am a 12 year old girl with major, dysthymia and atypical depression. I'm constantly empty of everything but a feeling of faliure and guilt. I'm so tired all the time and honestly can't try to fake happy. I constantly feel like everyone actually hates me and just feels bad, I can't look at food without feeling like throwing up, I get 4 hours of sleep a night tops, my grades have dropped from As and A-s to bs and ds, lying in bed at night I have nothing to keep the voices away and my limbs ache from the feeling of being much more affected by gravity than everything else. I'm terrified to tell anyone but my to closest friends and would hate if anyone else knew even though I know I need help, I have tried very,very hard to keep from cutting and have suicidal thoughts. On top of all this I am pretty sure i have GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder (I have had several panic attacks) and I'm closeted bi.

  7. I have been depressed and feel like life isnt worth it. I dont feel like going to a doctor. I work alot and serious dont wanna life anymore.

  8. Sometimes hearing a real person explain these is far more helpful than countless internet pages and blogs. Thankyou for this video!

  9. What type of depression or is it even type of depression when you see a sad story and you kinda want to be in that situation

  10. Your videos help me so much it's currently 12:51am and I can't stop watching your videos thank you so much for making them 🙂
    Edit: I also think I have pmdd

  11. I feel like I am in the stage of atypical depression (but I am not only eating in excess, I sometimes don't eat at all, and sometimes I eat too much), but I started seeing signs of psychotic depression, like hearing things, they sometimes scare me, I hear my friends screaming my name for no reason. 😐
    (Yeah, I am a little late here)

  12. I used to get hallucinations that I was possessed and they kept telling me to go, go, go and all I wanted to do is run

  13. Is it possible to have depression and not wanting to stay in bed? Maybe you'll feel like you MUST get out of bed or else something would happen.

  14. what if I Have Suicidal Thoughts and Actions (Self Harm) But have some good days where I don't cry myself to sleep? But on the bad days I feel Very Depressed and Cut and Hurt Myself.

  15. I love it how you didn't mention even one time that a type depression can last more than a year, I have depression for over 3-5 years… And I can relate to alotof these types but I'm not sure really which one I have

  16. What about my depression that has lasted over 10 years and goes through waves of severity.
    I've set up a noose multiple time and half attempted suicide multiple times and I feel incredibly guilty that I haven't gone through with it yet.
    I hate myself so much so I cut myself as a way to punish myself.

  17. 1:56 My mom got so depressed after she had me. But as soon as I turned 4 she started neglecting me because she was extremely depressed. But it was only after dad left that she finally got bored of me and threw me away. I still keep in touch with her but I haven't seen her in so long. She must be somewhere with her new boyfriend… She's gotten arrested twice after she had me because she just wants to escape reality for as long as possible.

  18. I have chronic S.A.D and I have since I was a little kid. I’m really appreciative that you talked about it

  19. I hope this makes someone laugh.
    My cat rolled onto her back and looked adorable and then my other cat did the same thing and they were both asleep so they didn't even know. When my cat was little, my other cat would grab him and hide him in some places so I didn't know where he was.
    I really hope that made at least one person laugh.

  20. I can relate to more than one of these because i have depression but never knew which form of it i had

  21. For some reason in the autumn, winter and spring i am normal and beween the end of may and the end of july i am unhappy, stressed numb and unwilling. I cant access a doctor either.

  22. Could you please make a video talking more about grief or situational depression? That would be very helpful.

  23. I'm 12 and I have major depression, I've had it for a few months now and I also have anxiety. I feel like giving up at least once a month . I don't sleep and I feel so alone, and hopeless, it hurts everyday 24/7 and I just want to die. But I don't want to die. Life is confusing and I'm flunking high school. My life is messed up

  24. Your such an amazing person I'm so glad I found your channel because you are only young and are tackling/not afraid to speak out about mental health I love your channel so much already ❤️❤️❤️

  25. I know I have depression but I feel as if mine is different. I used to have multiple short sections of feeling depressed. But recently its lasted a much longer time. (They used to last around 1.5 weeks on average and now its lasted many months) Is it possible for a type of depression to change to a different kind? Thank you many of your videos have helped me.

  26. hey there! i just randomly wanted to ask….i get depressed for a day or for the whole week. sometimes i get sweaty hands and they start to tremble thus i start snapping a rubber band on my wrist (it leaves a mark and a swollen wrist)(sometimes i try to cut but till now i couldn't MAKE THE BLOOD COME OUT). Sometimes i get depressed remembering old or hurtful things or when someone screams at me and sometimes (maybe most of the times) i overthink and get depressed AND STAY LIKE THAT FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. Sometimes if i am lucky it goes away but the things mentioned above brings it back and it stays like. what is it?

  27. What about smiling depression I have it and am only 12 I would really like to know more about it and other people to know about it

  28. I have depression and it's none of those types.its lasted for about a year so far and it feels like a physical pressure on the head. Do you know what this one is btw not a girl

  29. What is the stress depression thing called? Or is it just that you can get depression of anxiety and other stress?

  30. soo if it s been almost 4 years that i can t sleep and feel gloomy and unmotivated and lack of energy what type of depression do i have?

  31. I have depression but it's not as bad as it used to be. I just feel numb and empty; sometimes I overeat. I feel like a robot most of the time and I have insomnia. What type of depression do you think I have Kristen?

  32. I had situational depression that turned into major depression eventually cause of my dad….. My dad was abusive to me mentally, physically and emotionally when I was little from the time I was 4 or 5 till I was 14 or 15 and over time I stopped talking to my family I became really distant from people I cut myself sometimes….. I also stopped being as open with people which only made it worse cause I felt guilty a lot and felt like a burden a lot….. I started cutting a lot cause of the pressure…. I also got extremely social anxiety from it and that also played a role in my depression…..

  33. Once I almost died while hanging myself. I started turning blue. And yes I had my phone with me don’t judge. But then I realized it’s not worth it

  34. I don't really know what type of depression I have but I have had it for years I can be perfectly fine one moment but as soon as I'm not distracted by talking or doing something I feel sad there are also times where I'm on the verge of crying 24/7 and I self harm and I'm lesbian and have been bullied for 8 years of my life I'm 12 I've been this way for a very long time I'm always in physical pain there's always something hurting and I am always in mental pain I feel so sad about literally nothing and again I self harm so could you tell me what type of depression I have I don't really know thx

  35. My depression started by a traumatic event and it turned into major depression because I have had my depression for over a year now.

  36. I have most of um…. huh who knew the first two were the ones i have strongest had depression 2 wait no 4 years starting at age 8 anyway bye

  37. Sounds like I have the A Typical Depression. Wouldn't have thought about it, but from your description, sounds a lot like my life right now. And this is the first time I'm talking about it too

  38. I don’t know where I am so I will tell you what’s going on.

    I have suicidal thoughts, breakdowns, low moods, I get real scared, I need music to be their so I can be stable, I snap at people easily, and I overthink and that causes breakdowns for about 20 minutes- 2 hours.

    My family started noticing it when I was 3 because I was so independent that everyone thought I was just…I don’t know. I noticed it at 7…and I’m 10 now. Having suicidal thoughts.

    Nothing helps so please let me know what I can do…

  39. I have bipolar disorder,and situational deppresion…I havnt told my family because I'm scard.ive told 2 very close friends of mine…Ive gotten worse since my dad overdosed…💔

  40. I have a question. Can you still have depression when you haven't really gone through any traumatic experiences like losing a family member? Like does it always have to be triggered by a severe experience in your life?

  41. We have been conditioned to believe what we see on Television and social media forums. We see good looking people enjoying happy lives with lots of money and big smiles. Reality is not unicorns and rainbows…sorry to convey that fact. Expectations should be within reason that can be controlled. Depression is a factor that has to be thought out as rational. It is the mind that has to be put in check and the mind can do that if there is a personal focus. It is OK to use the power of prayer and ask God to carry you. But fighting the depression monster should be an obsession…fight!

  42. I've been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Could you possibly make a video about MDD?

  43. I have clinical depression, anxiety, trust issues, and I'm only 12 and I've had it for 6 years
    …I also act happy when I just feel like crying my eyes out.

  44. I had the most terrible days of my life five years ago . At first I thought it was only because I had a poor break from a relationship but the emotions would not disappear even after I got a new girlfriend. After adhere to this particular depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it), I`ve kept my depression away since that time. And I am very happy today because I am not going thru depression any longer..

  45. I have psychotic depression ☹️ Have you ever done a video on psychotic depression only? If not, I wanna learn more about it.

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