A beautiful wedding at the hospital

A beautiful wedding at the hospital

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. As they wished, Rika and Adrian’s wedding was a beautiful day filled with love and loved ones. But it came together a year ahead of schedule in a way they never expected. Adrian’s father Anthony was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, and within a matter of weeks, he was admitted to Sunnybrook’s palliative care unit. Iove you! As his sickness became more severe we actually made the decision maybe we should do the marriage part here first just so he could witness it. With the help of family, friends and Sunnybrook staff, their beautiful ceremony came together in just two days. We were able to enjoy his best moments and have that on camera and video so we could cherish that memory. Chaplain Bill Ford says there are about five weddings that take place at Sunnybrook every year, either in the hospital’s chapel or on the inpatient units. He says they are often precipitated by sudden illness of injury, meaning people don’t want to delay. The sickness or health is really til death do us part is really foremost on your minds because it’s the reality of today. Erika Hammer is a radiation therapist at Sunnybrook, as well as owner of ten2ten photography. She heard about Rika and Adrian’s plans to get married at Sunnybrook and offered to come in on her day off to take photos. Adrian and Rika’s wedding was probably the most intimate wedding I’ve ever photographed. And it goes to show that it doesn’t take months or years of planning. What it takes is a family and support network of people who love you. While Adrian and Rika’s wedding was small, they say the message from the day is universal. We wanted to share this story because we want people to cherish their loved ones and cherish the time that they have. Love is not necessarily big and extravagent, but it’s more doing it in a meaningful way. With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your family that is very nice what you did.. Memories will last forever God Bless!

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