A Brief History of the Master | Doctor Who

A Brief History of the Master | Doctor Who

Hi I’m Sacha Dhawan and I’m going to give you
a brief history of the Master in as little time as possible I hope Let’s go. Just like the Doctor, The Master is a Time Lord
from the planet Gallifrey and as children the two of them
were the best of friends. The Master also fled their home
planet in a stolen TARDIS but, unlike the Doctor, he chose to
travel the universe causing chaos and revelling
in wickedness on an epic scale. When we first met the Master, he was trying to form an alliance with the deadly
Nestene Consciousness. The Doctor intervened and
the plan was aborted but that didn’t stop the Master
from pursuing the Doctor during his exile on Earth in an
ongoing bid for power. Okay so, the next time the Doctor encountered
the Master was on Gallifrey. He had reached the end of his
regeneration cycle, and was in a decayed state that had left him with
a monstrous appearance. His charm had been replaced
by a seething malevolence, leading the Doctor to brand
him the ‘quintessence of evil’. The Master eventually stole
another body and began plotting… His plan led to the
destruction of Logopolis and only the Doctor was able
to prevent this disaster triggering the end of the Universe! The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors battled this version of
the Master across the galaxies from England in 1215,
to the far away world known as ‘the planet of
the Cheetah People’. The Master stole another
new body after escaping to
San Francisco, circa 1999, and almost managed to use
the TARDIS to destroy Earth but the Doctor’s travels
were unhampered, and the Doctor went on to play
a key part in the Time War between the Time Lords
and the Daleks. So fast forward to the
planet Malcassairo, where the resurrected
Master was disguised as the kind-hearted,
Professor Yana. Even he didn’t know
he was actually the Master until a device concealed
as a fob watch was opened and his true personality
was unleashed, resulting in the Master
killing a companion, stealing the TARDIS and leaving the Doctor
for dead. When the Doctor next came
face-to-face with the Master he’d regenerated into
Harold Saxon, Prime Minister of Great Britain and was trying to replace
every living person with a version of himself,
a ‘Master race’. But the Doctor was able
to derail his plans and the Master was
defeated once again! The Doctor fought on
numerous occasions with his next incarnation
Missy, but a big surprise was in store. Whilst caught on a giant
colony ship on the horizon of a black hole, the Doctor and his
companions discovered that loveable passenger,
Razor, was actually the Master
in disguise! United with Missy, the
two Masters joined forces to bring the Doctor down
once and for all but in the biggest twist so far, Missy stabbed the Master
in the back! Knowing that he was
about to die and regenerate into Missy, the Master shot Missy
in the back with his laser screwdriver! And this was where we
last found the Master. Until now… So satisfying Doctor I did say look for
the spymaster or should I say spy… Master Hi

100 thoughts on “A Brief History of the Master | Doctor Who

  1. Lol when I watched the episode and he said “ I am the spy*master*, I was like,

    Hmmm mas-ter….what type of alien

    Oh wait…..


  2. I think we can now guarantee the next actress who’ll play the Doctor will be either black or Pakistani/Indian to keep up with political correctness.

  3. Please I don't understand? Miss went through a big process while locked in the vault and ended up as friend and learning to be good… Why has she now turned bad in this 12 series? It seems to ignore this part of the Masters time line? I do hope it gets explained. It would have been nice to see that transformation in their relationship rather than the age old story line (Ho hum…sigh) of villain and hero. The complex relationship of friendship between the two both on the same page but the old tendencies popping up and complicating things would have been much more interesting.

  4. David T's performance was almost heart breaking seeing the master fall, but then he just keeps coming back for us to hate him

  5. Lies. New master isnt after Missy.. Itll be John Simm > new guy > Missy. And Missy is the final one, permadead. There could be a boatload of Masters after this new guy and Missy though.

  6. Still less of a villain then the male hating doctor is thats for sure.
    Curse him for being a part of a hate driven campaign decorated in happy space families, sure. But at least THIS guy hasn't taken to twitter to bash my very existence every single day of his life…..not that i think he has anyway.

  7. Am I the only person who remembers 1999’s The Last Train where Sacha played a child having to face a world destroyed by an asteroid?

  8. How Missy could reganarate? I hope the reason will be cleared soon 🙈 I will see this season over and over again in English and German as soon as possible 😍

  9. I have to say, this series has kicked off WAYYYY better then the last one ever was! Sacha knocked The Master character out of the park! Great casting choice. Looking forward to the series. And Lenny Henry did great too!

  10. How did the Master survive, I thought missy was killed by the master for good, he even says "Don't even try to regenerate" indicating that she can't so what happened here

  11. I think it would make more sense if he is before missy….she said that she had known the doctor since he was a little girl and also she didn't remember her regeneration I hope at the end of season 12/13 (when they end Jodie/sacha's era) they use this fact and show us how Sacha regenerated into missy making him forget about the regeneration
    Missy's arc is really well made but apart from that this whole thing I was thinking about these days makes sense idk what you think

  12. There's also quite a bit that happens between the Eric Roberts and the end of Derek Jacobi incarnations, as shown in the Big Finish stories, including an incarnation made just for the audio series played by Alex Macqueen.

  13. The show is legit trying to save its self so they Brought back a great character too bad he sucks at portraying a menacing villain to rival even this version of the doctor

  14. ….. and the Master is always outwitted by the Doctor.

    The only hiccup in the entire Dr Who saga is that he/she knows everything about the Universe, yet there are somethings he/she doesn't understand – a paradox one might say!

  15. Guess you don't have the license for any Television Movie clips or stills. That's a shame because Roberts!Master says one of the best, cheesiest lines "I always dress for the occasion" Bring on the camp!!

  16. So master on colony ship turned into missy then from missy probably died somehow and turned into O is how I'm seeing it

  17. Oh thank you bbc I was waiting until I could watch all 2 episodes so I don’t have to wait a week . Why don’t you wait!! At least till the end of the season

  18. I've been watching Doctor Who since the 70's. I have always thought that the master was a boring Villain until John Simm and then Missy, which was the best part of Capaldi's terrible run as the Doctor. To me, he was always a lame Evil Mustache twirling Dastardly Whiplash kind of character. I always felt the Rani was a much better Time Lord/Lady Villain.

  19. Yeah…Emperor Palpatine's return in Star Wars tRoS makes a lot more sense than the million times the Master dies and someone returns unscathed. You can make the arguement that the master stole new bodies, but the Master is just a Time Lord, and Palpatine is a literal dark lord of the Sith who can use the dark side of the force. The same thing can probably happen in the Star Wars universe.

  20. I say again after missy got ganked so hard she “couldnt regenerate” how do we have a new regeneration this is just getting dumb there are other timelord villains do the Rani they’ve never even tried to do her

  21. I really hope Missy character Arc hasn't been messed up. Just to add I still hope to get a Missy and Doctor Tattoo as I love both Characters. Also please don't do a Game of thrones Mother of dragons special no pressure much love..

  22. How did missy who was being nice to the doctor and stuck on a ship after being shot turn into the evil master in series 12? Doesn’t make sense

  23. Everything you know is a lie, is what he said. I do not believe this the Master, this is Omega, who has somehow come from where ever he was, Black Hole, E-Space whatever, and has come across dying Missy in the colony ship has taken on his persona, he did mention a perception filter, code name O? O God , Timeless child. Maybe thinking too much into it

  24. Wait a minute, why was missy surprised about the master appearing with her if she is a future incarnation of him, surely she should remember, right?

  25. A briliant pick for The Master. Sacha Dhawan also played the villain on Iron Fist Season 2. Now he's on Docto Who wow!

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