A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Christmas Special) – LSTST Doctor Who

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Christmas Special) – LSTST Doctor Who

A spacecraft is about to crash on a cloudy planet. Luckily, Amy and Rory were having fun is… the bridal suite? Really? Family shows are not what they were anymore. They contact the Doctor who answers straight away. If you haven’t get it yet,
it’s Christmas. On the planet, people are about to celebrate it. Here we are in Kazran Sardick’s office. A family beg him to let out for a day a young woman in a cryogenic state. Wasn’t it supposed to be the “Crystal Feast”? Sardick has some ice cold humour. Cool down, Freeze! He’s the only one who can help the ship to land, but he doesn’t want to cooperate. Suddenly, the Doctor emerges from the chimney like Father Christmas!
Do you know it’s Christmas today? As he is really clever,
he understands Sardick controls the weather and he wonders who is that cryogenized woman in the middle of the room. The Doctor suddenly becomes Sherlock. The Doctor confirms to Amy they are going to crash at midnight and discovers fish are swimming in the fog. There’s a Christmas carol in the streets. The Doctor has an idea. He joins Kazran Sardick when he was a child while adult Kazran watches the scene. As Kazran dreams to see a fish, they go fishing. Good catch! It doesn’t eat them. But the shark won’t survive for long away from the clouds. Kazran suggests to transport it there in a freezer. But some poor folks are living in there. They put one out of hers to save the shark. It’s Abigail, the woman we saw previously. The shark is doing better! But Abigail can sing to the fish. To avoid demonetisation, all the songs will be sang by Julien. Kazran is captivated. Wait, Windows 95 went in standby mode. They release the shark and
lock down Abigail remorseless, and they put her out of the freezer every Christmas like…
a turkey with chestnuts? But the number on the freezer diminish. Kazran is an adult now. Ooooh caliente! Abigail spies on her family celebrating Christmas. No wonder why they close the curtains as two creeps watch them. Finally, they come in to celebrate. Then it ends like any boozy Christmas feast. But Abigail has to tell the terrible truth to Kazran. What can it be? It’s huge enough for Kazran to tell the Doctor to get lost. The freezer now indicates “1”. So much suspense! Amy steps in. She broadcasts holograms from the people on the ship singing Silent Night. But Kazran is a desperate case. He tells Amy Abigail will die the next time she goes out and as he met her when he was young,
he still became an old ass but also had a brocken heart. Doctor’s last shot, show to Kazran his future. But he knows that he will die alone and isolated. What he doesn’t know,
that is to the young Kazran that he shows his future. Well done, Doctor! But Kazran has changed too much. His machine isn’t responding. It is time to the ultimate plan. This wonderful song brings snow, the ship can land safely and Rory can eat Amy’s hair. What can we celebrate now? Merry Christmas! Subscribe to Pepperpot and put your thumbs-up.

31 thoughts on “A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Christmas Special) – LSTST Doctor Who

  1. Je suis tellement contente de voir un nouvel épisode c'était grâce à ces vidéos que j'étais tombée sur votre chaîne 😍 en tout cas j'espère que vous passez un bon Noël et que vous profitez bien 🥰💜

  2. Oh ouuuui ! Mais quel merveille cet épisode :3 les Chants de Julien m'ont bizarrement donné des frissons xD

    Joyeux Noël tout le monde !!!

  3. Joyeux Noel !!!
    Merci pour cette vidéo qui résume parfaitement cet épisode. Et rien que pour les reprises musicales de Julien elle vaut vraiment le détour !!! Quel talent !!!

  4. Chouette, rory va se régalé avec les cheveux d'amy.
    J'espère qu'elle a pris du bon shampooing aux marrons, ça fait Noël.

  5. J'ai laché une larme par le son merveilleux de la voix d'Abijulien… et un like aussi… mais que m'arrive-t-il?! Je me suis fais ensorceler…
    Et sinon noyeux Joël la pepperpot team!

  6. Ooooh une vidéo de la Pepperpot Team !! Avec Julien qui chante – merveilleusement bien en plus – et un fou rire … quel beau cadeau de Noel je suis heureuxe !! 😀
    Joyeux Noel et bonne année pour la Team des Poivrières, que cette future année vous apporte de bonnes choses ^^

  7. Ooo les copiteurs du serial killer 😛 Julien ta voix est sublime 😅 sympa la vidéo et vive les nuits de noces heu noël 🎄

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