A Day in the Life: Nursing at Michigan (NATIONAL NURSES WEEK)

A Day in the Life: Nursing at Michigan (NATIONAL NURSES WEEK)

[ Music ]>>With this particular job, you know, they want
to say textbook, but sometimes things don’t work in that particular way, so you have to
always expect the unexpected and be ready. That’s what I love about my job too, that I do. This is the life of a nurse, we always
have to be thinking one step ahead. [ Music ]>>We meet people from all walks of life, you
know, people with all different kinds of issues and different kinds of backgrounds and they
all kind of, culminate here and we have to help bring them along through
this very difficult time, you know. When you have heart surgery or any other
major surgery in the ICU, it’s very difficult, difficult time to handle emotionally,
physically, so what I like is just kind of being able to help people through that. [ Music ]>>The first time I met John was probably a
few months ago when he was first diagnosed. And I had taken care of him I think when he
was first going to be starting treatment. When a family receives the initial
diagnosis, it can be really tough and a lot of times there’s not really much you can say. A lot of times it’s best just to kind of
let them be with their family and talk with each other and grieve with each
other and it’s always good for the nurse to be there and to offer comfort. I mean, I’m doing pretty well with it so far
and I know that there’s been nurses on here, on the floor that have been here for like, 20
or so years and I don’t know how they do it, but hopefully I can be like them one day. [ Music ]>>Ever since I was a little girl,
I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, so I like coming to my job every day. I really love what I do. Knowing that when I’m coming in here
that I’m going to take care of someone and hopefully make a difference in
someone’s stay, it’s what gets me up. I rarely leave my seat. I may take a lunch, I may not because this is
my responsibility for 12 hours to care for them.>>The patients that come into this
unit have lots of different problems. You never get bored. If you think you’re learning is done, then you haven’t learned all
there is to learn in this unit.>>So, our patient that we had to travel
with needed to go down for a CAT scan. We had the first 1, but we needed to
get another 1 to compare it for the 2 because we don’t have good
neuro functions on her. And when they’re on ECMO, it takes a whole
crew of everybody to work together to get them down there, so we have to make sure
we have our ECMO specialist with us, our fellow respiratory therapy and then the
2 nurses and maybe even a tech to go along.>>I came to work at University
of Michigan after being a patent of Dr. Bobay’s [assumed spelling]. I had a congenital heart defect that
wasn’t diagnosed until after I had my kids and so I came here and was up on PC2 as an adult
and had a nurse who very much took care of me. I really realized that what nursing was
wasn’t, it is drips and it is skills and it is all the things that we do, but
it isn’t really that our families remember, it’s hearing who they are,
knowing what they need and I think that’s probably my
favorite part of working with pediatrics because there’s a lot of opportunity for that.>>One thing I do, especially
in a bigger facility like this, it’s definitely a large volume of patients
and one thing I will do, is I’ll try to get to know patients a little more and
it humanizes them a little bit. That kind of helps me to put in
perspective that each person that comes through here has a different story, is unique. [ Music ]>>When I was in High School, I actually
had a different career path that I was going to go down, I was going to do
occupational therapy or sports medicine and my mom actually was rushed to the ER
for a brain aneurism and was flown to U of M. How the nurses interacted with her and
interacted with her family, really touched me and made me want to change my
career path and become a nurse. And that’s kind of what stuck with me. It made me realize, you know,
this is what I want to do. I want to make that impact on somebody else.>>When we used to do pediatrics over here,
there was a case that really, you know, we had a patient that was burnt 100% of her
body and we knew that she wasn’t going to live for very long, but to hold her
hand, hold her hand and you know, make sure that she’s not going to die alone. You might see somebody’s last moments on earth
here and hopefully we can make a difference. Sorry. [ Music ]

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  1. Go nurses! We thank you. Nurses Week 2014! Another thank you video: Happy Nurses Week 2014

  2. Please sign this petition to help get conjugal visits in Michigan prisons.!!! http://www.change.org/petitions/michigan-governor-and-michigan-state-house-and-michigan-state-senate-and-jim-ananich-give-conjugal-visits-to-michigan-inmates?recruiter=91809525

  3. A shout out to Michigan Visiting Nurses, who weren't mentioned in the video, and especially Marcia, who helped me and my siblings and my father.  She was amazing!

  4. In honor of nurses everywhere, and especially now during Nurses Week, we present this tribute to the people who are on the front lines and take care of all of us every single day.

    Whether you're a nurse yourself or know one personally, show your respect and support for true heroes – Nurses!


  5. I was a patient for 24 hrs.In April, and was proud to be a U of M nurse. The nurses were wonderful, as was everyone on the staff. Thank you! Gail Crissman. BSN '59, Nurse Anesthesia '94
    Boulder, CO

  6. I can't wait to graduate as a nurse:).i feel so passionate about it. Its a shame they don't wear the traditional nurse uniforms with the caps no more:( as i kid i used to always look forward to wearing those caps,my mother is a nurse and i saw a photograph of her wear the traditional uniform i felt so proud of her to me was almost a symbol of honor and pride because of what she does. Nurse are su h great caring people:) bless them allxx🏥🚑

  7. I have the utmost respect for nurses. It is one of the most honorable and important jobs in the world. A good nurse can be like an angel to a sick person in the hospital.

  8. Truly touching video! Seeing someone smile in tough times is so beautiful. Hopefully I can be a nurse when I'm older. Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Nurses, nursing assistants, and vocational nurses for all the hard work they put in.

  9. Happy Nurses Week to all the wonderful Nurses at U of M.  They are truly the best in the world.  Especially my Daughter Wendy who is a CCU nurse.  They are always at your side when you need someone to comfort you or just hold your hand. Love you all.  I am glad to be part of the team.

  10. I will be starting the Nursing program very soon. I'm very glad I watched this. Confirmed I made the right choice. :')

  11. Always expect the unexpected and thinking one step ahead! A Day in the Life of a Nurse #NursingLife #WNJ #NursingJobs

  12. I've had 6 of my 7 back surgeries at u of m. (Actually recovering from my most recent one right now! Ha!) but I've Always been impressed with the nursing staff!! So friendly, and they'll go out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible.

  13. Just remember that whatever you see on tv is not the same as real nursing. Nursing practice quality patient care has been degraded due to massive amount of documentation demanded by facilities instead of doing actual patient care. Nonetheless, I salute all nurses. It is a tough job.

  14. This video had me tearing up lol.. I'm definately goin to be a nurse now!!! These people are so inspiratonal!!!!!

  15. What are nurses these days anyway? LOL you ''hard working nurses'' are under paid! Get shit on, piss on, yelled at and no one but yourself takes you seriously. Everyone wants the opinion of a doctor who stayed in school much longer to become a professional. I know many ex nurses who quit their jobs due to poor quality of work. You nurses are also popular for hating doctors and saying shit like doctors know nothing etc. People respect doctors. Nurses are just nurses so unless you have a PHD, don't talk to me, anything under PHD knows basics. Don't answer because I won't read your reply, maid.

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  17. Let's get your #Nurse gifted!
    We offer for only a week two kind of t-shirts for both gender and also two hoodies in more colors and sizes.

  18. I'm in nursing school, I've grown to dislike this job… I like the patients, people always say bad things about them, but the hardest part is the staff, they make it so stressful

  19. I'm 14 and I really want to be a children's nurse since I was about 8 years old. If anyone has any tips it would be a pleasure to give them . Thank you all

  20. New Nurse Tee's available now. Great gift for the holidays.

  21. I'm currently in nursing school and I can't wait to graduate next year!! This is definitely my dream job and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. ☺

  22. my GI doctor in Holland Michigan recommend me to the U Of My for GI testing been having stomach issues for the past five years I'm currently 22

  23. My husband was on the Cardiac ICU for almost 3 weeks in 9/2014. Aortic
    dissection. We were from Florida. My husband was a long haul truck
    driver and this happened in Michigan. You care and love that you
    extended to Sean and I were unprecedented and now, at 50 years old am
    in nursing school. I am going to be a critical care nurse and I thank
    the nurses and staff on the CICU at UM for that decision. Maybe I can come
    work with you guys if I ever want to see snow again. 🙂 oxoxoxoxoxo Go Blue~!!

  24. Hello, I just started nursing (BSN)school and decided to vlog my journey through nursing school. Please feel free to check my channel out.

  25. I'm a Nurse. I completed my Bachelor Nursing Degree in 2016. I love medical field, specially when patient happily discharge from hospital after his/her illness. I love when they say thank you sir with good smile. And I tell them this is my duty Sir/Mam. Now I'm still Jobless nobody give me job because I loss my one eye in road accident. I really missing my job. Anybody have Job for me ?

  26. I live in Michigan. In my computers in Healthcare class, we had to give a presentation on our major. Most people were nursing. I played this video during mine, and it blew my teachers mind. I got the best grade, and got to skip the final.

  27. I hate male nurses and male police officer's when I see a male male professional l see a rapeseed or pedophile or murderer l hate men.

  28. I showed this video 3 years ago in a presentation I made for class on why I wanted to go into nursing. And today I finally became a registered nurse. And I knew to come back to the video and thank U of M for inspiring me.

  29. They took down my experience and the crappy way the elitist nursing coven treats anybody they don't like. This one will be gone next week.

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