About Dr. Kimberly Williams | Child Psychology

About Dr. Kimberly Williams | Child Psychology

Hi. My name is Dr. Kimberly Williams. I’m a clinical psychologist and a clinical
neuropsychologist. I work primarily with children, ages ranging
from 3 years old all the way up to 30 years old. I help to decrease symptoms of depression,
anxiety, difficult family behaviors such as temper tantrums, bed-wetting. As a clinical neuropsychologist I’m involved
in testing, evaluations, and diagnostic issues. Many families come to me to assess issues
related to inattention, distractibility, social difficulties and deficits, language problems,
and a multitude of different academic issues. I do believe that there’s a strong family
component and parenting component to all of the work that I do, and I’m going to give
you a few tips of how to be more involved in your child’s mental health and wellness.

5 thoughts on “About Dr. Kimberly Williams | Child Psychology

  1. Funny that this should come up after the backlash of the 'Gender Identity' video's 'disorder' talk. Look at all those dislikes…

  2. I actually like Dr. Williams, and think that most of the dislikes are due to ignorant people who don't understand psychology in the slightest.
    People who don't understand what a disorder is or how one is classified, diet in relation to autism, and basically people who can't handle adult (and not sugar coated) terms for the things discussed here are the people disliking and leaving ignorant comments about how bad they believe these videos to be.

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