All Natural Fire Ant Control - The Dirt Doctor

All Natural Fire Ant Control – The Dirt Doctor

I'm Howard Garrett and today I'm going to show you one of the important steps in controlling fire ends the first step is to put out dry molasses all over the whole property in a lot of cases that will wipe out the fire ants alone the sugar and the biological activity that is stimulated is very antagonistic to the fire ants a lot of times they'll just take off but if you do have some mounds pop up like has happened lately with the rain there is a way to treat individual mounds and that's what I want to show you today what I use is a watering can and we take the breaker off of it don't don't want to do that and I'll show you how in a second we use a mixture of compost tea molasses and orange oil an easy way to do is just use one of the Garrett juice mixtures or use your own Garrett juice mixture at home you don't know how to make it the formulas on the website on dirt dr. calm and in a gallon of water and I've already put a gallon in here usually I put the water in last with in this case to make it easier for this shoot here we've already got a gallon of water in there and we'll put in about 6 ounces of Garrett juice and then we'll put in 2 ounces of orange oil that's the killing part of this mixture you can do this with just the orange oil but if you do that what will happen is you'll burn the grass a lot worse in the spot where you're treating so we'll put 2 ounces and I've done this enough to not have to measure it you probably should about 6 ounces 6 ounces per gallon of water of Garrett juice 2 ounces of the orange oil and in this case that's already had to water in there stir it up you also need on the Gary juice to shake it up real well before you use it so now got the garrett juice and a little bit heavier a little bit stronger mixture than I would use to spray foliage it's about the same mixture I'd used to drench the soil and use it as a soil fertilizer and now we're ready to treat the amount the other thing that I would do a little different in real life here I would prepare this mixture somewhere out away from the fire ant mound because believe it or not all the banging and the noise and your footsteps and everything the vibration alerts to the fire ants and they actually will move the Queen and we want to kind of tiptoe and sneak up on so make your mix away from the mound and then walk up as quietly as you can and then this is a very important point here we want to pour not all over the mound but one straight stream right in the center and you do that because it goes down to the bottom of the mound very quickly that way it splashes around has a chance of getting to the Queen's better that way then if you use a breaker or splashed it all around the mount to begin with pour it right in the center it will break through the crust as you can see it caves in pretty quickly this is pretty good-sized firing out here getting down to where the Queen is there and as it fills up then we go ahead and treat the rest of the mound on the mound that big I could have used more than just a gallon but I wanted to show you how you do it per gallon of mix on the mound that big it probably would have been good to use a whole two two and a half gallons or a five gallon mixture of the what we call the fire ant mound drench this doesn't run them off it actually kills them they're pretty quiet they were way down in this mound but you'll see a later on we'll have some photographs of it that this mountain will be completely dead for the simple mixture you

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  1. This may not work for everyone, in fact on bigger mounds it doesn’t work because it won’t kill all of them, but for small mounds, I use baking soda and vinegar. You take the end of a broom or mop and stick it as far down into the hole, pour the entire contents of baking soda in the hole and around it. Pour the vinegar in the hole slowly and the chemical reaction will suffocate them. It doesn’t kill or harm your yard and is natural. If you have some brown spotting it will clear up with the next rain or watering.

  2. I found that a cup of pure Bleach poured in the center of the mound kills them all and the queen in 24 hrs. It releases a Chorine Gas that suffocates the mound and then it dissipates. You can buy it cheap at the dollar store for about $2 a Gallon. and you can treat up to 12-14 mounds with that Gal.

  3. Ah, too expensive and kind of a waste of time. I heat up a bucket of water and pour that on the little bastards. DEAD!

  4. Gasoline treatment has been used in our family for decades at least and it is very, very easy to find.

  5. Just looked up the price of the Garrett Juice($30.00 qt)and orange oil($30.00qt)= total over $60.00.. Using 6 oz of Garrett juice as directed,you would be paying $60 to treat about 5 mounds.There has to be a better way,at least cheaper one.

  6. What amazes me is this video has 135k views which tells you the frustration everyone has trying to find a way to kill fire ants. I have tried every store bought product out there from cheap to high priced,all the DYI home remedies more than I can count and none of them are sure fire solutions. And even fewer are practical if you have acreage rather than a small yard.Fire ants are a major problem in the south–why can't our government spend research dollars to find a practical solution instead of pissing money away on"green energy" self-driving cars and going to Mars?

  7. Wouldn't it be just as effective to use orange oil diluted with water with a dash of dish soap as a surfactant?

  8. Nice video! Check out our new product Ring of Fire on Kickstarter -and help us get this product available in the marketplace! #RingofFire

  9. Dry Ice crystals on the mound with a bucket on top. CO2 will seep into the soil and suffocate the colony. The bucket is to keep the wind from blowing the CO2 away.

  10. I have to figure something out!! Its like my house was built on a mega mound of fire ants!! They are everywhere!!! And I'm in Florida

  11. The Texas Boys sent me to you! Thank you so much!! I'm binge watching your channel and loving it!!

    Hey dirt doctor!, molasses and brown sugar… Really?
    That mixture you just poured on that nest might work chances are it will only feed the fire ants. because fire ants burrow down six feet in to the ground so that mix you just used did nothing.second fire ants hibernate when they come out of hibernation in the spring their looking for protein sources and in late summer their looking for sugar sources. by giving them what they are looking for as you have just done your only increasing the size of there nest. I'm allergic to fire ants. I've spent the last three years of my life researching every possible non chemical homeopathic remedy I could find to kill fire ants around my home and in the complex where i live. None of them worked there all as fake as homeopathic medicine is. you might as well throw down protein and sugar pill's for the fire ants.
    The only thing I have found that actually kills the fire ants and when I say kill's them I mean stops them in their tracks and wipes the next out in 12 hours time is BIFEN I/T. it's like dropping a Neutron bomb on the mound. kills the fire ants and leaves the lawn to continue to grow fresh and green.

  13. Hello Doc! Where did you purchase your watering can? I Would like to purchase one. Thank you for all of the great advice/tips!

  14. If you have another ant mound maybe you could video the beginning pour through the final death zoomed in. I have two mounds next to the asparagus and want to kill the ants not the plants. 🙂🐜🍊😵. Update: Used this mix and it works wonderfully! And smells great. Plants are fine and still growing. THANKS!

  15. My pasture is full of fire ant mounds. One is probably knee high and about 4 feet around. There are several that look like they branch off of the big one. I was buying fire ant killer for years but they have gotten away from us. I am going to try diatomaceous earth.

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