AllTrials: Doctors are being misled

AllTrials: Doctors are being misled

we expect doctors and researchers to have access to all of the clinical evidence on how well a treatment works not half of it it’s really very obvious that we need to add up all of the results of all of the trials put them all together and get a proper overall summary of all of the data a few years ago I prescribed a treatment called reboxetine for a patient unfortunately it turns out that I was misled what we found was there were a couple of trials showing that reboxetine was just as good as any other antidepressant treatment they were published but there were Stasi collected in three times as many patients which showed that robach seen is worse than other antidepressants and that research wasn’t published by giving a patient to treatment which doesn’t really do them any good we are depriving them of another effective treatment we need immediate access to the full methods and results of all trials on all uses of all the treatments that are currently being prescribed to millions of patients today

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  1. It's a scandal. All trials should be registered before they start and all results and data (except for patient identity) published in an open access manner.

  2. The fact that it is legal to withold damning studies, and the fact that the manufacturers do not publish them, and sue to prevent them from being published, underlies the fact that these drug companies lack integrity. The fact that doctors are not marching on Congress to pass a law to compell them to release all data, tells me that the integrity of doctors is also suspect.  Since it is evident there is a lack in integrity in medicine, overally, how can we trust the entire field of medicine when it comes to perscribed drugs, vaccines, etc  ? 

  3. Pharmaceutical companies pedaling drugs for profit, as opposed to therapeutic value, has become a large problem. I was offered reboxetine, the "placebo", and lofepramine, the efficacious drug with a decent amount of evidence. Based upon this clear difference, I chose lofepramine.

    Sure, it's got more side-effects (though not the worst TCA) but I want to take something that actually works, as opposed to not, for obvious reasons.

    These days, it's too easy to get drugs on the market and I don't wonder why; it's because the system's rigged in favour of the pharmaceutical companies and not patients or physicians.

    This seems especially so when it comes to antidepressants; the "seroxat" (paroxetine) and "endronax" (reboxetine) fiascos come to mind.

    This… er… "doctoring"/skewing of evidence means that medical journals are but marketing material for Pfizer/GSK/AstraZeneca/etc.

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