33 thoughts on “ASMR Tingle Clinic: Let's Bring Your Tingles Back!

  1. I know this is a very old video but that cold pack was absolutely amazing! I used to get very, very intense tingles with crinkles and I got immune. The cold pack brought them back! Thanks 👌

  2. I’m just now starting asmr and I’m not getting tingles at all. I feel like I’m about to get them…kinda like my body is building up to it, but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve tried different positions, not watching the screen, watching the screen, closing my eyes and relaxing. Nothing. I’m extremely ticklish, but no tingles. I know I’ve felt tingles before, but NEVER from an asmr video.

  3. There is this girl that sits next to me in science and we just go on our computers for science so it’s really quiet and he has long nails and she’s always tapping on the table and her laptop and I get off track and I’m sitting there all relaxed because it tingles me😂☺️

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