At Home With Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness: The Best Beauty Products

At Home With Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness: The Best Beauty Products

I’m Jonathan Van Ness, and we’re in my apartment. My first memory of buying a gorgeous beauty product is from this long-deceased department store that was like in my hometown, I don’t even remember
the name, but I do remember that there was an escalator and there was like
those like Chapsticks with designs on them and my mom let me get four. And then
I looked at myself in the mirror and like smeared an entire tube like on my
face over and over and then I ate the entire other one, but I was like three,
so…what gives? You know what I mean? So, love beauty, always been into grooming can’t get enough. Now I love Marc Jacobs and Intelligent Nutrient I also love this
face mist, which is gorgeous. She’s by Biossance, and this company’s
gorg. Use it like after you get out of the shower or like before you go to bed,
but after you cleanse. You know so just like keep it with you through the day.
It won’t like mess up your makeup but you just like…She’s like a
super fine little like…like how when Tyra Banks is like…but like if you can’t do
that, then you just do this. This is amazing for wavy hair people, short hair
or long hair, just like any wavy hair people and it’s called Wonder Worker by
Shu Uemura. You can let it air dry or blow-dry, but it kind of is like lays
down the frizz, it makes your blow-dry or your air dry last longer—whether you’re
hair’s like short or long, it just like gives your hair some muscle memory and I love her. And then, call me basic, but I just love a Neutrogena moment on my face. It’s like not a billion dollars, you can just like get in and get out. I really do
like her—and she absorbs and she doesn’t break me out. I really
believe her on that. If you have not got on the Byredo train…I feel like
she’s kind of like the new Le Labo. Rose of No Man’s Land, it kind of smells
like…the guy who makes it is kind of like me-looking. Cute! And then this thing
I actually just learned about. She looks controversial, but really she’s just what
you put your serum on with. So, you get out of the shower, you put your serum on your
face, and then you just like turn this on, and you just like mmm and just like
rub it into your face with this little thing. Like, look at this, Google Image
search it, like just screenshot it and find it yourself. I think the best grooming tip I’ve ever received is to like do it for
yourself. Whatever the beauty tip is, just do it for yourself. Because the
second you do it for someone else, you get your feelings. You have to just like
have fun for yourself. So I guess have you come on Queer Eye I’m like let’s trim your beard and you like really don’t want to it’s no, you
know? Just do it for yourself. Ah, cute! Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh ooh oh ooh…Let’s do more!

78 thoughts on “At Home With Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness: The Best Beauty Products

  1. Why does he just make me feel like everything will be okay? Like he’s literally talking about beauty products but I feel all of my life stresses going away. I love himmmmm😭😭😭

  2. I just finished creating my new product, please take a look at it.

  3. Love Jonathan, but what's with the shaky camera? Would do much good to put it on a tripod or something.

  4. i literally am not able to parse a single word that comes out of jonathan's mouth… but im still nodding along. i love

  5. OMG! I have that gold face massager and I love love LOVE it! I use it to really work in my moisturizer and it's just so relaxing. High recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  6. I LOVEEEE you soo much and i would love to see a lot of beauty tips and im having like ocd for your mustache and when your beard is getting full and long.

  7. This is Gawd's work. and i am HERE for it. PLEASE just interview him for like a day. Actually can he just have his own channel.

  8. the one and only time I've actually considered buying products someone recommends. how he ain't no shill

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