Augusta Health Named Top 100 Hospital

Augusta Health Named Top 100 Hospital

Rev. John C. Peterson, Chairman, Augusta Health
Board of Directors: “I think it’s a recognition of the hard work that everyone has put in
together in order to care for folks in the community. We don’t set out to win awards,
we set out to care for people. This is recognition that as we’re benchmarked against all the
other hospitals in the country, and there’s over 5,000 of them, we’re one of the top 100
in caring for people. That’s what we’re trying to do, and it’s nice to have recognition that
we’re doing it well.” Mary Mannix, President/CEO, Augusta Health:
“This is the way that the community can hear from an objective third party that focuses
on measures such as clinical quality in how we’re doing. We have a commitment to the community
to be the best that we can be. It’s one thing when you do some marketing or advertising
about what your capabilities are, but it’s another thing when a company that has expertise
in these measurements recognizes us for the job we’re doing.”
“I have to say, though, that it’s not about the awards, it’s more about the mindset, it’s
more about the commitment to excellence in everything we do. Most importantly, it’s about
the 2,000 people that work in this organization or practice in this organization. I think
the community should feel good about their level of dedication, their performance standards
and their commitment to excellence.” Rev. John C. Peterson, Chairman, Augusta Health
Board of Directors: “It also reflects, I think, consistency. They review four different years
in order to be eligible for the award for one year. And so to have it back-to-back years
means over a course of five years, we’ve provided that level of care, and a continuing quality
of care for folks in the community.”

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  1. How can Augusta Health be at 100 top hospitals. The problem I have is the cafeteria food. It is too pricey. The food is guaranteed to give you the squirts. I've shit sprayed the toilets there many times. I have also ruined my underwear and had to toss them out because there were severely stained. To all the people who plan on eating the food beware of what is going to happen afterwards.

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