Back in Black – Surprise Medical Bills | The Daily Show

Back in Black – Surprise Medical Bills | The Daily Show

When a news story
falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for a
segment we call Back in Black. ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) Everybody hates the American
health care system. It’s expensive, it’s broken, and it’s the reason
I do all my own dental work. You can’t tell,
but all my teeth are Tic Tacs. But on top of being awful, we’re now learning
our health care system is also disgustingly deceptive. NEWSWOMAN:
Tonight, millions of Americans rush to the emergency room, then slammed
with surprise bills. NEWSWOMAN 2: Nearly 65%
of hospitals across the country use emergency rooms
staffed by outside companies. It’s a loophole that allows providers
to charge patients more because the ERs
are considered out of network. NEWSWOMAN 3:
Liv Cannon, who had insurance and even verified
that her hospital and doctors were in network
before the procedure, was on the hook
for nearly $94,000. Huh! A surprise bill
for $94,000? For that kind of money,
I better come out of surgery as a goddamn Transformer. Then I can turn into
an ambulance and take myself to the hospital
for free! (cheering and applause) And what’s all this crap about doctors being
out of network? If you’re not in my network, then get your finger
out of my ass! (laughter and applause) And not only are hospitals
robbing us blind. The worst part is they’re making
all of these prices up. NEWSWOMAN:
Even if it’s not an emergency, we found there can be
surprising swings in what a given procedure
or test can cost. The cost for an ultrasound
of the abdomen in Dallas ranged from $115 to an estimate of $2,459. From $100 in the Bay Area
to $2,800. And where the price is set
can affect your cost, whether insured or not. Anywhere from $100 to $3,000? Who’s setting these prices, contestants
on The Price is Right? $3,000! $100! Everybody’s right! Well, guess what? I can make up numbers, too. How about I pay one dollar,
asshole? (laughter) -So…
-(cheering and applause) So, hospitals
and insurance companies want to keep prices a secret. But, luckily, a surprising hero
wants to make a buck, so they’re putting costs
out in the open. Groupon,
famous for deals on everything from skydiving
to concert tickets, is now offering patients
discounted medical treatments, and it could help you
avoid the headache of a surprise medical bill. NEWSWOMAN: Patients can find
$91 mammograms in Atlanta and $54 heart scans
in Oklahoma City. Chest CT scans
can sometimes cost over $1,700 depending where you live. With a Groupon at Crown Valley Imaging
near L.A., you pay a flat rate
of 299 bucks. So that’s where we’ve gotten to. We have to rely
on shitty websites for our health care. Boy, that’s gonna be fun. “I think I’m having
a heart attack. “Hold on. “Let me see
if Groupon has a deal. “Great!
I’ll get one heart surgery and a yoga class!” (laughter) Now, obviously, Congress should
outlaw surprise medical bills, but, obviously,
Congress won’t do shit. That’s why I took matters
into my own hands and started
the Lewis Black Clinic. Are you tired
of surprise medical bills? Then come on down
to the Lewis Black Clinic. You won’t find
any surprise bills with me because at my clinic,
everything costs $100, no matter what! Liver transplant, $100! Open heart surgery, $100! A candy bar, $100! And that better be in cash. You took the wrong hand. (chuckles): Yes,
but we didn’t take your savings. Thanks! (laughter) And at my clinic, you’ll never be surprised
by a diagnosis because I’ll warn you
ahead of time. Bad news. You’ve got herpes. You haven’t even looked
at the test results. No, but you just look
like a guy with herpes. (laughter and applause) So, stop by
the Lewis Black Clinic. The only surprise will be
if you leave feeling better. (cheering and applause) Trevor! Lewis Black, everyone.

100 thoughts on “Back in Black – Surprise Medical Bills | The Daily Show

  1. Imagine any other business being run on the model of "you will know how much we're going to charge you after you have used the good/service and are legally required to pay for it". That head of lettuce: it may be $1.89, it may be $189.00: we'll let you know after you've eaten it … and are required to pay for it. That roofing job: it my be $2600.00, it may be $26000.00 – you'll know when we bill you.

  2. Last time I was in the ER, after I got cleared, I got up to ask what I should do… I was then cornered by a nurse, Dr, and security guard because they thought I was running. Then after I got back in bed, they IMMEDIATELY requested my credit card for copay. Fuck, send the bill in the mail.

  3. “Bad news you got herpes.”
    “You haven’t even looked at the test results.”
    “No, but you just look like a guy with herpes.”

  4. The Groupon deals may not be the deal you think they are. Your doctor may not accept out of network scans because the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires that they use a high-resolution secure scan transmit system that the company providing the scan may not be a part of.

  5. As a European I find that segment hilarious.
    It's like a history lesson from about 100 years ago…

    (sorry for rubbing it in, but right now all the news that come from the US really piss me off!)

  6. Well keep investing in Entertainment…Sports…Movies etc and Iam sure they will help you when you need a medical procedure.

  7. F***ing G.I.D. health plan is looking better and better.
    That's the "Guess I'll Die" health plan, for those unfamiliar.

  8. Most Americans still think they have the greatest medical system in the world. So many have been brainwashed to the point where they are useless idiots now.

  9. Believe me, health care in my home country Pakistan is a 100 times better than America. And it’s a 100 times less corrupt as well. Besides the Muslim doctors of Pakistan are more human because they abide by the Quran which gives precedent to human care than profit making.

  10. Would have been nice if he informed people the only way to stop this is Bernie’s Medicare for All plan. But I bet his corporate bosses wouldn’t like that.

  11. I was charged $1600 for 6 mile ambulance ride to hospital. The most expensive ride In 1000 lives all together. USA health care system is the biggest legal Scam

  12. Doc Thusandso: Looks like I clipped one of your gonads while looking in your poop shoot Mr. Black. Not to worry! You still have the other spare, and at your age, it doesn't matter anyway. That'll be $10,000 cash at the window. Smell ya later!

  13. Having lived in other countries … I am sure they find this whole thing totally incomprehensible. It is a shame that politicians only have to say "Socialism" to get Americans to vote against their own interests. Oh well, maybe the next generation will be smarter.

  14. Market should not price everything.The American experience is very scary.The aim of competion are two fold, first to reduce prices and secondly to provide the best quality product.But Americans are being cheated by private and government agencies.Why have American democracy fail to correct these mess? And the rich in America are travelling to Europe for cheaper medical bills.

  15. Let's not be hypocritals here, we all know US can have universal health for all their citizens, they just don't because it wouldn't be possible to spend what they do in wars.

  16. This is not funny what is happening in this country. I have never hear about discounts when it come to health care in other countries.

  17. This is something I'm currently dealing with. I was first billed $2700, but I've talked with the financial department and luckily due to this sweet lady, Kathleen, I have been able to heckle the hospital down to a $250 bill that is from the doctors in the Emergency Department, shocking. 😑 I hope my dream of a world where people care for others more than money will one day exsist. Sending love 💕

  18. If you think about it, “America is the land of opportunity” …. so this is a testament to Americans screwing one another over because that’s how business is

  19. I lived in the UK,and now live in Ireland.I've had broken leg twice,appendix removed,a lump in my breast removed,an MRI,cat scan,angiogram,several hospital stays lasting a week each time,one lasting a month,and given birth.Not even mentioning A&E for emergency pains.Never seen a bill for a single thing.Perscription meds-free.In Ireland all doctor's apointments free,consultant referal-free,treatment -free but a charge of €2 for meds.
    How the feck are you Americans not all out on the streets demanding the treatment your taxes should cover?…

  20. I work for a medical provider as a biller. Was contacting one of the larger insurance companies, requesting info on the price of an MRI, and trying to calculate the cost for a patient. After several attempts over the phone, they advised me that the pricing was not available. Even providing specific diagnosis and CPT codes used for billing, we were still unable to get a price. They couldn’t even find information on the “allowable amount”, the price that they set for in network providers.

    Our system is beyond broken, it’s just a cash cow.

  21. I had an accident in Portugal and needed an ambulance and emergency room. After seeing the orthopedic and surgeons, I had to pay 8€. Like $10!!!

  22. This is true! It happened to me a couple of months ago! It's bullshit! If you can avoid hospitals, do so because they can break you real quick!

  23. Universal healthcare supported by the income tax and individual doctor run clinic are better for us. Corporate hospital system backed by political support has to quit.

  24. You are one bleeped up country America, just admit it. Hope you have the guts to vote someone new into the ……. who am I kidding.

    Kind, but very frightened, regards.


  25. Healthcare in America makes me so angry I shake just seeing the word. It's BS; it's all BS and I will never understand why we all keep going along with it.

  26. Let's everyone find someone to shame the medical system shall we? Make a big big spectacular deal and let em' have it. Any takers? If your a movie producer look at this one you'd make a mint on just embarrassing the crap out of the Gov. and our Med system And guess what this time your fans ( I'd be one of them) would be outside cheering you on !

  27. I had to go to the ER last week when I had a really bad stomach bug that left me extremely weak and dehydrated. I asked my dad if I should call an ambulance. I took an Uber to the ER. We HAVE insurance. My dad is a respiratory therapist. He works in the ER everyday but our insurance won’t cover emergency transport. What the actual fuck.

  28. Here's how I figured out how to avoid hospitals and the health care system all together.
    1. Avoid uneven stairs.
    2. Avoid uneven sidewalks.
    3 Avoid getting bird poop in your eyes. Stings like hell.
    4. Do not drive drunk.
    5. Avoid all physical fights and violent confrontations. You'll be called a wuss but at least you'll be a "debt free" wuss.
    6. Avoid running into fiery buildings trying to rescue someone when everyone inside are already dead.
    7. Avoid leaping from buildings that aren't tall enough for the fall to kill you.

  29. But we are told that our health care system is the best in the world and we need to fear "specialized medicine" and Canadian health care.

  30. Since Congress won't do anything can states pass legislation that regulate the flat rate of medical procedures with cost transparency.

  31. Had to fly to China for major medical issue couple years ago. Not only because American hospital is expensive as Fk even with a "good insurance". Most of the big hospital doctor can't figure any shit out other than how to run more useless test on you.

  32. What a lousy system. Here in Sweden you pay around $20 for a doctor’s/hospital visit. The rest is covered by taxes. Kids go for free of course.

  33. I found out on a surprise medical bill that I had a lesion on my liver and they didn’t cover the test. I thought, “When the hell did they check my liver? I went in because of my legs.” Also, why did they not tell me about a diagnosis then, but put it on a bill 3 months later?!

  34. Here in pakistan you can get ultrasound in 5 dollars and a heart bypass in free but for this you have to wait for your turn .
    I thought america had free health care

  35. Your surgeon is in network but surprise! they staff they bring in is not. You didn't know the anesthesiologist your in network doctor was using that week was out of network until you get the bill.

  36. In Dublin, Ireland…Hospial care is free! A broken leg to get fixed is Free. USA land of the free etc…Bullshit. Ireland is 10 times more ;free; than the United States has ever, ever been! Look it up on wikipedia

  37. I got hit in the nose with a 70mph foul ball. Went to the ER. Waited for about 6 hours to see a doctor.

    1 hour in the room and about 5 minutes of an actual doctor. He says "blow your nose. (Looks up my nose with a flashlight) Well, it's shattered and there's nothing to re-adjust or anything else I can tell you is that put ice on it until the swelling goes down"

    $858.67 for a guy to tell me to blow my nose and put ice on it..

    At least ask before you f#ck me.

  38. I'm amazed that you guys have to pay that much for scans, china has most scans for under 100 yuan and that's like less than 10 dollars.

  39. This is still a topic that needs to be brought up? We've been getting fucked for so long in the states… I'm young and I know that. People need to get their fucking heads out of their gaping asses.

  40. This is the kind of shit Elizabeth Warren is fighting for, but no, Americans would rather die slowly and broke than having affordable healthcare because their brain is in their asses.

  41. Get a fake Id and use a non American sounding name….
    Slavik Spanish Chinese African…doesn't matter…make sure the names are long…..helps to use many alias

  42. "Back in Black" is far & away my absolute favorite recurring spot on TDS. Btw, Lewis is currently on tour!

    (Not that my opinion matters one whit since I'm much older than their "target demographic." )

  43. How can one country lives in past and future? Damn Americans find a way to mix backwardness with future. Get your shit together 18+ and vote those old folks out the government. Kick those baby boomers who don't care for anyone anymore.

  44. I am so glad as an American my kids and I live in Germany and pay German taxes. I can go to a doctor or husband anytime for anything with NO BILL! I am never going back to the 3rd world American system.

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