Becoming A Dentist

Becoming A Dentist

Hi, guys. My name is Keith Mahipala I am a D2 (second year dental) student here at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry We are right now in the D2 lab, we’re in Operative class and we are working on our virtual patient which is basically a simulation of exactly what is going on in the clinic. and so we’re really excited to work with you
guys and can’t wait to meet some of ya’ll. What brought me to dentistry is, you know, ‘shadowing’ and working with my hands and loving all
the science classes, you know. There were a lot of different
factors and I’m sure a lot of you guys are going through your minds: is dentistry right for me or not and so that’s what we’re here to help
you go through the process whether your middle school high school, or
in college ready to start your application process so whatever
it may be we’re excited to work with ya’ll and help you through that process hi everybody, my name is Felicia. And I’m
Megan. and we’re both second year dental students at Texas A&M
Baylor College of Dentistry We’re here today to get you guys connected to our Facebook and Instagram Becoming a Dentist and our Center of Excellence website. We have a bunch of resources for you there and all the applications for the SPEP programs are open. and we just want you guys to stay connected with us. We are here to guide you guys and be a resource to you guys as you apply and become a dentist. I know I became a dentist because I got to work with a dentist, ‘shadow’ him and have that hands on experience. He taught me so much. So that was the trigger for me to want to become a dentist and so we encourage you guys to apply to these SPEP programs. so that you can have that experience practice some hand skills and see if you like to work with others help others and dentistry might be a really great career for you. and I decided to come to A&M Baylor College of Dentistry because I actually did SPEP. And it was an amazing experience. It gave me a chance to come to the school, and work with my hands and meet plenty of dentists and just really see what its like to be a dental student. So make sure you get connected with
us on our Facebook and Instagram Becoming a Dentist and we look forward to seeing you guys this summer in the SPEP programs. So stay connected with us, guys and look forward to more videos from us just to help guide you through everything. Thanks, guys! Hi, my name is Brianna Burris Today we are in Operative lab and we’re working on the ‘sim-heads’ – we have virtual patients so we’re pretending that these are real
patients we’re supposed to wear ourt protective gear and talk to them as if they were a real
person hi everybody my name is Olivia and I am a D2. So we’re really excited about our
Facebook page and getting everything up and running and and hope that you find everything on
the page exciting and interesting. Also there is going
to be a website directly related to COE and getting
involved. If you wanna be a dentist is a great resource for everyone and we just really hope you enjoy it. So dental school is a great opportunity. Its a lot of work, but its great! So check out our page, check out our Facebook page and our Instagram.

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  2. thank you for all the information. for years i have been want to be a doctor but now i have changed my mind, i want to be a dentist. what should i do first? i came from iraq 15 months a go and now i work on my academic english and soon i will finish it all. any advice, suggestion?

  3. I wanna be an orthodontist but is cost 100k per year for the program in San Francisco. And they say its cheap compared to other schools!

  4. oral health can provide warning signs for other diseases or conditions.

  5. Hello i'm from algeria i'm in my senior year and i have to decide whether to study medicine or dentistry here's the case: i love medicine a lot and it's my dream i feel like i can be good at it
    But since my father is a dentist he want's to be dentist as well I'm really sad about it but here's my question :
    Is dentistry similar to medicine
    If i enjoy medical related topics will I enjoy dentistiry
    If i persue dentistiry will i be way too far from my dream ?

  6. I am in Junior year studying Biology at Asia Pacific International University. I'd like to continue as a dentist. Can anyone recommend any process of doing that?

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  10. I dont want to be a doctor or dentist but my family wants me to SOO I have to make them proud even if I just want to be a artist

  11. I was dreaming to be a doctor since I was a child but suddenly in one night I just loved the dentistery idea like I have a strong desire of becoming a dentiste and I think it's a fun speciality I'd love to study

  12. that's what they are a bunch of assholes there is no dental care for the poor white there is no dental care for the poor white they are pulling our teeth out that are letting our teeth rot out of our mouths the welfare insurance companies are denying everything and nobody's getting off their fat lazy white ass is in this country and assassinated them fucking white Congress people especially the Republicans and Donald Trump they're pulling our teeth out of our mouths these students are so fucking stupid there flooding in from other countries and they do not know what they're doing and Penn Dental in Pennsylvania is the prime example they used to get a 5-star rating now they got a one you couldn't find a dentist that knows his ass from an umbrella stand down there and no one's doing anything about it where are all politically correct in this country

  13. You don't need no bachelor's degree or special education to become a dentist they should just open trade school and go straight for dental shouldn't take more than 2 years it's all about practice to be good in everything. all that bachelor's degree extra education is a waste of life and a scam.

  14. I want be dentist 😍..i been wanting long time im starting college in the spring 2019 .. My teeth are white so i love helping people to look good im ready 😀😀😀smile

  15. Iam student of BIPC EAMCT 2nd year my aim is to become dentist so plz any one suggest me that what i should do after inter

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