Beto O’Rourke’s Dentist Visit, Steve King’s Racism & France’s Nude Restaurant Fail | The Daily Show

Beto O’Rourke’s Dentist Visit, Steve King’s Racism & France’s Nude Restaurant Fail | The Daily Show

It is 663 days until
the next presidential election, but the campaign
is already underway. One of the Democrats
exploring a run is former Texas representative
and weathered teenage, uh, teenage boy Beto O’Rourke. All week he’s
been traveling around, talking to everyday Americans and posting stories
on his Instagram. And it turns out maybe there is
such a thing as too relatable. NEWSWOMAN:
That is, indeed, Beto O’Rourke
in the dentist chair talking to people
near the border about what life is like there, including talking
to his own dentist. Yeah… Beto. It looks like
he didn’t understand what his advisor meant
when he said, “All the kids
are flossing.” Uh… ‘Cause, like, what’s next? Ted Cruz checking his beard
for lice on TikTok? -Come on, man.
-(audience groans) But this is a genius way
to avoid tough questions, right? ‘Cause it’d be like,
“Congressman, how… “how can you call yourself
a progressive candidate when you voted for drilling
in the Gulf of Mexico?” He’d be like, “Great question.
(muffled gibberish) (spits)
Ah.” Moving on to a congressman who did something even less cool
than visit a dentist. Representative
Steve King of Iowa. King has often faced
accusations of racism. Now, that’s mostly because
of all the racist stuff he says. But today he defended himself
by saying, “What’s wrong with racism,
anyway?” NEWSMAN:
Steve King defending himself after a newly published article
from The New York Times saying he’s not racist,
but then in the article, the congressman
from Iowa’s 4th District questions why the term
“white nationalist” and “white supremacist”
are offensive language. Yeah! I’m not racist.
You niggas need to calm down. (laughter) Now, I know,
I know it sounds bad, but at least he didn’t do
something truly unforgivable, like say “mother (bleep)” or dance on a rooftop once,
you know what I’m saying? Moving on to some news
from Paris, the capital of fine dining. The very first restaurant
serving only nude diners in Paris is shutting down. The restaurant, O’naturel, has only been open
for 15 months. Apparently,
business has been suffering from a lack of customers. Not many people want
to show up naked. The nudist restaurant plans
to close its doors for good -on February 16. -NEWSMAN:
Yeah, they had a good run. That’s right. France’s first nude restaurant
is closing February 16, which means my Valentine’s Day
reservation is still good to go. -Yeah.
-(laughter) Yeah, you know, uh,
nothing quite says love like spilling hot clam chowder
on my genitals. It’s just, uh… Can you imagine being
a health inspector there? What happens? You just
walk in and kill yourself? Like…
And what if you’re a waiter having to deal
with the customers? It’d be like, “Excuse me.
There’s a hair in my chicken!” Be like, “Well, sir, your balls
are all over my chair, so we’re even.”

99 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke’s Dentist Visit, Steve King’s Racism & France’s Nude Restaurant Fail | The Daily Show

  1. One thing about that nude restaurant always irritated me: where did the guests keep their wallets? 😉

    On a more serious note: Why open that restaurant in Paris? Why not somewhere in the south of France?
    Maybe on the Cote d'Azur. You know, maybe somewhere in the direct neighborhood of a nudist camp.
    As a restaurant owner of a venue so special, you have to go where your customers are.
    And people who have no problem sitting and dining naked, in a room full of other naked people, are most probably nudists – and not your "average" customer.

  2. "It is 663 days until the next presidential election, but the campaign is already underway."
    $#@! 🤬🤬🤬
    Why?! Seriously, why?! We just wrapped up a dumpster fire of a campaign! I can't be the only one who sees progress toward continuous-campaign mode as something to avoid!

  3. That situation with the restaurant in France is not really surprising to me. Nudity on the beach is one thing; nudity in a restaurant is another.

  4. After taking a closer look at Steve King I’d kinda like to see the Iowa Caucus be held in a different state. Iowans even re-elected King. sad. I’d like to see the first caucus of the election cycle be held in a different state each time. Iowa supporting King should cost them.

  5. Steve King gets condemnation for defending white nationalist and white supremacy, Trevor Noah says N word and gets laughs

  6. Beto is obviously winnable if he runs. The GOP is trying to divide us based on this! VOTE OUT TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT! Trevor is hilarious though😊

  7. Trevor says Beto voted in favor of Oil and Gas drilling off Gulf. And yes Beto has taken big oil money and so has T Cruz. This is what I researched
    HR 5538 – 114th Congress 2015-2016 Beto voted Nay

  8. Like some of Beto's policies, but this is TMI. Can we just have a normal president with no gimmicks or attention grabbing for weird reasons? Can we focus on actual government?
    If I want entertainment, I'll go to a comedy club. If I want a political leader, I'll go to a town hall, not a dentist.

  9. Beto is stuffed will big oil money. His voting record shows he consistently voted with republicans in favor of the fossil fuel lobby.

  10. NOAH COLBERT 2020 !!!??? CAROL BURNETT … Department of ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT … work hard play hard party Harvey Korman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fake foxnews already starting to get afraid of Beto. Traitor Evil mentally sick old Trump is going to bring down Putin and the GOP's when he goes to Prison with his Family. Yes, that day will come sooner.

  12. Beto's pathetic attempt to appear relatable is all about him. When he starts making campaigns about the constituents, he may have some more success. For now, he has ZERO accomplishments. PLEASE, DNC, don't lose another election by eating yourselves up and cheating the candidates who actually have a chance to win. If you run Hillary or Biden again, you will lose. If you nominate a young nobody, you will lose.

  13. This country has always been divided long before 1619. Most people prefer to bury their head in the sand, instead of accepting that racism is alive in this country. Jane Elliott and Tim Wise, both, spoke out against racism for years. It is very interesting how people have more courage to get upset and walk away from hearing the truth about racism; however, they have less courage to change their racist behavior.

  14. Beto is an establishment democrat in disguise, and Steve King should be thrown into a pit of venomous snakes.

  15. I'm not even that mad at Steve King, he is a proud white nationalist. I'm most mad at the jackholes that keep voting for him.

  16. You know if I never believed in Russian hacking before I do now because why do Democrats always embarrass themselves? Why do we always take the perfect candidate and screw it up? LOL

  17. And yet cornfed racist Iowans decide a lot in the election…..Shouldn't a state get barred from voting if they elect racist scum like Steve King???

  18. LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. @Subway calling cops on mothers…

  19. Trump hates plaque. Plaque must be good! Candy good! Fruit bad. Walls hate fruits. Walls are immoral homophobics for hating fruit!

  20. Nude is acceptable in only a handful of scenarios even among nudists: camping, communing with nature, communing with technology, dancing, fire side, burning man, poolside, on a shore, on a beach, in mud, on grass, and in non-contact sports like downhill skiing; and that's it. If you're nudist at home that's just nude curious; but, nowhere in that list is there any food service or dining options. Naked food interactions are a whole different kink, they should've offered the untouchable honey bronzed nude model platter.; people would rather eat off of a nude, than eat out nude.

  21. I don't want to see your mouth. I don't want to see your penis (like your colleagues). I want to hear your promises on immigration, Syria, Ukraine, Crimea, abortion, gay rights, children & black people being shot, $21 trillion debt making it the WORST ECONOMY IN HISTORY, climate change and poisoned water. Not your mouth. Not your penis. Days of white male privilege is over…now you have to PROVE YOURSELF!

  22. Doesn’t he have a hit and run and DUI? Why worship this dude when he’s just another shitty person. Oh it’s because he’s hip like dumb ass AOC.

  23. When you're desperate because you know Mueller doesn't have anything on Trump:
    1). Call anyone that disagrees with you a racist, riot, try and suppress free speech, color your hair blue, wear silly hats, pretend men are women and vice versa, demand that ICE is abolished, state that there are 327 genders which flies in the face of facts yet demand others accept that climate change is the world's most pressing issue.
    2). State that Clinton won the popular vote while knowing that we have NEVER elected a president by popular vote. And if Clinton had lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College she would have sung it's praises.
    3). Make silly videos like this to make yourselves feel better.
    4) Turn to a comedian that couldn't make it in his home country of South Africa so he comes here for opportunity and then shits on America every chance he gets.
    5). Call more people racist.
    6). And finally when none of that works say that there is no immigration crisis when there are tons of video clips of the caravans to prove otherwise.

  24. when Trevor talks about flossing as a bad thing when he flossed in youtube rewind which has over 15 million dislikes

  25. The Beto O’Rourke shit was so unfunny, like some Charlie Chaplin Three Stooges unfunny. And the blind audience just laughs like goofballs at anything he says. Isn’t it hilarious that Beto O’Rourke is talking politics while “at the dentist office”…now that’s funny. Hardy har har. Ehhh…

  26. This is so disgusting and cringe at its best. Seriously, why would anyone films itself for going to the dentist and talk about bullcrap that nobody will understand!? Not only is cringeworthy and disgusting, it's too obnoxious to say the least.

    Also, Ted Cruz is too mature and professional for Tik Tok.

  27. when Trevor talks about flossing as a bad thing when he flossed in youtube rewind which has over 15 million dislikes

  28. The next personal video he puts out there to prove he is a relatable to everybody else will be him pinching his morning loaf.What a entitled douchebag.

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