Calcium, Absorption, Vitamin D, & Osteoporosis #calcium #magnesium #calciumsupplements

Calcium, Absorption, Vitamin D, & Osteoporosis #calcium #magnesium #calciumsupplements

hello this is dr. whiting and today I want to talk to you about calcium now everybody knows what calcium is in fact calcium is probably the most popular supplement more people take a calcium supplement on a pretty regular basis than almost any other vitamin or mineral maybe vitamin C is up there but calcium is really pretty popular and we do this for a variety of reasons one we know calcium is important lots of us don't get enough calcium every day in our diet and then of course as we grow older we get into middle-aged and Beyond and especially if you're a lady you're going to be more concerned about adequate calcium because of such things as osteoporosis fractures bone loss and so on and so forth but what you need to understand is not all calcium is the same there are lots of calcium supplements on the market but not all of them are necessarily made or created equal as I like to say most of the common forms of calcium are very very hard to absorb and those can be identified if you take a look at the label because if you turn your calcium supplement over and you look on the back in that supplement facts box it's going to tell you what kind of calcium is in your product and most of the more inexpensive calcium's that you buy at drugstores and warehouse stores and that type of those types of places pretty much are made up of calcium carbonate and it'll say that right on the label other names for calcium carbonate include dolomite eggshell coral calcium and so basically it's ground up rocks in stone and these forms of calcium have a very high pH now when we say pH we're talking about acid or alkali and in the human body calcium must be acidic so it's got to be on the acid side in order for it to be properly digested and absorbed well calcium carbonate the kind found in many of these supplements is very alkaline it's on the opposite end of the scale so what happens is is that when you swallow those calcium supplements the body has to move that pH clear across the scale from alkaline to acid now when we're younger in our 20s and 30s we usually don't have much problem with that but as we grow older it becomes more and more difficult for us to acidify calcium as well as proteins and then the whole digestive process because as we age the stomach begins to lose its ability to acidify to produce natural stomach or gastric juices now one of the factors in calcium absorption of course is its pH and that's why some of the better calcium's that you'll find in the market will have what's called chelated calcium and chelation of calcium of course is an acidifying of the calcium and that's very very important Plus which we've discovered by doing a lot of research into past clinical studies with calcium absorption on a wide variety of people including postmenopausal females and those studies all indicate that a combination of calcium citrate and calcium malate are the best combinations of calcium for absorption in middle-aged people and older and because of that here at our research center we only use a 50/50 blend of calcium citrate and malate now if we're going to talk for a moment specifically about calcium absorption to the bone or preventing osteoporosis or bone loss then we need to talk about another factor and that factor are what we is what we call the cofactors or kin nutrients that are necessary to carry calcium to the bone you see calcium can circulate in the bloodstream it can help with heart rhythm it can do a lot of different functions but unless there are four key trace elements together with your calcium in the bloodstream at the same time very little calcium actually goes to the bone now those four trace minerals include manganese copper zinc and strontium so if you are looking to take calcium or you're looking for a calcium supplement that's going to help maximize your bone density help to prevent bone loss help to replace a lost bone density and yes it is possible to do that then you're not only going to want to look for the type of calcium which is of course citrate and malate but you're going to want to ensure that your calcium supplement contains those key three trace elements manganese copper zinc and strontium and of course a good calcium supplement will contain the other known factors such as vitamin d boron magnesium and so forth now here at our research center we deal with a lot of individuals who come to us because they have been diagnosed with patents advanced osteoporosis or bone loss and in those individuals in particularly we tend to use a liquid calcium supplement so I've chosen a liquid delivery system as opposed to tablets or capsules for those types of people why because I want maximum absorption and liquids tend to be absorbed in the body not only quicker but to a much higher percentage and that's important when we're fighting against already advanced bone loss so when you go out and choose a good calcium supplement first of all make sure it contains chelated or acidified calcium second of all I highly recommend a combination of calcium citrate and calcium malate both chelated calcium's thirdly I recommend that if especially if you're taking calcium to prevent or improve your bone loss situation that you absolutely make certain that the forky trace elements manganese copper zinc and strontium are present numerous clinical studies that date back to the mid-1980s and since that time in various universities around the United States and in Europe have been able to illustrate under double-blind placebo-controlled situations that this type of calcium can not only prove and increased bone loss it can actually improve reverse this condition by as much as two to three percent increase in bone density every single year if you're interested in finding out more about calcium and more about where you can get the kind of calcium we use on our clients and patients at our research centers around the world you can contact us in a variety of ways first of all you can go to their Institute's website which is WWF the information com you can call us at one eight eight eight four five four eight four six four and if you have a question for me dr. whiting you can email me directly to my office at ask the doc at healthy information comm I'd like to thank you for taking out a few minutes to listen calcium is a very important supplement but if you take the wrong one it can do you almost little or no good at all so read labels especially when it comes to calcium thank you

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  2. And yet there are tribes in Africa that have the lowest consumption of calcium in the world, bear on average 8 children each, and don't know what Osteoporosis is. Think about that…

  3. Our liquid calcium has been formulated to specifically enhance absorption to the bone tissue. By using manganese, copper, zinc and strontium, we can increase absorption to bone nearly 10 fold! Further, the liquid suspension provides a much easier absorption for those over the age of 50 years. Calcium is the most difficult mineral for the human body to absorb so these adjustments in the formula are very beneficial.

  4. Our liquid calcium has been formulated to specifically enhance absorption to the bone tissue. By using manganese, copper, zinc and strontium, we can increase absorption to bone nearly 10 fold! Further, the liquid suspension provides a much easier absorption for those over the age of 50 years. Calcium is the most difficult mineral for the human body to absorb so these adjustments in the formula are very beneficial.

  5. Ok… the healthyinformation reply doesn't answer your question. The bone cannot recalcify to a "normal" sturdy bone as you require key bone building cells such as osteoblasts which would not be active or alive even in a dead chicken bone.

    Basically, have as much fun with the chemistry kit as you like but without an amazing nanobot you will have no success rejuvinating a dead bone… enjoy trying though!

  6. I have a question. When chicken bones are placed in vinegar, the acidic of the vinegar causes calcium to be removed from the bone. If i add liquidfy calcium, will the bone absorb the calcium and become sturdy again? If not, is there a way to make modify the calcuim by adding some other elements to it to make the bone absorb it?

  7. There are several causes of kidney stones. One of the major causes occurs when calcium become too alkaline and crystallizes, causing kidney stones, gall stones, etc. Dr Whiting

  8. what is the connection with formation of kidney stones … could it be its non absorption ? ie 4 other minerals? or is there another cycle malfunc.? that could lead to stones?thanks –

  9. What's wrong with the people and this video, and not hearing the guy…!!!??!!!
    If you actually listen, he covers 99% of what should be covered, yet people still ask the "What about *****…?" questions.

  10. @MisterQuebec 5:03 – "And of course a good Ca supplement will contain the other known factors such as Vitamin D, Boron, Mg, and so forth."

    talk about not listening to the man!!!

  11. 5:03 – "And of course a good Ca supplement will contain the other known factors such as Vitamin D, Boron, Mg, and so forth."

    People stop "thumbs-up"'ing MisterQuebec's comment and use your ears.

  12. dont forget to consume saturated fats (natural) with calcium and vita d and other fat soluable fat vitamins and minerals.

    sat fats allow it to be incorporated into bone, that is why low fat diets(esp low saturated fat) cause osteroperosis. especially thin woman or menopausal thin

  13. We include organic strontium as part of all of our calcium formulas. Due to its ability to increase calcium to bone. We do not recommend super high does of any minerals as this can imbalance body chemistry.

  14. ca is important for bones. osteoclasts. it is rgulated by pth. pth increases ca conc. hence hyper pth

    ca has to be acidic to be absorbed. age casues loss of acidifying ability. hence absorption of all medicines that are absorbed from stomach.


  15. The only people saying that taking supplements is bad are the drug companies!!! Calciumn is very difficult to absorb so crushing is a good idea. You can also obtain a liquid calcium, which is the one we use with our clients here. It is available from the phoenix nutritionals website.

  16. We have many of Dr. Whiting's nutritional products on hand at our club. Our members & staff are getting great results! The liquid calcium is in great demand…how else can ladies build BACK their bone mass that's already been reduced? By strength training and taking the best quality of calcium you can buy. Stop in, we'll be happy to help you. Curves, 7081 Brecksville Rd, Independence OH 44131 (216)520-4000
    THANKS, Dr. Whiting!!

  17. Since switching to Liquid Calcium as the doctor recommends, after 4 months my recent bone density test showed 0 bone loss for the first time in years. I would love to post my bone density test results here. Can someone help me with this??? Any way I would recommend the doctors Liquid Calcium formula to all women at any age.

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