Cardiac Caregiver: Chris Baird, MD – Boston Children’s Hospital

Cardiac Caregiver: Chris Baird, MD – Boston Children’s Hospital

One of the most rewarding parts
about being a pediatric heart surgeon is being able to come
to work everyday and know that you’re making a
difference and can actually help make these kiddos better. Once you see the results,
and these kids come in and they have a major
life threatening problem and you can fix it
and make it better, and send them home with their
parents, it’s quite rewarding. I’m Chris Baird. I’m a pediatric
cardiothoracic surgeon here at Boston Children’s
Hospital and director of the congenital
heart valve center. When I was in medical
school very early on, I had developed an interest
in cardiac surgery. As I went on through
medical school and through general surgery,
pediatric cardiac surgery or congenital cardiac
surgery, became more fascinating
and interesting. Because not only did you have
to deal with the anatomy, but you really had to
deal with the physiology, because in pediatric
heart disease, there’s a tremendous
amount of physiology, as well as anatomy, that
you have to deal with. What is that? Puzzle? Tell me a joke. You like to tell jokes. The experience with taking care
of children with heart valve disease is pretty extensive. It’s been a number of
years now that we’ve had a particular interest and
focus in caring for children with valve disease. We’ve developed a
particular interest in repairing valves, as
opposed to replacing them. My favorite part of
the day is really the operation and the technical
aspects of the operation and getting every
detail correct. Because I think it’s
particularly important when you’re working on
complicated small children with complicated problems,
that you really pay attention to the detail and be a
perfectionist about it. So I really enjoy making
sure all those things are done correctly in the
course of the operation. At Boston Children’s
Hospital, I think, the focus here from everybody
is really one is the patient and whatever’s right
for the patient. And I think, for the
most part, everybody here really treats it like that
and puts the patient first. And whatever one
can do to make it a success, whether
it’s many hours or just a brief few
minutes giving an opinion, everybody’s going
to share that here. I’ll see you later. Say bye.

10 thoughts on “Cardiac Caregiver: Chris Baird, MD – Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. I'm so proud of you, and your accomplishments. you are a big inspiration, and as your son, I am very rewarded. Love you!

  2. <3 <3.. you are such an amazing Doctor.  I was very thankful to get to have you for my son and doing his TGA repair!!! 

  3. Thank you for repairing my son's heart! We have enjoyed more than a year of health thanks to your hard work and dedication. You are one of my heros!

  4. I dont know this Dr. My son is seen in Oregon. So we are very far from him… I love this mans passion he has for CHD.

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