[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP08 (Full)

[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP08 (Full)

Yes. – Okay.
– What did he say? Dr. Kang is still unconscious. What should we do, Chief Min? Give me a hazmat suit. Give me a hazmat suit.
I’ll go in. You can’t. No one can enter the center
right now. The suspected patient was
admitted… for headaches
that have been going on for a year. If the symptoms appeared recently,
it might not be the Nipah virus. In any case, no one can enter until
he gets cleared of the infection. Also, there are already
doctors inside. Why do you have to go in? The suspected patient is
showing new symptoms, and they’re getting worse. In addition,
one resident is unconscious. – Give me a hazmat suit.
– No. The director has ordered us
to follow the protocol by all means. You can’t solve anything
by going in there now. No one can enter the center
under any circumstances. Ever. Chief Min. We’ll follow the protocol. Dr. Kwon is right. You can’t solve anything
by going in there. Call Dr. Lee. Right now. Get off me! What happened? What’s going on? My kid is in there. A patient is suspected
to be infected with the Nipah virus. What about my kid? Is she okay? We’ll find out. My kid has juvenile diabetes. She skipped lunch. If she doesn’t eat something soon,
she’ll go into hypoglycemic shock. I have to go in there. Please let me in. Right now! So Jin! So Jin! It seems like we have
a situation in there. Give me glucagon and a hazmat suit. Someone must go in. No matter what. Coming through.
Sorry, please step back. Can we go out now? – Can we go out?
– Can we go out? Step back. No one can go out yet. Then why are you
opening the doors? We’re not going out. Someone is coming in. Dr. Kang. Dr. Kang. Dr. Kang. Dr. Kang. Dr. Kang. How’s the patient? The seizures stopped. – Check his condition.
– Okay. Kang Si Young. Are you awake? Dr. Cha. (Doctor John) (Episode 8: Understanding Someone) It’s okay. Good girl. – I’ll come back in ten minutes.
– Okay. You’ll be fine. How are things in there? I’m not sure. But why are you here? You want to go inside? I have to go inside. If I don’t, I’ll regret it forever. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Why did you come in here? What are you doing here? How’s your vision? Can you see properly? I asked you why you’re here. You seem a little swollen. Do you feel dizzy or nauseous? How about your sensory nerves?
Can you feel this? – Dr. Cha.
– Answer me. I’m okay. Okay, then.
I want you to slowly get up. Why did you come in here? I’m not here because of you. Get up. – Are you okay?
– Yes, I’m okay. How’s the patient?
He fainted earlier. His pulse is faster than normal,
but it’s becoming stable again. Palpitation. (Palpitation: An increase
in pulse rate…) (or awareness
of cardiac muscle contractions) His entire body is showing symptoms. His nerves in his respiratory
and circulatory system are dying. From now on, we need to find
the name of this disease… before his condition gets worse. And of course, it should be based on the fact
that it’s not the Nipah virus. Are you really going to do this? This virus is highly contagious
with a high fatality rate. Plus, you’re part
of the high-risk group. Think of this… as a hostage situation. Something in his body
is the culprit. It’s holding us
and the other patients as hostages. And I’m the negotiator. Are you having fun? Do you think I’m having fun? Like you said, I should
get out of here faster than anyone, and I desperately want to do that,
so I need your help. Help me catch the culprit
as fast as possible… so that everyone here can leave. It’s the chief. – Hello?
– How are you? How’s your head? I’m okay. The results will be out
in a few hours. Be careful until then. Tell Dr. Cha… to keep the medical team in check
until we get the final results… and to call me immediately
if there’s an emergency. Yes, ma’am. But… the patient might not have
the Nipah virus. Dr. Cha went inside? Isn’t it common sense
to stick to the instructions… in this kind of situation? He does not know
how to follow the rules. I know he was always like this,
but he’s seriously out of control. If Dr. Cha didn’t go inside,
the patient would’ve been in danger. He keeps saying he might not have
the Nipah virus. But how is he going to prove that? The fact is that we currently have
a suspected patient. Don’t make any rash decisions
until we get the results. And regardless of what happens,
Dr. Cha will be punished… for having gone inside. I’ve been thinking this for a while.
You’re really bad at drawing. Don’t take off
any of your protection equipment… until you get out of here. You give up very quickly. It’s not like you’ll leave
if I tell you to. And you’re obviously not
going to stay still either. It’ll be a waste of energy. You shouldn’t have fallen down. – Dr. Lee.
– Yes? I want you guys to concentrate. As you can see, the disease could be
anywhere in his body. Dr. Cha, we got a call earlier
from the KCDC… about that friend who came back
from India whom he met last week. How is that person doing? He had a slight fever
right after he came back to Korea. It lasted for about two days,
and he’s fine right now. But they say it could be
a slight infection… or an infection
that shows no symptoms. We can’t eliminate the possibility
that it could be a Nipah virus. Of course. But there are also symptoms
that are irrelevant… to the Nipah virus. We can’t take a CT or an MRI here. – How can we diagnose him?
– We should try what we can. The doctors need to become
the examination equipment. We need to become
the examination equipment? Can you all hear me? – Yes.
– Yes. A 68-year-old man. He came to the hospital because
he’s been having headaches, a loss of appetite, and fatigue
for about a year. He recently started vomiting
and had headaches and chest pains. And now, he’s showing new symptoms
such as increased heart rate, disorientation, seizure,
and palpitation. Dr. Cha thinks… the patient might not have
the Nipah virus. I want each of you to be
in charge of each system… and find a disease that could
turn into systemic disease. Won Hee, you’re in charge
of the lungs. Okay. Si Young, you’re in charge
of the heart. Okay. Mi Rae, you’re in charge
of the metabolic system. Okay. Jun, you’re in charge of the brain. – Okay.
– And… Dr. Lee, you’re in charge
of the digestive system. – Okay.
– I’ll make the overall diagnosis. Begin. – Okay.
– Okay. Dr. Cha, could it be
a chronic lung disease? It’s associated with chest pains,
fatigue, and palpitation. What about his heart? He doesn’t have high blood pressure,
he’s not obese, he didn’t smoke,
and he doesn’t have diabetes. There’s nothing in particular
that could affect his heart. And he never had
myocardial infarction, angina, or cardiac insufficiency. How’s his X-ray? I can see a hint
of pneumonic infiltration. Pneumonic infiltration? Next. The arteriovenous malformation… that occurred in his brain
and spinal cord… could affect his entire body. And it also explains his headaches,
seizure, and dysaesthesia. Is the patient’s name “Yu Deok Kyu”? Yes. Why do you ask? Does he have white hair? Are you in the security office? How do you know that?
You didn’t even see the patient. Do you know him? Yes. I think so. It’s the best thing I heard so far.
Do you know him well? I only met him a few times
during my volunteer medical service, so I don’t know him well. – But I do know his job.
– What is it? He’s a priest. He’s wearing a rosary ring. A priest? What was he like? Tell me what kind of priest
or person he was. He was an honest man
both in and outside of the church. He did a lot of volunteer work
and good deeds. This really gets me
thinking sometimes. I’m an atheist,
but I really do wonder sometimes. If there really is a deity, why does such a religious
and kind person have to suffer? That’s religion. Does religion make people suffer? How is his build now? Is he thin? Yes. Why? (Body weight: 67kg) One more symptom. Rapid weight loss. He’s lost at least 20kg
since half a year ago. At that time,
he was pretty well-built. Does he have any disease that
might have caused the weight loss? No. He doesn’t have diabetes
or thyroid diseases. We don’t know about
cancer or infection yet though. Before, he didn’t even have
any common geriatric diseases. Why did he suddenly start getting
all these symptoms a year ago? Are you okay? What’s wrong? My arm hurts so much. Dr. Cha, Ms. Lee Da Hae
has pain in her arm. Please calm her down. Ms. Lee, are you okay? Dr. Heo. Dr. Heo. Pull yourself together, Dr. Heo. Dr. Heo. Yes, Dr. Cha. I’m here. Solve it. You promised me you’d solve it. The longer you wait, the harder
it’ll get for both you and her. – Dr. Cha.
– I’m listening. I’ll reduce her pain first. She’s suffering too much. Inject an analgesic. Ms. Lee, you’ll be injected
with an analgesic. What’s the reason? What made you
want to tell the truth? If it’s a phantom limb pain,
it might not be your fault. (A phantom limb pain: A pain
in a part that has been cut off) Her pain might not be my fault. But if I keep hiding the truth, it might make it harder
to diagnose her. Get ready. Can I go inside? I like your answer. It wasn’t to feel less guilty… or because you felt sorry
for the patient. You just wanted
an accurate diagnosis. Mr. Yu. Mr. Yu, are you awake? Mr. Yu. I’m anesthesiologist Cha Yo Han. – Do you hear me?
– Yes. Let me ask you a few things. Have you been losing weight rapidly
over the past months? – Yes.
– Why is that? I haven’t had much of an appetite. Your weight loss has been
too rapid… to be explained
by a decreased appetite. There must be other reasons. In fact… I started taking sleeping pills
a few months ago. That’s when I also started
vomiting… and losing weight. But we didn’t find any prescription
of sleeping pills in your charts. Were the pills not from a hospital? Mr. Yu. (Group call) (The call has ended.) Why did the call end? Try calling again. (Do not enter.) Mr. Yu. Everything you say in here
will be kept a secret. We have an obligation to protect
your personal information. So please tell us. Why have you been taking
sleeping pills? And why is there no record
of the prescription? I didn’t get a prescription. I collected the pills… over the decades. So one thing is solved. An overdose of sleeping pills
would have led to vomiting. But that still doesn’t explain
why he lost so much weight. I will… probably never get better. You’ll never be able to find
the cause either. Why? – Aren’t you here to get better?
– I want to get better. But… Mr. Yu. You have a religion, right? Why does the deity
make people suffer? You’re only human, so you’ve probably asked
this question. “Why do you make me suffer
when I’m so faithful?” What is the answer you found? My… sins. I’m paying for my sins. – Your sins?
– Yes. I… killed people. I killed countless people. No matter how much I repent
and try to put things right, my sins will never be forgiven. What’s that? What did you say? Mr. Yu, are you okay? Dr. Kang, try making a sound. It’s a nerve problem. His oxygen saturation
and BP are dropping. Give him oxygen
and 12g of ephedrine. – Maximize the fluid flow.
– Yes. – What happened?
– What’s that sound? – What’s going on?
– No idea. (Do not enter.) Are you okay? Just a second. Dr. Heo, Ms. Lee Da Hae woke up. How are you feeling? You think I’m crazy, right? Pardon? I keep saying I have a pain
in my arm that doesn’t exist. Everyone seems to think I’m crazy. My parents, friends… You’re not crazy.
It’s not a psychological problem. Then what is it? We still need to run a few tests, but the pain you feel
in your arm that has been cut off… is probably a phantom limb pain. A phantom limb pain? It’s a condition
where you feel pains… in a body part
that has been cut off. What causes a condition like that? The first possible cause is… a problem in the sensory
neurotransmission to the brain. The second is… What is it? Tell me. – What’s going on?
– What is he doing? What happened? I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Stop the bleeding. (Cause of Admission) (X-ray) During the amputation surgery… Due to my mistake,
you awoke during surgery. (BIS: Bispectral index,
40-60 for general anesthesia) I awoke? It’s when you come around
during anesthesia and feel stimuli. Because you’d been given
a muscle relaxant, you wouldn’t have been able to move, but you’d have felt the pain. Then the second reason for this… is that? We don’t know the exact reason
for phantom limb pain… But my mistake… will have contributed. I’m very sorry. Go away. Go away! I don’t want you near me! Get lost! Calm down. Go! Did that… really happen? Dr. Cha, the patient’s chin’s
swollen under the jaw. It’s lymphadenia. (Lymphadenia: Enlargement
of the lymph nodes) That indicates
an infection or tumor. There’s no way to confirm
if there’s a tumor in here. Lymphadenia, disorientation,
and loss of hearing. He could have an infection. What could it be? His medical records were clean
until a year ago. Without any signs or key symptoms, why is he suddenly having
all these problems? The incubation period. What if an illness with a long
incubation period is showing signs? Aren’t most of them from overseas? He’s never been abroad, right? Right. He said he hadn’t been
on a plane in more than 40 years. 40 years? Then he was abroad 40 years ago? I’m not sure. He could have been. War. War. What? He said “war”. Right before
he had trouble breathing. Then when he said
he’d killed many people, did he mean a war? He took sleeping pills
for a long time… because of those memories. What if that war happened overseas? Yu Deok Kyu. He’s 68 years old.
Then he was born in 1950. That means the war
had to have happened after 1970. We have to identify
all overseas battles… our patient could’ve been in. If we’re right, he was exposed to a virus
that’s causing all this. The war took place after 1970. An overseas war… a Korean who was born
in 1950 could’ve participated in. The Vietnam War. That’s right. During my volunteer work, we met with veterans
from the Vietnam War. – Are you doing well?
– Yes. (Vietnam War) (Vietnam War) Melioidosis. (Caused by exposure to
contaminated soil or water) It has a long incubation period. If it was Vietnam,
it’ll be melioidosis. By melioidosis, do you mean… – Whitmore’s disease?
– Yes, Whitmore’s disease. That bacteria lay dormant
for 44 years? In one patient,
it appeared after 63 years. That patient had contracted it
during the Second World War. Dr. Cha’s right. It lies dormant for a long time, but symptoms appear all over,
making it hard to diagnose. Most patients aren’t diagnosed
until they turn septic. It’s almost non-contagious, but the fatality rate is high,
at 40 percent. What is it? We need a definite diagnosis. If we can identify an infection,
then it’s definitely melioidosis. His ears. That could explain
the sudden hearing loss. It’s suppurative otitis media
caused by generalized infection. As the infection has
already started, we need to make a definite diagnosis
and start treatment right away. We can’t do a diagnostic test here. But we need to hurry
before it develops into sepsis. Time is running out. Time… This afternoon, another suspected
Nipah virus patient was reported. The patient is said to be
a 68-year-old man. The hospital requested
a diagnostic test immediately. According to KCDC,
the result will be out by midnight, which will attract much attention. Yes. Is the result out? – Are you okay?
– Coming through! Father. Yes, it’s Kang Mi Rae. You’ll be fine after the tests
and the treatment. – Please take good care of him.
– Sure. Let’s go. Good work, everyone.
Thanks for cooperation. Thank you, Dr. Cha. Thank you. Dr. Kang Mi Rae. You played the biggest role today. The only role I played today
was the priest’s acquaintance. Sometimes, rather than us who see
the patient with machines, a friend who saw the life
the patient lived… is a better doctor. Do you think… he’ll be okay? A penalty or lawsuit. I’ll accept anything. And… most importantly,
your phantom limb pain. I’ll do my best to cure it. Can it be cured? Ms. Lee. Do you see the holes? Put your hands in them. I’ll open the box. You said your amputated
right hand feels paralyzed. Yes. It’s as if it’s clenched. You’ll open up that fist now. First, clench your left hand
into a fist. Look into the mirror
and open the fist. It’s open. How is this possible? I opened the hand I don’t have. Now fold your fingers one by one. Yes. Well done. – Melioidosis?
– Yes. Any delay and
he’d have turned septic… and would’ve likely died. What would’ve happened… if Dr. Cha wasn’t there? – Director?
– Exactly. Dr. Cha diagnosed him
without any machines, just by looking over the patient? Yes. What? Right now? Okay. Reporters are
at the Pain Management Center. They want to know
what the man had… if it wasn’t the Nipah virus. Prepare for a briefing
and call Dr. Cha. – Pardon?
– A doctor who risked his life… by entering a quarantined area… identified a virus that had… been dormant for over 40 years. How can we not take advantage
of this rare situation? What are you doing? – The patient…
– Keep quiet and come with me. (Treatment Room) Sit down. I said sit down. No fever. I’ll check your BP. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. Lift your arm. It’s normal. I’ll check your pulse. I’ll do it after seeing the patient. I’ll do it, so stay still. What’s the problem? I couldn’t do anything. You were next to
an infected patient. I was worried sick,
but what made me feel worse… was that I was afraid
but you seemed happy. I know that you’ll never change. That you’ll think… only about your patient
until your finger’s bruised. So I plan to change. I’ll try to understand you. You said I can’t understand you. No. I can. What is it about? You got it. You look great.
That’s good, isn’t it? Keep looking. – What will you do?
– What do you mean? You can’t have brought it
just to show me. If you let it go with its cast… It will stay at my place
until the cast comes off. – Really?
– Yes, really. Why? Don’t you believe me? You don’t seem like the type
to foster a stray cat. My gosh. Since when did you offer
free medical services? Since I was in medical school. I followed the chief around. She volunteers too? She went to Africa many times. So she is the person
I thought her to be. What person is that? The warrior type. She’s capable and charismatic. And a humanitarian too. Are you teasing me? Teasing you? None of the staff like her much. Why not? I think she’s
a rare and admirable type. – Do you really?
– Really. How? Like you. You don’t feel pain, but you understand
a patient’s suffering. I’ll do the same. Just like you, I’ll try to understand you. Why did you laugh? Sorry. I’m not laughing at you. I can’t understand
a patient’s suffering. All I do is analyze
and study like crazy. I imagine as best I can… and think about it. You’ll do the same. But… to know and to understand
is different. I monitor myself
with security cameras… and check my body like this. The pain of having to do that
every single day without fail. You can’t understand that. Why would you do something so hard?
Why would you do what’s impossible? You can’t do it. Don’t bother. You’ll only exhaust yourself. See you. See you tomorrow. (Treatment Room) Not long ago, Dr. Cha… made headlines by diagnosing
Joo Hyung Woo’s… myasthenia gravis. And for the first time in history, he identified a CIPA patient’s
central sensitization. And today,
despite everyone’s dissuasion, he entered a quarantined area… and without any medical devices… and identified
the melioidosis bacteria… that had been dormant
for 44 years. Can you explain what melioidosis is? I’d like to know
how it’s contracted and treated. We asked Dr. Cha Yo Han to be here, so he can tell you. – He can’t come? Why not?
– He’s in the ICU. – What for?
– To see the melioidosis patient. Right now? Is he crazy?
Where are his priorities? Get him right now. Dr. Cha needs a little more time.
Please bear with us. Yes? Go ahead. Isn’t Cha Yo Han the anesthetist
who was imprisoned… for euthanizing a patient
three years ago? I thought he just had the same name, but he’s in the same field. Is it the same person? Doctor. – How do you feel?
– It’s so quiet. The pounding sound
that came from my head… has gone now, and the confusion I felt
for over 40 years… has settled too. Good. You’ll be fine now. The deity. He did give us life. And He is also the being
that punishes us. But what you said is right. He doesn’t abandon us… when we’re in pain. Yes. Dr. Cha Yo Han… is the doctor from three years ago. Wasn’t his license revoked? Was he penalized? Was he given any special favors? How did he end up working here? There are no irregularities
with his appointment. Seoul Hanse Medical Center… hired Dr. Cha because
of his great skills as a doctor. There were no biases
or prejudices… I guess Cha Yo Han
won’t be showing up. – Say hello.
– Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. – Nice to meet you.
– Hello. Sir. This is the friend
I told you about. – Oh, I see. How are you?
– Hello. – Go ahead.
– I’ll wait for you. I won’t be long. – Oh, it’s been a while.
– Hello. (Volunteer worker) Hello. Welcome. We were waiting for you. – How was the drive here?
– I’m glad you came. Let’s go inside. (Death Talks. Death ends every life.
If you don’t have much time left…) Hello. It’s nice to see you all. Let’s introduce ourselves. Hello. My ID is Oasis74. I have stage four breast cancer… and I’m a mom of two. Cancer spread to my bones… and it’s unlikely I’ll recover. I lost all my hair
after 36 cycles of chemo, so I’m wearing a wig. Hello. My ID is Scissorhands.
I have stage three colon cancer. Just today… I was told it spread to my liver. I threw my phone in rage. Look at it now. Would you like to say hello? Hello. I… found out about
this gathering today. – I don’t have an ID.
– That’s okay. What illness do you have? I have stage three stomach cancer. You were
at the Seoul Hanse Medical Center. Weren’t you? I’m glad you’re here. One of our guests
made an arduous trip to join us. Will you say hello? Hello. I have… something called
olfactory neuroblastoma. It’s malignant and
in my case it’s terminal. In two months… or maybe… in a month, I’ll be dead. I heard that people here
talk about death… to get over the fear. To tell you the truth, dying… doesn’t scare me. Then is there any other kind
of assistance you want from us? I heard one of your members… went to Switzerland not long ago. I heard about the assisted suicide. I came here today… – to hear about that…
– Just a moment. That’s a touchy subject. Where and how did you hear about… Miss? Miss? – Can someone call 911?
– Is she okay? – I’ll call for help.
– Wake up. (578, Hydrangea. Lee X Eun) (Nurse in charge: Chae Eun Jeong) I gave you more painkillers. Sleep well tonight. Thank you. You’re welcome. Sleep well. Did you see the news? Yes. Dr. Cha scored again. We must put a stop to him. Have you forgotten? Even the deity
wanted to punish Yoon Seong Kyu, and Dr. Cha, a mere human,
saved him from suffering. Yoon Seong Kyu should’ve died… suffering more
with the hope of a clinical trial. You won’t know… how I got him to sign
the consent form. There was something… I needed to hear
from Yoon Seong Kyu. Why… he’d done something that dreadful
to my Jeong In and Seung Yoo. What those kids did wrong. Do you remember how
you asked me… to get Yoon Seong Kyu
the death penalty? “I could ask for
the death penalty…” “or could stab him myself,
but I won’t because…” “murder is illegal…” “and there can be no exceptions.” That still stands. I do this
because I think it’s right. I don’t do it for personal reasons. You’re a parent before a prosecutor. Do principles come before
a criminal who killed children… and you have no personal feelings… for Dr. Cha who gave him
an easy death? Stabbing Yoon Seong Kyu
and revoking Cha To Han’s license… won’t change the world. The law that stops them. The law that punishes them. That is what changes the world. Cha Yo Han… will stop himself. We just need to wait. For him to meet a patient
who only has… pain and death left. I’ll try to understand you. You don’t feel pain, but you
understand a patient’s suffering. Just like you, I’ll try to understand you. You’ll do the same. You’ll study and analyze
my disease as much as you can. But… to know and to understand
is different. Mommy. Are you okay, honey? Does it hurt? It hurts too much. – Gosh. It hurts.
– Why? What’s wrong, Mom?
Are you not feeling well? – I’m okay.
– Should I call a nurse? You can’t understand that. Why would you do something so hard?
Why would you do what’s impossible? You can’t do it. Parents can’t suffer
in their children’s stead. Husbands can’t suffer
in there wives’ stead. Children can’t suffer
in their parents’ stead. No matter how desperately
they pray for that. It’s not just you. No human being can feel
others’ pain like their own. All they can ever do is
try to understand. To understand a person’s pain… is to understand that person. What I’m trying to understand
is not your disease. The person who has been suffering
because of the disease. Cha Yo Han. That’s what I’m trying
to understand. Dr. Cha. – Don’t worry too much.
– Okay. – See you.
– Bye. We all need that person. Even though no one can
suffer in our stead, we need a person who can understand
and share our suffering. You have been that person
to your patients… while you have been… suffering all alone. So? Do you feel sorry for me? – No.
– Like you always feel… excessive empathy with patients, is this also a sense
of responsibility as a doctor? Now that you found out
about my disease? No. Then why? If it’s neither pity… nor a sense of responsibility, why? I like you. I… like you. Please. Oh, Dr. Cha. Everyone, this is Dr. Cha Yo Han
at our Pain Management Center. (Doctor John) I’ll keep an eye on Cha Yo Han
and Kang Si Young. Okay. Why aren’t you saying anything
about yesterday? Is it time now? We’ll discuss life-prolonging
treatment for Chairman Kang. You’re working late, Dr. Cha.

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