[CC/FULL] The Doctors EP11 | 닥터스

[CC/FULL] The Doctors EP11 | 닥터스

You said we should do everything together. But why do you want to stick to your old
habits? Is that love? That’s just being a burden. I’m not going to be in a burdensome love. A true love allows you to see truths
about yourself. It touched something inside of me
I didn’t know about. I did not know I was this kind of man. Hello? Hello? Hello? I’ll hang up if you stay silent
like this. This is a hospital number. Please say something if you called. Hello? Hye-jung. This is the director, right? Do you know me? Of course I know you. You’re Mr. Jin Myung-hoon, the
director of Gookil Hospital. I didn’t think you’d call me yourself. What is her relationship to Hong Ji-hong? There’s a disciplinary committee meeting? Yes, the internal affairs team ordered it. Neurosurgery fellow Yoo Hye-jung? She received a bribe? What did she get? She got an expensive foreign vehicle
from one of her patients. I thought it was something big. Why would we discipline her for
something like this? I didn’t think it was a big deal either,
but the person who called it in… Who was it? It was Dr. Jin Seo-woo. Hold on a second. Hurry! Why isn’t she answering? Hey! How can you leave the patient?
Isn’t the doctor coming? It’s a new staff doctor.
but she’s not picking up. I didn’t pick up.
I came in person. Geez, I’m sorry. Where’s the patient? Over there, Doctor. Hi, you’ll be okay. What happened to you? A car ran into me out of nowhere. Where does it hurt the most? My stomach…
my stomach hurts the most. Let me take a look. I suspect he hurt his liver,
so take a CT. Yes, ma’am. Doctor, please help me! Calm down, please. I can’t live without this woman! Please calm down. How can I be calm?
I can’t live without her! Just calm down! Hurry, hurry!
Run! Hurry, hurry!
Faster! Wow, there are so many patients today. Family members can’t go inside. I have to be by my wife’s side. I have to be with her. Calm down and tell me how she got hurt. They say she went to work and fell
down the stairs. I think she tripped. Did she lose consciousness there? Honey, I’ll be right here!
I’ll be here, so don’t worry. Honey! I have to go there. Please calm down. Let me see her just once. Geez, Doctor. She looks seriously hurt. When did you get here? I must have woken you up. I bought dumplings of Hongin-dong
that you like, Dad. We ate these a lot when I was
in high school. You should go back to work,
instead of worrying about me. How can I not worry about you?
Do you want some? I’m sorry. For what? I was only your father in title.
You grew up on your own. I depended more on you than you on me. When we first met,
you said I was like a teenager. You were a bit immature around me.
With others, you were so severe. I’m sorry. Why are you being this way, Dad? I think this is the first time
I’ve really rested in bed. I want to see you married before I die. You’ll be able to see your
grandchildren too. I really hope I can. Seriously, what’s wrong with you? I don’t know. It must be the female hormones.
I’m tearing up. Seriously … I usually don’t do this kind of thing,
but I think I have to. I have been so happy to have you
as my father. I am happy now too. I have been happy too. In-joo! How’s your first day? How do you think it would it be? Sorry, I asked an obvious question. I heard that Director Hong had surgery. Why didn’t you tell me? You told me you’d kill me if I bothered
you before you got to work. You and I should go for drinks later
with Ji-hong. Sounds good. First, I have to go see Director Hong. It’s so heartbreaking. Ji-hong came by. Your blood pressure is normal. How is the pain on the surgery laceration? It’s okay. What is it on a scale of 1 to 10? Like a typical neurosurgeon,
you are tenacious. It is interesting. These are the comments I once made
to patients. It’s about a three. That’s not bad. Mr. Director! It’s me, In-joo. Oh, In-joo. You started work. Yes. This is very bad, Mr. Director. What good is it if you’re a great surgeon? You took such bad care of your own health. Please give it a rest. I got in enough trouble from Ji-hong. You should say hello. This is Dr. Yoo Hye-jung,
a Neurosurgery fellow. Hello. You’ve grown a lot.
You grew up well. We’ve met before, Mr. Director. Pick it up.
You should go. A patient should always come first
for a doctor. Yes, sir. I should have come to see you earlier.
My life has just been so busy. You should be busy. Being young means being busy. The hemorrhage is very severe due
to a liver damage. Okay. She’s a 31-year-old female who fell
down the stairs and came to the ER. The CT showed a fracture in the
vertex of her skull.
. It looks like she damaged her
superior sagittal sinus.
. Her pupillary reflex is normal.
. Liver damage is severe, so I’ve
called General Surgery too.
. Stairs?
She lives in a house? I don’t really know. Where did she fall, exactly? This is the patient’s husband. Hello. Doctor, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have let her go to work. Did she fall down the stairs at work? Yes. We finished with the CTs.
We’ll tell you the results soon. Please wait just a moment. I see. Ms. Jo Soo-ji, Ms. Jo Soo-ji? Should I call Professor Hong Ji-hong? Yes, and prepare the OR. Okay. Hey, we need to perform emergency
surgery. There’s severe bleeding in the liver,
so your department may need to operate. We need to determine who will
operate first so call whoever is on duty. Yes. What are her vitals? Blood pressure is 90 over 60.
Pulse is 95. She’s an ER patient. Her liver damage is grade 3.
The bleeding is severe. I think she needs surgery now. Okay, I’ll be there. Patient history.
. There is nothing noteworthy.
. Book an operating room and contact
an anesthesiologist. I already have. -Okay.
-General Surgery is coming. We need to hear from their staff surgeon. Her liver bleeding is severe. We have to decide which surgery
to do first. Why are you speaking to me so formally? Why can’t you note things properly? Why are you so disorganized? How can you tell me now about
the head injury? I’m sorry. In-joo! I heard that you were coming.
When did you start? Today. Let’s have a drink later with Pa-ran. We meet again. I’ll leave you two talk it over. I’ll get ready for the surgery. She doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.
Are you two dating? Wait, don’t answer that.
I don’t want to know right now. I see you’re still answering your
own questions. Did you think I’d change? So, what did you want to do? We’ll go first. The hemorrhage area is critical. Where is it? Superior sagittal sinus. We’re in a rush too,
so finish within two hours. Two hours. Okay. Set up the operating room once they
are done before calling me. Yes, okay. Doctor, this is the patient’s husband. Hello, come this way. This white part here is all bleeding. This is putting pressure on her brain. If we don’t do surgery soon, it could
cause eternal damage to her brain. Will you be able to remove all of
the blood with surgery? Yes, he will explain the rest. Follow me. I’ll give you the detailed explanation
on what happens during the surgery. What are you doing here like this? Honey… honey! You know, don’t you?
You can’t ever leave me, okay? Even if you die…
Even if you die, you’re mine. Don’t you ever try to leave me again. You’re listening, aren’t you? Right? You can’t just come in here like this. Just one last time… I wanted to see her before she went
in for surgery. You don’t need to worry because
Professor Hong Ji-hong is very good. Please take good care of her. I’m meeting up my friends later.
Do you want to come? You know In-joo too. Is it your concept to be like
“The Giving Tree”? What? Or is it “Daddy Long Legs”? You should be mad at me.
That’s the normal reaction. There’s nothing more frustrating than
when someone doesn’t know your heart. I’m not normal. But I’m a little bit angry now. Gown, please. All right. Drill. You know Ji-hong’s assistant? Yes, Dr. Yoo Hye-jung.
Do you know her? Are they dating? Are they? Keep up with the irrigation and suction. Yes, sir. Get me another drill.
Prepare lots of gauze, please. Yes. Have you seen a case like this before
at another hospital? No. You have to open this patient’s
skull widely. It can bleed out very suddenly. So, you have to secure a clear view. Surgical elevator. Irrigation. Yes. Bipolar forceps. Her blood pressure is dropping.
Get that blood in there. I’m scared. This is very scary for a sensitive
person like me. What if we get fired? I’m sure he wouldn’t fire us. A resident is just a temporary employee. You’re a fulltime employee,
so it may hurt your career a bit. Are you making fun of me now? What are you doing here? Oh!
Section Chief. What is it? We have something to tell you. Tell me. What is it? The car that Dr. Yoo received,
she couldn’t return it because of us. Dr. Yoo was going to return it right away. I begged her to drive it by saying
I’d never get to in my life. Okay, you can go. Then, is nothing going to happen? Thank you.
Thank you! [Disciplinary Committee Meeting:
Neurosurgery Fellow Yoo Hye-jung] Get me gauze, please. Blood pressure is dropping. It’s okay. Keep up the suction and get ready
to apply pressure. Prepare a gel pad. Give me a gel pad. Gauze. Irrigation. Looks good. Ji-hong is still the same. So, are your feelings still the same too? Feelings, whatever…!
Do you think I’m in my twenties? Finish up. Okay. Call Dr. Jo In-joo and tell her we’re
finishing up. Yes, Doctor. No need to call, I’m coming down now. Why are you dressed like that? I’m going to have to leave my job anyway. Don’t you trust me? Take a step back to jump farther.
See the big picture. I didn’t mention it to you before. I had a file of all the possible medical
accidents I had made over the years. Director Hong opened one of the files. Why would you gather files instead
of destroying them? I changed the files so that it wouldn’t
cause a problem. If you had thought to change them,
why not get rid of them? They’re my records, though. I treasure everything in my life.
Mistakes are a sign of virtue. I’ve never heard anything so crazy. Did you get this far because
you’re so great? You’re here because I supported you
with all of my strength. You’re acting strange,
like a crazy person. Why aren’t you saying anything? I’m sorry. Let’s go visit Doo-sik. It hasn’t been two hours yet, right?
I kept my promise. You’re not done finishing up yet. You should finish up everything
within two hours. We will.
My fellow is very talented. We’ll see, then.
You have five minutes. You see? Good for you. The surgery went well. Thank you so much. However, the injuries were very severe
so we don’t know if she will fully recover. She may not fully recover? We won’t know until she gains
consciousness. Can I see my wife now? She’s in recovery now. We’ll move her to the ICU once
she wakes up. I guess I’ll see her there, then. Thank you so much. [Disciplinary Committee Meeting] [Section Chief Kim Tae-ho] Has Kim Min-ho’s fever gone down? Yes, I gave him some medicine and
his fever went down. It’s still 102.2 º F though. You’ve done all cultures and a septic lab? Yes, we should get it this afternoon. Yes? About Dr. Yoo’s disciplinary action,
is there a way we can stop it? I was going to meet Director Jin later. Have you gone to meet him? I only said hello when I got here. You’ll have lots to discuss in the future
so you should familiarize yourself with him. Okay. Are you okay? You have a good complexion though… I was very worried about you, but
I feel better now that I’ve seen you. Are you upset with me? Yes. Please acknowledge all the good
work I’ve done for this hospital. Myung-hoon. If I did not acknowledge that fact, would I have let you work in your
position? We all know you are doing a good job.
We’re telling you to take a break. Oh! Come on in. Hello. Because of you, I don’t have to
worry about Doo-sik. I was always worried about him
because he never got married. I’m relieved that you and Doo-sik
became family. Thank you for your concern. You should come by my office too. I won’t be at my job for long, but
we should get along while I’m here. Our families have ties, after all. Yes, I’ll have to come by often. We’ll get going, then. Doo-sik, take good care of yourself. Okay. Bye, then. Will Gookil Hospital be Hong Ji-hong
and Kim Tae-ho’s world now? Don’t you have any pride? What was that with Doo-sik? What am I supposed to do? I have to pretend to bow down
to survive. How many times have I told you
to trust me? I will find that slush fund evidence. Why do you keep coming by? There is no reason…. But… it seems like Director Jin isn’t
ready to step down yet. He’s not working alone, is he? People eventually end up on the
side that makes them money. President Jung Il-sung of Jungsoo Group. Congressman Na Min-soo,
Sung-jong, and Myung-hoon. All four have the goal of making this
hospital into a publicly traded corporation. Why is Jungsoo Group involved? They want to get rid of national healthcare
and are offering private insurance. Why don’t you let me look into your
stock scandal? No, don’t get involved. I’m going to see this through. Just be a doctor. That’s who you are. [Dad] Yes, Dad? I heard you reported a fellow in your
department to internal audit. Yes. I want to hear what you have to say
before the committee meeting. I’m the one who reported you to
the internal audit team. You criticized me before for hiding
and using others to destroy people. I won’t do that anymore. Do you want to complain that it’s unfair? It’s not like you’re the only one who
receives gifts from patients. You want to know why you have to pay? No, the circumstance doesn’t matter.
It was a mistake. I don’t like you. Yeah, you can hate me openly like that. Just hate me openly because it’s better. You won’t be tricking me, so I like it. You get the things that I want so easily. If I had never met you, I would have
been a much better person. I got things easily? Could I possibly have gotten things
as easily as you? What? I never told you to start hating me. You got those feelings all on your own. Liking someone is the same thing. I never told anyone to like me. So why are you taking it out on me? I guess when you put it that way…
you didn’t tell anyone to like you. It wasn’t you who ordered people
to like you. Why am I like this? What I’m curious about is why you
reported it. Was it some sort of sense of justice
or do you dislike that fellow? It’s in the hospital rules. Do not accept gifts from patients. So, it was a sense of justice? The thing I hate most is putting value
in useless things like that. Why is it useless? In order for an organization to run well… I told you to quietly gain strength
and this is what you do? I told you to be friendly with everyone. If people found out you called this in,
do you think they would like you? I like that fellow who accepted this gift.
She’ll be big someday. Bring her by sometime. Why aren’t you saying anything? You should be friendly with someone
like her. Learn from her, okay?
Learn! I’ll take a look. She lost a lot of blood.
Take another CT in 12 hours. Do an ABGA while she’s intubated. Check the dressing and drain too. Okay. Why isn’t she waking up yet? It could be the anesthesia. It hasn’t been that long,
so wait a little longer. I see. Here you are. Yeah. Hi. Are you the guardian? Yes, I’m her husband. The liver wasn’t damaged badly,
but the hepatic artery was ruptured. It was repaired, so don’t worry too much. Thank you. Is she awake? Not quite yet. Follow up with CT. She could have delayed bleeding,
so check on that. Yes. Hey. Don’t slack off because she’s
admitted in our department. Yes, I won’t. Okay. Don’t lecture one of my residents. I’ll do it. Are you done with work? Yes, I’m done. Do you want to join us later too? No, I have something to do. Did you guys fight? No, you’re not the type to fight
with anyone. I don’t want to, but it feels like
someone starts fighting against me. That’s a good thing. It means she loves you. I did that with you all the time in
the past. I think you unconsciously don’t
let people deeper into your life. When a man and woman are in love… it starts to get very lonely when they
can’t delve deeper into each other’s lives. Hey, you sound like a philosopher. I got married and divorced. It’s a good environment to learn
philosophy. See you later. Oh, yeah! A long time ago, I did a bad thing
to Hye-jung. I was too young to care for her.
I’m sorry. What are you talking about? [Section Chief Kim Tae-ho] Yes, Dr. Kim. I met Director Jin regarding your
disciplinary committee. I’m sorry. I’ve caused you great inconvenience
due to my thoughtless actions. I’m ready to accept any discipline. You don’t need to worry about it. You can never predict what will
happen in this world. The director says he will let this go. To further explain, I think he seems
to like you quite a bit. Let’s forget all about that now and
focus back on work. Thank you. You should thank Professor Hong Ji-hong.
He was very concerned. He only gets involved if it is
something he can solve directly. But this time he actually asked
me for a favor. Yes. Yes? I just met Section Chief Kim. You asked him a favor on my behalf. I heard from In-joo about what she
said to you back then. Why didn’t you tell me? Don’t change the subject. As for the issue with In-joo,
I will resolve it with her. I don’t need to tell you. Hye-jung, I get so taken aback when you
say these things and I’m not used to it. Let’s do this formally. I want to formally meet the man in
you, Doctor. Do you know why I said I wanted to
do that assignment on my own? I don’t want you in any danger
because of me. I’m trying to block you from entering
the dark part of my life. You give everything to me. If you didn’t have something, I know
you’d go out and find it for me. If I receive everything, I won’t be
able to live without you. Because you’ve contributed to
everything in my life. You give me your all… You don’t let me in, even one step. I want to give my all to the man
I love, too. I want to be a big part of that man’s life
and make big contributions to his life. But, Doctor… you do everything alone. You don’t need anyone besides yourself. What if you stop loving me? What will happen? That will never happen. You can never say “never” about anything. Do you know what I fear the most? Being thrown away. What should I do? You need to change. I don’t believe in love between men
and women. If I were to love someone at all…
that one person would be Dr. Hong Ji-hong. Jung Yoon-do, you loser. [Yoo Hye-jung] [Dr. Jung Yoon-do] Yes, Doctor. Dr. Yoo. Yes. You know I’m a bit pathetic and
I change my mind a lot. I know. You said if you had to love a man…
that one person would be Dr. Hong Ji-hong. That means you don’t love anyone yet. What are you trying to say? I’m saying I’m going to walk my path,
no matter what. That messy path. Sleep well. What is it that I need to do? You need to change. Oh, hi. Let’s go. When are we going to have lunch later? I don’t really know. Hello. You’re awake now. Can you hear me? Please blink if you can hear. Follow my finger with your eyes. You understand me and your eyes
are moving. Open your mouth and say “Ah.” Try moving your fingers. Can you feel my hand? Okay.
Good work. Let’s take an MRI right away. Yes. What do you see? I see some damage to the brain stem. What do you think it is? Locked-in syndrome. By locked-in syndrome, you mean… she’s like a prisoner in her body,
fully conscious but unable to move. Yes. She’s locked in. I’ve only read about it.
I’ve never seen a patient who has it. We need time to confirm it, but it looks
like the likely diagnosis. Can she get better? The chances are very low. There are miraculous cases of
recovery, of course. Let’s watch over her for now. Explain it carefully to the guardian. Yes. Okay. You’re coming by too often. I’m not sure I like it. Why? It feels like you’re being good to me
because I’m going to die soon. That’s not good, Dad. How can you not know how I really feel? You won’t get to see me anymore.
I’ll only come if you beg to see me. I’m fine with that.
I have no problem with that. What are we going to do about her husband? It seems like he’s not even going to
work and just staying here. She’s still alive though. As long as she’s alive, there’s hope. If he truly loves her, he’ll be able
to endure it. I think he really does love her. All of the women in Neurosurgery say
he’s their ideal type. He has a pure love. Doctor. What’s going to happen? She can’t talk at all and she can’t move. Calm down for now and let’s sit over there. Calm down?
How can I calm down now? She’s just lying there like that. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s not as bad as I thought.
You can think and feel everything. You can’t move… They say you can’t move or communicate
anything. Oh, yes.
You loved to dance. You won’t be able to dance again. Still, that’s okay with me. I don’t have to watch you laughing
and dancing with other men. Right? You can open your eyes. Open them. I love you. Pay attention to Kim Jin-han’s pain
management. Give the medicine in advance. Yes, sir. Why are you avoiding me? I’m not avoiding you. We’re going to start radiological method
next month, so speak to her about that. Yes. Hey, he’s going. Who’s going? What? The locked-in syndrome patient’s husband. He’s so amazing. He’s very warm and is the type to
notice only one woman. I know a guy like that, a man who
only notices one woman. Who? Dr. Jung Yoon-do? Dr. Jung is trash. Hey, why should I stay here
listening to this? The only person who can grab
hold of Dr. Yoon is Dr. Jin. Dr. Jin was rejected by Dr. Yoon. What’s to like about Dr. Yoon? He’s a great catch. Seo-woo! This is a place of work, a public place.
I don’t like it when people talk about you. Why? Are people saying stuff about how
I got dumped by Dr. Yoon? Yes. How embarrassing, Young-gook. Why do I get so hung up on men? Because you’re a woman. You’re so clear about everything,
Pi Young-gook. Yes, I am a woman. Change your taste in men. There’s no such thing as a man
you can respect. Here’s the food that you ordered. Hey, why didn’t you come yesterday? You drank with Pa-ran, didn’t you? Soon-hee! Ah! Mr. Hong. Oh! Hello. Don’t you remember me? I remember you. There you go again.
We will meet again. We will date if we meet three times. Okay. Is your business doing well? Yes, it is going well. Why isn’t Hye-jung with you? I think she’s mad at me. I’m sure it’s not that she’s mad at you.
You probably did something wrong. That’s right, I did something wrong.
I forgot you two were best friends. Give us lots of good food. Okay. I know you can still think. I know you can feel things too. You have to open that closed door
on your own. You have to keep thinking to yourself
that you have to get out. Help me. [Hong Doo-sik] Leave us alone so that we can talk. What brings you here at this hour? Are you feeling all right? I’m okay. How could you do this to me? What did you say about the slush
fund records you gave me? You said it was everything. What about it? What?
“What about it?” That wasn’t the only copy you had!
I went through your office and found it! What? What did Myung-hoon do so wrong? Who is the one that made this
hospital grow? The hospital grew and you filled
your stomachs. What good has it done for the hospital? It only looks good on the outside. How did we get this way? That’s something I want to say. You can’t control your own son and
you let him manipulate you? When you grow old, your child’s path
becomes your path. That’s where our paths divided. You have lost your mind. It’s a war from now on.
You and me. Ji-hong and Myung-hoon.
Let’s fight. I told you to keep the kids out of it! You tell me to keep your son out of it,
so why go after Myung-hoon? Do you think I’ll leave Ji-hong alone? Hey! Hey, hey!
Sung-jong, Sung-jong! Sung-jong! Sung… Let’s do a cheers. Cheers.
Cheers! I like this.
I really like drinking. In-joo has the highest tolerance out
of all of us, then it’s me. You’re last, man. Do you know how hard it’s been for
me trying to keep up with you two? You should quit drinking. [Dr. Kim Tae-ho] Yes, Doctor. Where are you? Sooni Hawaii. Get here quickly.
Your father had an incident. I have to go to the hospital. Hey, where are you going? Mr. Hong… Was there any sign of this? It’s a cerebral infarction. There’s a hematoma is the cerebral artery. We need to hurry. Let’s call Dr. Jung Yoon-do and get
into surgery. Gyung-joon, get my father into his room. Yes, sir. Code blue, VIP room on floor 17.
Code blue, VIP room on floor 17… Dad. Hey! What is it? He got ventricular fibrillation due
to arrhythmia. His pulse is getting weak. Get the defibrillator. Director Hong has signed a
“Do Not Resuscitate” order. I don’t want you to resuscitate me. Bring it! This isn’t what he wanted. I might not get surprised, even if
I don’t wake up. I don’t want to extend my life by force. He’s going into cardiac arrest. Get me the defibrillator. Bring it now! 200J. Shock. Clear. Shock. Clear. Shock! Clear. Shock. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten… One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten… To a man, a father is an extension
of yourself. Losing a father is like losing yourself. That day, I lost myself. Shouldn’t you do something when
Dr. Hong’s not here? You regret it, right? Dr. Yoo, you really don’t know men. You should be going into his life now. You’re a dating dummy. What do you mean? I thought about you like crazy. I waited for you to call me. I want to be a part of your life. I will stay by your side. Am I not allowed to do that?

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