[CC/FULL] The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal) EP14 | 용팔이

[CC/FULL] The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal) EP14 | 용팔이

The VIP has arrived. Please wait a moment. What is this? Take me down to
underground parking. Hurry up and go down to
the underground parking. The VIP wants to go down to
the underground parking. You don’t have to say… Hurry. VIP Parking Area. Welcome, Sir? Welcome, Sir. I am the temporary acting director,
Kim Joo-young. Yes, Hello, Director. I heard a lot about you. I’ve been looking
forward to meeting you. Yes. Let’s go to my room first. Why would I… We should go and have some tea
while we have a deep conversation… What deep conversation
do you want to have with me…? Let’s go. Director. Head nurse. Head nurse. That money bug came to work today. The new director and chiefs of all the departments came out front and
waited for him but he just disrespected them and drove passed them down
to the underground parking. How could a human being do that? Even if he is
a husband of the Chairwoman, how could he disrespect the chiefs
when they are his teachers? Then would you get out right there
if it was you? Of course. If it was me,
I would get off there and… “You’re working hard.” I would encourage them like that. I’d be so happy. You’re such a… Director. Please don’t do this. I’ll come see you later… Sir. If you act this way,
it will put us in an awkward position. So just… I’ll treat you to tea personally later. Sir. Then I’ll meet with you later. This is troublesome. Is it inconvenient for you to see them? Excuse me? I’m talking about the Director. Should I take action? Excuse me? Welcome, Sir. Welcome Sir. This is driving me insane. Sir. Sir. Is there anyone among them
that’s troubling you? What if there is? I will take action. What action are you going to take? Walk a bit further away from me. I can’t do it because of orders. Hello. Did you eat? I did. Why are you making that face? Chief, how have you been? Doctor Kim Tae-hyun. I’m sorry about
what happened last time. I was in such a hurry
that I was quite rude. No, Sir. You weren’t rude. I heard as well. You haven’t been in good mood but I didn’t consider your feelings
and made a big mistake. Please forgive me. Chief. Why are you doing this? What are you guys doing? Have you been enjoying each other? I don’t know what
you’re talking about. It really worked out well. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you. Not at all. Anyway, how is So-hyun? Yes. I called her this morning
and she was so energetic. I think she’s responding
to the treatment already. That’s great. You’re so blessed. I am blessed but I’m a little worried. Why? I’m worried about
how the superiors are treating me. I’m already rumored to like money
and backing of rich people. I feel like I’m making her into a laughing stock by
marrying someone like that. Don’t be conscious about
other people’s attention. You just have to be blameless. No matter what happens, you have to earn a fellowship
once your residency is over. If you don’t want to live off your
wife for the rest of your life… Of course not. So don’t be conscious
about other people. But how can I not when someone
like that is attached to me? Doctor Kim. What are you doing? Please don’t do that. The new groom is here. Please lower your voice. What’s wrong with it? I called you a new groom
because you are one. How was it? What are you talking about? You know. Just look at the dark circles
around your eyes. Head nurse. You do know that
this is sexual harassment, right? I was just asking if both of you were so tired that you were snoring
while you were sleeping. I’ve become someone
with a high position. You do know what will happen to you,
if you make fun of me, right? I’d get fired. What more could they do? I want to get fired soon and
marry someone with a rich family. I want to live off of my husband. I like the fact that you can be
so comfortable with me, sister. Sister? What kind of luck did I have that a brother I never had
has appeared as a rich person? Anyway,
how was it on the first night? You’re so persistent. What first night? We haven’t even gotten married yet. You registered your marriage though. Yes. For tactical reason… What are you talking about? Even if you get pregnant before,
they consider it a wedding gift. What are you talking about? You did propose to her, didn’t you? Propose? See? See? Do I really have to do
something like that? You only studied to become a doctor
but you don’t know anything. You’re so frustrating. You should at least put a ring on
her finger and create the mood. Do you think she’ll do it
if you’re just forceful? What would be doing? There’s no romance. She’s driving me crazy. Hello, Doctor. Sir. You came. If you act like that… If I act like this… Please don’t do this. Sit down. Did you get the MRI? It could’ve been really bad. Doctor Kim. You really are amazing. If she came even just little later, she could’ve gone blind or
maybe even die. Excuse me? It’s not that bad. No. I’m being honest. Thankfully, it’s benign. The location and size are preferable. We just have to
make sure that surgery goes well. Please don’t worry. Thank you, Doctor. You should thank Doctor Kim. Diagnosis is more difficult than surgery. Doctor. Why are you making me
sound so good? You’ve become a person
who has high position. I’m trying to benefit from you. Anyway, that’s a relief. Please don’t worry. Yes. You went through a lot. Once the date of your surgery is set,
I’ll let you know. Go back safely. Yes. Thank you. Wait a minute. Do you perhaps know Yeo-jin’s… There are so many. I think this is pretty… Yeo-jin will like this, don’t you think? These must be all the presidents who sided with my husband
and vice president. Dad. You came. Dad. Why are you standing here? The former Chairman’s wife is here. Should I send her in? Let her in. Move aside. Hey, Han Yeo-jin. How can you do this to me? How can you let my dad stand
outside like that? She’s being too loud. Send her out. Come with me. Chae-young. I said come with me. If we’re going to die, let’s just die. Come with me. Chae-young. Why are you being this way? Don’t do this. Who is it? Tae-hyun. Come here. Tae-hyun. Please save me. Chief. Tae-hyun. He’s meeting with Chief Lee. What should I do with Chief Lee? Why would you ask me
something like that? I’m sorry. I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. Han Do-joon is arrested and
President Go is dead. There is no one who will harm you. What President Go is? Why? How? He committed suicide
at the police station. Suicide? President Go? No. There’s no way that
human being committed suicide. It’s Yeo-jin. It’s clear that Yeo-jin made him
commit suicide. Please calm down, Chief. Tae-hyun. I just did what they ordered me to do. Tae-hyun. Put in a good word for me to Miss Han. Tell her that I didn’t have
any malice toward her. I just did what I was ordered to. Please calm down, Chief. She’s not that kind of a person. Don’t worry. Why are you doing this? You’re just trying to calm me down and
kill me all of a sudden, aren’t you? That’s what you’re planning,
aren’t you? Chief. I’m Kim Tae-hyun. Why would I perform a difficult surgery
on you if I was going to kill you? You’re right. But if I think about everything
I’ve done to Yeo-jin? Yeo-jin is going to kill me for sure. I know. Her eyes… Murderer. Chief. Everything you did was because
Han Do-joon ordered you to. So just tell the police exactly that
when you’re interrogated. And thankfully Yeo-jin isn’t dead
so you won’t be punished for murder… What are you talking about now? Interrogation? Punishment? Han Do-joon will be released soon. Don’t you know? Those people will never leave
the punishment to the law. It’s from the Prosecutor General. Yes. It’s Han Yeo-jin. Congratulations on
becoming the Chairwoman. I don’t know. I think it’s too early
for me to be congratulated. We’ll have to see the result of the
stockholders meeting tomorrow. Aren’t you being a crybaby when you have a skill of God
called Kim Young-mi? I heard 20% of the employee ownership
has turned to your side. Really? You know the company information
that I didn’t even know. Thank you for your interest. Don’t mention it. Anyway, there is another interest in
our government building. What should I do with him? Should I have him stay longer? Or should I just release him? I’m not sure. Even if you keep him, wouldn’t he be only
a change in your pocket? You think so too? But I feel uncomfortable releasing him
because it feels like I’m leaving a kid by the riverside. His awaiting friend is already gone too. There is a friend who is waiting
for him outside instead. It’s a relief to know that someone
will come to pick him up. How long do you have
left in the term of office? When you open up your new office,
I’ll send you a potted plant. Yes. I’ll expect a big one. I shouldn’t have gone inside Yeo-jin’s operating room
from the beginning. I should’ve just gone to your mom. Excuse me? What did you say just now? I said what did you say just now? Tae-hyun… What is with that guy? Great job. Hurry up and get this off me. Are you alright? The day Yeo-jin and Seong-hoon
were brought into the hospital was the same day your mom was brought in. Everyone was trying to show their faces
in Yeo-jin’s operating room somehow… The psychological warfare was crazy. Okay. It’s now. Go in quickly Yim Chang-suk. When Yim Chang-suk goes in,
Chief Lee will come out. You’ll be ready on the side. At that time, Chief told professor Kang
to go see your mom but that guy told me to go instead because
he was my superior. Hey. Don’t stay here and
go to the operating room 3. Are you disobeying me right now? I heard the Chief ordered you to go. How dare you bastard… I clearly told you to go. Go. While we kept passing the
buck to each other… What’s wrong with him? Hey! Lee Ho-joon is there, right? Go in now. Yes, sir. I was sent into Yeo-jin’s
operating room. It’s a cardiac arrest. I’m sorry, Tae-hyun. Mom… Mom… And I heard later that
your mom passed away. Tae-hyun. I was going to
go to your mom. But I got sent into Yeo-jin’s
operating room all of a sudden. I only found out the truth recently. That it was your mom. You’re right. I deserve to die. But… but… Tae-hyun… Please save me… Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun… Tae-hyun… I’m going insane. Transporting officer said
that it was his gang. And it ended all ended in a brief instant. This is like a movie. The guy who ordered the
murder committed suicide and the one who carried out the murder
was rescued by his gang? Just what is this? What about the surveillance cameras? I checked that too. The SUV that was used in the crime was found in the suburb
about 3km away. They even changed
the car on top of that? Is this good enough? I’ll ask you from time to time. We’re the ones who are thankful. We have a new customer after
losing our regular customer. Boss. I’m sorry. Welcome, Sir. Yes. These people are here to surrender. They were on the side with the
former Chairman and President Go. Please go inside. Chairwoman. I’m telling you the truth. Please believe me. I truly didn’t know that
President Go was doing that. I was only thinking about saving you from Han Do-joon’s hand and
seeing you as the Chairwoman. I’m telling you the truth. Please believe me. You want me to believe you? But then why did you go to my funeral and burned incense
first wearing a grey tie? That’s… I didn’t have any choice
because President Go made me. I’m telling you the truth. President Go ordered you? Well… I guess the dead can’t talk. Did I shut him up too soon? Chairwoman… You talk too much, President Han. Excuse me? You should just settle your affairs. Please save me, Chairwoman. I’ve done wrong. You want me to save you? I prayed that I would be killed. I’ll give you one last chance. Bring me the ledger from my father
to President Go in the safe. By tomorrow. I’ll make a decision after seeing that. I understand. Thank you. Thank you, Chairwoman. Thank you, Chairwoman. I want to take a walk. Special Press Conference. Are you sure you sent the
press release correctly? Yes. Exposing the hideous
truth of Hanshin Group. Did you write this title? That’s really immature. But what are you doing here? No one is coming. Get him out of here. Please leave… No. Lee Chae-young should
leave the Hanshin Group’s hotel. What? Lee Chae-young? Then what should I call you? Han Do-joon’s wife? I thought that you were just pretending
to be an idiot all this time. I didn’t know you were an actual idiot. If you don’t want to see your family
gets ruined and your father committing suicide like your old boyfriend,
leave here immediately. If there’s no Han Do-joon,
there’s no you either. You’re lavender, aren’t you? What’s your name? My name is Lee Sung-chul. Sung-chul… Do you know what flowers
bloomed here before? I’m not sure. There was a flower bed
full of lavender before. Why did it turn out like this? The former Chairman hated it
so we got rid of it. I see. Sung-chul. I think someone’s
dog came inside again. Again. I’ll take care of it. I’m going to catch you today. Get out. Why do you think he chases that dog every time I mention to him
about the dog? Don’t you think it’s because
he hates dogs? No. I think it’s because
he likes dogs so much. He wants to play with them while
pretending to chase after them at least. That’s why he even abandoned you
and went after it. You’re right. Then… You must’ve seen
Yeo-jin’s childhood. Yes. What kind of child was she? She was a scary child. One time, she was hit in the eye
with the ball while playing tennis. Because of that, her brother got severely scolded by her father
for not protecting his younger sister. So the next day… That racket was a very important racket
that was specially made for Miss Han’s hand and weight by
her father who was crazy about tennis. And after that, she did not play tennis
that she loved so much ever again. It was her dad’s punishment for
mistreating her beloved brother like that. That’s so cute. What’s wrong? Isn’t she cute? She’s so cute even now. Anyway, we were all fearful
of young Yeo-jin. Her dispensing of reward and
punishment was so clear. On top of that, no one could’ve imagined that a young child would punish
an adult especially the Chairman. She must’ve been lonely. I’m talking about Yeo-jin. She had to live with the weight of
the wealthy family and live among adults who were afraid of the tantrum of a child. Aren’t you afraid of the Chairwoman after seeing her actions from
yesterday and today? Rather than being afraid,
I felt sorry for her. You must really love the Chairwoman. Yes. I’m hungry. Come in. Sit down. No. That’s my seat. Sit here. Isn’t that the Chairwoman’s seat? No. This is the seat for the
head of the household. Head of the household? Yeah. You’re the head of this household. You’re such a woman from the
Joseon Dynasty era… Hurry up and sit down. It’s so awkward. And this is the dad’s seat. When we have kids later, wouldn’t it be good for the kids to
see their dad seating here? What’s wrong? Don’t you like kids? I do. It’s because I’m happy. Try this too. Its sweet potato vines. I heard you like this. How did you know? I spoke with So-hyun in America. You spoke to So-hyun? Yeah. Thanks. It was nothing. There will be a lot of surprising
things from now on. Oh, So-hyun’s doing really well. Our New York corporate president was saying that the hospital was
very encouraging also. I heard that she might be able to get surgery within this month
if things go well. Are you listening to me? I want to make a request of you. What is it? You can tell me anything. Please stop your revenge. Please don’t touch Chief Lee. Touch Chief Lee? I know that you’re trying to
kill Chief Lee. It is for us. No. That is not for us. Don’t do it. I don’t know about other people
but Chief Lee deserves to die. As a doctor, he imprisoned
a normal person in the dark for 3 years. And in the end, he cut the carotid
artery of a defenseless woman. And you want me to forgive that man? I know. I understand how you feel. But this isn’t it. What you’re trying to do isn’t justice. It’s just murder. Then is it justice for someone like
Chief Lee to not get punished? That’s not what I’m saying. Why do you have to punish him? Then do you want me to
leave him to the law? For a violation of medical law
or an attempted murder? It all happened in a secret room
without a CCTV. Do I have to argue about whether I attempted suicide or not openly
in the court with that? And go public with the so called
the hideous truth of Hanshin Group? If there is no revenge,
there is no justice. I’m the king of the alligators. If I show them even
a little bit of weakness, they will try to bite me and drag me down. That’s why they have to feel the fear. I have to show them what could happen to them if they dare
to do things like that to me. If I don’t, there will someone else that will appear to
do something like that again. And now you have
the same fate as me. Because you are my legal guardian. So Tae-hyun. Listen to me. If I don’t do this,
you’ll be in danger too. Just leave the company matters to me. Try this too. This is what I enjoyed since I was little. No. You can change it. You have the power to do that now. There’s no way other people
will think lightly of you just because you forgive them. If anything, your revenge now may
give birth to another revenge later on. So please forgive them. Please… Tae-hyun. You’re truly a good person. That’s why I like you. But you’ll never understand me. Because you didn’t get imprisoned
in the darkness for the past 3 years. No matter how must I tried I couldn’t
move a single finger or eyelash… You weren’t imprisoned
in that darkness. You’ve never prayed for death. I’m going to punish everyone
who imprisoned me in that prison. My only regret is that I couldn’t kill the Director and
Nurse Hwang with my hands. What is going on? Yes. We’re going to move Chief Lee
to a regular hospital room. Why is the security team doing
something like that on their own? The order was given. Go check it yourself. What are you guys doing? Save me. Save me. We didn’t get any notification. Wait a minute! Department of psychiatry? People are taking Chief Lee. You said you’ll punish
everyone who imprisoned you. Who is the one who imprisoned you there? What? The person who put you to
sleep was your father and the person who didn’t wake you up is your brother. It’s not Chief Lee. That person is just a pathetic guard who even sold the soul of a doctor
for the money you people gave him. He’s just a executioner. You’re only taking your
revenge on your pawns. I was just a guard that
you bought off also. You’re right. Chief Lee deserves to die
for what he did to you. It’s true that he’s your enemy. But You must not kill Chief Lee. If you consider what your father and
brother did to him, you can’t kill him. I can kill him. I’ll never forgive him. What about me? How am I supposed to forgive you? I’ve never done anything to you to
ask for your forgiveness. Do you really think so? Please stop your revenge. I’m asking you for the last time. Stop for now. Wait. Chief Lee. It seems like
you’re lucky today. Put him back. What’s going on? I think you can go home now. Now? At this hour? Wouldn’t it be better to go home
while the reporters are not around? That is true but… Was President Go transferred here? No. What is it? Was he taken care of
already at the police station? Yes. He was taken care of. Let’s go. I told you that you don’t need to
go overboard like this. It doesn’t matter even
if I go out through the front entrance. Anyway, please let the Prosecutor General
that I rested well here. Yes, then… Good bye. I’ll treat you later too… How rude… Where is everyone? Secretary. He’s a traitor, isn’t he? You just wait. Hanshin Construction President Go. What are they waiting for? President Go. What are you doing? You’re embarrassing me… Who is this? Who? Is this his secretary? This is Han Do-joon. Let me speak to President Go. This is President
Go Sung-hoon’s son. His son? I’m from his company. Is your father there? My father passed away. What? What are you talking about? Say it again. Secretary. President Han Tae-seop. Lee Chae-young. What are you calling me? I heard you were released today. Of course. I came out. People like that can’t
keep me locked up. But how did you know? I got a call since I’m family. Really? Family… Yes. Did they come get you? Of course. I’m on my way to have some drinks
with the people who picked me up. Are you trying to get a taxi? Yeah. What? Do you even have a wallet? So, do you feel better now? Yeah. I feel so much better. I’m sorry, Chae-young. Do you know
how to be sorry at least? Yeah. Did you eat? Yeah. Then… Should we have some
drinks somewhere? That sounds good. Wait there. I’ll come to you. No. I’ll come to you. No. This time I’ll come to you. Okay. Thanks. Are you alright? How are you driving? I’m sorry. Are you hurt anywhere? I don’t think I’m hurt. You can’t be alright. Don’t die at least. Honey! Honey! Honey. Honey! Honey! Where are you going right now? Where are you going right now? Mister. Where are you going right now?

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