[CC/FULL] The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal) EP17 | 용팔이

[CC/FULL] The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal) EP17 | 용팔이

Then, six months have passed. I opened my own place.
A neighborhood clinic. Since I didn’t finish my residency,
I couldn’t become a specialist. So, I couldn’t get a job anywhere. So, I decided to live as a relaxed doctor
in a quiet town. Living a relaxed life. I don’t have to rush to make house calls for gangsters or make repulsive house
calls for the privileged class anymore. But as a matter of fact, it’s not really
a relaxed life. Tae-hyun! What? What is it?
Is lunch ready? What are you waiting for instead of
coming down here? Your lunch hour is almost over. Have your lunch quickly and go back
to work. Your patients will be waiting for you. Okay, got it. Be considerate of the person who
cooks for you. You eat three meals at home every day. She’s right! You should eat out once in a while! Aren’t you going to get a job? Don’t say that when someone’s eating!
Leave him alone. Sang-chul, do you want more soup? And So-hyun is… healthy. Chairwoman, have you spoken to the
new Prime Minister? No, not yet. Actually, Prime Minister contacted us.
He’d like to see you in the near future. I’m not sure. I don’t know how long he will be there… Does he need to go out of his way to
meet with me? It’s true, but since he made an earnest
request to see you, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to accept
his invitation. The election is right around the corner… Shouldn’t business people keep their
distance from the politicians? Of course… Why don’t you meet with him first? Then we will decide on a meeting after
reviewing what he wants. I’ll do that.
Why don’t you come with me? Yes, that’s a good idea. It won’t be long. Hi, Yeo-jin!
Can I see you for a second? What should we do about him? Oh my goodness, you’re here too,
Mr. Bank President. Chairwoman, please spare me just
this once. Is someone dying? Chairwoman, please tell him just
one word. Sir, if you help us this time, I’ll definitely pay you back within
three days. Chairwoman, please don’t do this…
Please forgive me just this time. Even though we were at war, Since I surrendered, so you should
spare my life. Do you have to be so cruel to me? You once said meat can be fully enjoyed
by chewing it. How did the chunk of flesh I sent
you taste? Please leave now. Okay… The son was killed by the brother. The brother was killed by the dead
son’s father. And that father is killed by the dead
brother’s sister. What are you waiting for instead
of taking him out? So, who will kill the sister? What are you waiting for instead
of taking him out? Revenge and war… ended like this. Since when has he had a fever? Since two days ago. He took fever reducer though… Why? Isn’t it a cold? It could be a cold…
It’s not certain… so I don’t know. You don’t know? I didn’t specialize in pediatrics. Geez… Should I consider this being honest
or being foolish? How can you say you don’t know
in front of a patient? Even if you don’t know, you should
pretend as if you know. Then, prescribe him strong fever reducer mixed with a digestive medicine
and antibiotics! Even I could do it!
Do you want to be in business or not? Seriously… I wish I could do it too. But what brings you here anyway? Give the kid some cold medicine!
My stomach… Who are you to say things like that? Me? I’m a shareholder of this clinic. Hi, it’s me. Yes, he’s six years old with symptoms
of a cold. But it’s a bit different.
His fever is up to 101.3 °F. His tongue? Kid, stick your tongue out. It is. It is a strawberry tongue. His palm? You’re right, Kawasaki disease.
Yes, thank you. It’s Kawasaki disease. What disease? It’s called Kawasaki disease and has
symptoms similar to a cold. I’ll write you a note.
Take it to the specialist. If you don’t treat it now, it could become
a serious heart issue later. Really? A heart issue? Doctor, thank you!
Thank you so much! There is no prescription, so you can go. Thank you. Bye. What? I believe it’s better to be a little stupid
than dishonest. I can ask if I don’t know. Every time? Never mind.
Are you sick? I have a stomachache… and diarrhea… What did you eat at the bar last night? This and that.
Everything. How did you know that I drank last night? You still reek of alcohol. Of course.
You’re not Hippocrates. It’s not like you know just by looking. You don’t need any medicine.
Eat some boiled and mashed carrots. No prescription again? Right, no prescription.
But make sure you pay before you go. Hey, look! The kid didn’t get a prescription either so why are you charging me
and not them? Boss, you’re pretty well off. Her family is not doing well these days. Geez…
you know how other people are doing? Of course.
I’m a community leader of this town. Community leader?
Who told you? The owner of the neighborhood grocery
store told me. The owner of the real estate office
told me, too. Everyone tells me that I’m
a community leader. They must be out of their mind.
Whatever… Doctor, your afternoon schedule is over.
You’ll be heading to Thomas’s, right? Yes, I will. It won’t hurt. A little sting. It hurts! He must be really hurting. Thank you, Doctor. You’re welcome. We’re done with vaccine shots, right? Yes, we have adult patients now. Please take a short break. Should we?
Can I play with kids for a bit? Would the kids like to play with
the man who gave them shots? They wouldn’t? Oh, Mrs. Lee is here too. Really? Oh, you are so dirty!
Let me see. Here, too! Don’t you feel good? Mrs. Lee? You’re here, Dr. Kim? Why don’t you take a break? Just wait a little.
I’ll be done after these kids. My back… I should know how by now…
but it’s not easy to bathe kids. Of course, it’s tough. I only do this because I like them…
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Still, you’re really incredible. Mrs. Lee, you have never done manual
labor before. It’s been a long time since
I quit being Mrs. Lee! If you keep saying that,
I’ll call you Mr. Inheritor! Fine. What should I call you then? You can call me my name. Okay. Chae-young. Sure.
See? It’s nice. Do you miss it? Miss what? Being the Chairwoman’s husband. Not at all. Really? I miss it. Really? Being cruel to Do-joon on purpose… Not being able to stop him from
treating Yeo-jin that way… Not parking my car in the back of
the Prosecutor’s Office… And… that day… No, I was mostly to blame. I should have… No. I know very well that you tried
to help him. And I’m sure he’s thankful from
the afterlife. Do you still not talk to Yeo-jin? Let’s wrap it up. Doctor, the patients are ready. Yes, I’m coming. Oh, and…
This… Here. Use it to pay for clinic expenses. Please don’t! It hasn’t been very long since
the last time. Sister, we’re not in a position
to decline this. Our doctor doesn’t know shame. He always has! Let’s go in now. Revenge started a long time ago. Yes, I got it. What? It’s nothing. Tell me. It seems that Chairman Choi of
Daejung just attempted suicide. What? So, did he die? No, he didn’t. His Chief of Staff found him
quickly enough. I want to rest a bit today. I understand.
Call me if you need me… I’m fine. Dad…
How did you get through it, Dad? Chairwoman! Chairwoman! Did I… pass out again? Yes. Make sure a rumor doesn’t get out. I understand.
But, shouldn’t I call the doctor? No.
No doctors. I understand. Chairwoman, may I speak frankly? Enemies or friends, if someone tried to
commit suicide because of me… I think it’s very natural that
you’re in shock. And? No one in the world will think
of you as weak. Get me some comfortable clothes.
I need to get some air. I don’t blame you.
It’s not your fault that my mom died. You can enjoy the view comfortably
from here… but there are people, streams,
and trails down there… And Windy Hill, too. Everything we need to
be happy is there. So… will you come with me? You’ll miss the picnics someday.
When that time comes, come find me. I’ll be waiting for you. Cheers! Cheers! I thought I’d benefit from having
a rich brother. I didn’t know I’d be opening a beer can
in front of a neighborhood grocery store. And with these gangsters. What? What? Isn’t this nice?
This is the best place on earth. Try this.
It’s so comfortable. Like this?
It is comfortable. I’ve never been happy like this before. I’m happy even when So-hyun is
mean to me. I’m happy when I don’t get paid for
a consultation. I’m happy when Boss brings gangsters. And drinking this cold beer… Feeling the breeze… I can feel the breeze. Yeo-jin, you should come find me soon. Isn’t it refreshing? Tae-hyun,
I wish I could go join you now. What is it?
Do you see something in the sky? You’re here, Chae-young! Hi. I brought some pig’s feet. Wow, great! What kind of nonsense is it to call
your sister-in-law by her first name? For a gangster to be here… Where are the police?
Sir, here! Here! What? Police? Man, no need to get scared! How have you been? Good, thanks to you. Let’s go. Yes. I’m glad… that you’re happy. Next, Chairwoman Han Yeo-jin of Hanshin Group will make a welcome
speech. On such a bright and happy day,
I thank Mr. Prime Minister and all the guests who came here to celebrate
with us and all of the employees, the real heroes of today…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Going forward, Hanshin Alexon will contribute to the future of
the biotech industry… The biotech industry all over the world… What’s wrong, Yeo-jin? Are you okay? Call someone! Tae-hyun, come and eat! Soup for me. What are you watching instead of eating? Next news. Hanshin Alexon that has excelled as
a global biotech company held a ribbon cutting ceremony in Cheonan for their
second factory this afternoon. Chairwoman Han Yeo-jin passed out
in the middle of her speech but Hanshin Group stated that the Chairwoman was
just overworked and denied rumors of anything more serious. Next news. Let’s go. No! Excuse me? Take it away with you. Yes. I checked the test results, Chairwoman. And? Your CT is normal. You have slight anemia, Chairwoman. It’s a typical case of fatigue and stress.
You have to rest, no matter what. I’d like to… but it’s not time for that yet. Chairwoman…
Stress is the cause of all illnesses. If you keep pushing yourself like this… If I do, will I die? Leave us alone for a minute. Yes, Chairwoman. Please keep this doctor patient
confidentiality. Yes, go ahead. Is it possible to hallucinate because
of anemia and stress? For example, seeing dead people… Of course. In medical terms, stress goes beyond
what you can recognize, such as anger or irritation. If you admit yourself to the hospital
and rest… The hospital?
Here? I’d rather die. I confirmed it! Then… It’s already Stage 2 liver cancer. It really worked! Furthermore, she’s hallucinating. You’ve done a great job, Mrs. Lee. It’s still too early to be happy. There is nothing to worry about.
There is no way out. Since you put so much effort into this project, we’ll make sure more shares
go your way. I’ve heard that before.
From President Go. Forget the shares. Divide them among yourselves
and be happy. Getting revenge for Han Do-joon
is enough for me. If you don’t want to end up like
President Go, do a good job. We still have a long way to go. Is this another hallucination? It’s been a long time. Yes…
What brings you here? I came to see a friend. What about you?
Why did you come to the hospital? I needed to talk to the Director
of the hospital. I see. Are you doing all right?
You don’t look so good. It’s just stress.
I have a busy life. I hear updates about you on the news. Congratulations. Thank you. Are you sure that you’re not sick? Chairwoman! Chairwoman!
Chairwoman! Chairwoman! Are you all right? Don’t you have work to do? There was no need for you to come
all the way out here. Chairwoman, how can you say that? You have to be healthy… Don’t make a fuss.
As you can see, I’m fine. You must be busy. I’ll get going now. Okay, then. Kim Tae-hyun! Yes? Congratulations on your clinic. No need to congratulate me. Bye. Hello! Goodness, Doctor! Wow, Kim Tae-hyun. This is really nice.
I should get one for my clinic. The older patients will really like it. Stop that nonsense and come over here. Chief, you look better than before. I do? It’s all thanks to you. I do a lot of surgeries these days. So, is your clinic going well? Yes, a little. It’s fun. Wow, I envy you, Mr. Director. Mr. Director?
What do you mean? You’re still a director of a clinic! By the way, what brings you here? I didn’t think you’d even pee in
this direction. Well…
There is something I want to check. Really? What is it? Did you meet with him? What did he say? That’s weird.
This shouldn’t be happening. Even with my security clearance, I can’t
see the Chairwoman’s CT results. You can leave now. Chairwoman, why don’t you see a doctor? I said, no doctors. Shouldn’t there be a doctor we can trust? A doctor we can trust? Not him. If you go to him just as a doctor
and a patient. Look at me now.
I’m a monster. I don’t want to hurt him anymore. No, you’re just a patient who needs
a doctor’s help. And he wouldn’t say no to a patient. Don’t let anyone follow me. I understand. Where is she going? Why would you be curious about that? I’m sorry. She drove the car herself? You can’t find out where she went? Don’t worry. I think I know. Anyway, do your parents like
the new house? Yes, Chae-young. I’ll be right there. Okay. Where are you going at this hour? Thomas’s home. Chae-young is bringing a sick kid there. Why doesn’t she bring him here? I’m sure she has a reason.
I’ll be back. Yeo-jin. It is you, Yeo-jin. Did you come here to see Tae-hyun? Are you embarrassed? What’s wrong with a wife seeing
her husband? You look good. I’m doing great these days.
I feel at ease. There is a place called Thomas’s House that takes care of children and
elderly people. I know. I heard about it. I guess you still get a report on
my activities. I’m not even interested but they do it. Then, you must know how Dr. Kim
has been doing, too. Dr. Kim? I mean Tae-hyun. You must be close. We hang out like sister and brother. Tae-hyun… is happy. He says that he’s never been happy
like this before. So… I hope you leave him alone.
Let him be happy. Chae-young… Yes? I… see Do-joon. Really?
I see him every day. I see him when I eat… I see him when I walk down the street. I guess he hasn’t gone to the afterlife. I’m sorry. When Do-joon was alive… I guess I was too mean to him. We all carry the weight of our own sins. Of course, if you want,
Tae-hyun will gladly take your load. That’s strange…
She said she was coming. Something must’ve happened.
You don’t need to come out. Yes.
Be careful getting home. Okay, be careful getting home. Tae-hyun, wait just a little longer for me.
I will come down from the 13th floor soon. What’s wrong, Yeo-jin?
Are you okay? Yeo-jin… Yeo-jin! Are you okay?
Are you with me? What’s with your face? First Floor Clinic? It’s a nice name. You named it that way for me, right? Are you not feeling well? Stress? It’s the one you get when you do
a lot of bad things. Are you… having a hard time? Yes. I’m having a hard time, Tae-hyun. You’re a little strange.
You look pale. Let’s go together and get
a thorough checkup. I did everything.
I’m normal. It’s a disease of the mind. Whether it’s a disease of the mind
or the body… I’ll treat it for you.
Don’t worry. Thank you, Tae-hyun. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were so sick. I’m doing fine. And… I’m going to come down from
the 13th floor soon. Really? I made up my mind. If I come back, will you accept me? You’re already back, Idiot. I think you should wait a little longer. What? Excuse me, Chairwoman. The Chief of Staff is waiting
for you outside. What should I do? Tell him to leave. Yes. No.
Tell him to wait. Why? I should go back for tonight. Tell him I’ll be down. I should at least sort out my baggage
before I come. You can have people do it. Not that kind of baggage.
The load I carry… I can’t ask to share it with you. I’m fine with it, so just stay. When you get better, we can go together. Don’t worry. Who am I? Once I make up my mind,
I never change it. I’ll be back. I’ll be back soon. Water, please. Yes. Mr. Min, have a seat. Yes. Call an emergency board of directors
meeting for tomorrow morning. I beg your pardon? Board of directors?
May I ask what it’s about? You’ll find out tomorrow. You may go.
I need to rest. I understood.
Have a good night. You look like you’re in good mood. Yes, I am. Is everything good with your husband? Of course.
I’m glad I listened to you. Thank you. How long have you work at this house? A bit short of 30 years. I guess so. It was when I was very little. You liked Do-joon better than me, right? That’s not true. It’s okay. You were confident…
and he was in need of sympathy. Thank you… For taking Do-joon’s side. I’ll excuse myself now. She’s gone to bed. The Chairwoman has cancer. I see. But why do you tell me that? Because the future of Hanshin Group…
depends on you. What do you mean by that? It’s about the successor. As of now, if the Chairwoman passes
away, her husband becomes the heir. Therefore, we’ll compose a new will. The Chairwoman should not meet with
her husband until she passes away. Like today. Can you do that for us? I always focus only on my current master. Are you saying that you can’t? But… with time, masters change. Then… can we trust you? People like us don’t have souls. Besides,
there is a future master here as well. Thank you!
I will never forget about you. It’s an honor. A restraining order will be issued for
her husband tomorrow. So don’t worry about what’s going
on outside. Just take care of the Chairwoman
and the house staff. I understand. Mr. Director! How is the Chairwoman doing? Now! I’ll deliver the instructions from
the Chairwoman. One, the war room is now dissolved. Two, all of you will return to your
original departments until called again. That’s it. What does that mean? What about the things in progress now? There are projects that Chairwoman
gave us a few days ago… When the hunt is over,
the hunting dogs are no longer needed. The Chairwoman spoiled you too much. Should I give you a word of advice? When you go back to your place in the company, make sure to wear
your tie properly. What a bunch of worms… Yeo-jin… Did you sleep well? We don’t know who the new owner
will be yet. How long do we have left? I just wanted to live a happy life
at least for a few days… It’s unfortunate. It’ll be tough. Chief! Professor, please wait! Be reasonable! Please save my Yeo-jin… I’d try something if there is one more
person like you in this country. Take me now. It could be my last wish.

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