Confirmed: At Least SOME of Trump Medical Report Was Lies

Confirmed: At Least SOME of Trump Medical Report Was Lies

the more I look into the details of Donald Trump's recently supposedly excellent medical exam the more I'm convinced that at least some elements of the report just are not telling the truth and there's a lot of different questions about that study one of them is the idea that anybody could be in quote excellent health given a regime of no exercise bad diet and advancing cholesterol that is already kind of weird to me but I want to go through some of these elements piece by piece starting with the reports claim that Donald Trump is 6-3 and 239 pounds I told you yesterday that that seemed unlikely to me and I think more research into this and for example Barack Obama is known to be just over 6 feet tall 6 1 supposedly is the height of Barack Obama I'm gonna put up on the screen for our television and video audience a picture of Donald Trump and President Obama standing next to each other on Inauguration Day and as you see from the red line that we've added to this image at most President Trump is as tall as President Obama and arguably he's about an inch shorter than President Obama at the absolute maximum we're talking about someone who is six one two maybe six one and a half additionally we have pictures of Donald Trump next to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez is known to be 6-3 sometimes athletes height is exaggerated but he seems several inches taller than Donald Trump and we have a picture of Donald Trump next to Jeb Bush and again Jeb Bush also known to be 6-3 and he looks I mean several year for three or four inches taller than Donald Trump and Trump not noticeably slouching here so to begin with Trump is definitely not 6-3 Trump himself claimed to be 6-2 the last time he renewed his driver's license and to be perfectly honest people often exaggerate on their driver's licenses my driver's license says that I'm five nine and I can assure you I am NOT five nine because at least in Massachusetts they just ask you how tall are you they don't actually take your height so why would it matter if Donald Trump is 6 1 or 6 2 or 6 3 the reason it matters is that at 6 3 and 239 pounds Trump's reported weight in this test Trump would be just shy of obese if you make him just slightly heavier or just slightly shorter he becomes obese so at 6:30 239 Trump's BMI is twenty nine point nine now to be clear BMI is not a perfect measure we've talked before if you're a bodybuilder and you have huge muscle mass you would show up as obese unbe mi but listen Trump is no bodybuilder right we know that it's a pretty good estimate so at six three to thirty nine Trump's BMI is twenty nine point nine which puts him as overweight if Trump remains at 239 239 pounds but his height is only six to much more realistic Trump is obese and we know Trump doesn't want to be reported as being obese in the media and if you maintain that Donald Trump is 6-3 which we don't believe but you increase his weight just two pounds to 241 Trump also scores as obese according to BMI realistically Donald Trump is not 6-3 and he's definitely heavier than 239 some estimates put him at roughly anywhere from 255 even up to 270 so Trump is obese and that is something that should be reported right shouldn't the the American public have a right to know that the president by accepted measures is an obese person but of course that wouldn't work for Trump because he's the best and he's the smartest and he's in tremendous health and everything is just absolutely fantastic now as far as Trump being in quote excellent health we've learned from the studies that were done that Trump has core coronary atherosclerosis and a moderate risk of having a heart attack his coronary calcium score went from 34 in 2009 to 98 and 2013 to 133 at this most recent test and he is on more and more medication to control that it is not crazy for someone his age who is both obese and doesn't exercise and eats a ton of fast food his cholesterol I was also high but once you see data that doesn't make any sense isn't it reasonable to question everything that we're supposedly being told by this test and also very strangely the test says that Trump doesn't wear dentures that seems like a minor thing right why don't why do we care that Trump doesn't wear dentures because of trumps strange word slur not long ago speculation ran rampant is that part of trumps possible dementia was Trump on some kind of medication what was going on and one relatively benign explanation was Oh Trump wears dentures and they slipped let me remind you of the incident where Trump devolved into sort of unintelligible slurring during a speech not violence and it is time for young and moderate voices all across the Middle East to claim for themselves a bright and beautiful future so today let us rededicate ourselves to a path of mutual understanding and respect let us rethink old assumptions and open our hearts and minds right to possible and possibilities and finally I ask the leaders of the region politically religious right Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us in the noble quest for lasting peace thank you god bless you god bless Israel God bless the Palestinians and God bless the United States thank you very much so the most benign explanation was he has dentures but we're told he has no dentures and that was probably dry mouth caused by sudafed and I know many people with dry mouth and that's not how they talk so again raising even more questions adventurous was probably the most reasonable and the most generous explanation I agree what happened there the other explanations we came up with yeah we're much worse much much worse yeah and we are told and I said at the time rich people usually have dental implants they don't have dentures and indeed we're told Trump has no dentures and then lastly we've got the cognitive assessment the Montreal cognitive assessment that Trump was given we actually found what it looks like and we're gonna put it up on the screen for people to check out I mean it's literally there's drawings of a lion a rhinoceros and a giraffe just kidding I know that it's a camel it's I know that it's a camel and one of the things you have to do is just like 10% is just identifying those animals the idea that this was going to reliably diagnose whether Trump might be starting to suffer from from early symptoms of dementia is completely laughable and as I mentioned at the bottom you'll notice that you get six points just for telling the interviewer what the day month and year and location of the interview is that that is taking place so this is more useful for neurological disorders this is more useful for more advanced stages of dementia and dementia like conditions but I don't know how much we're really going to learn from this overall and and to put a fine point on that Ronald Reagan would likely have passed this test during his presidency even though we now know in retrospect that he already had some of the early symptoms of Alzheimer's while he was President of the United States that's my sort of final assessment on the medical exam I don't know if we'll ever hear about it again because the trumpets by and large have been completely placated by the video you just watched was made possible by support from you please go to slash david pakman show you can make a pledge of as little as $1 per month and every dollar helps to support the work that we're doing particularly in light of the YouTube ad boycott which has been really bad

29 thoughts on “Confirmed: At Least SOME of Trump Medical Report Was Lies

  1. America you have hit an all time low. You are being dragged down and made a laughing stock by the orange idiot and the sycophants he surrounds himself with.

  2. Line a stage with 5 men who are 6'3" and weigh 239lbs and have a
    scale to confirm their weight . Then have Donald Plump parade around the stage and I guarantee the audience will explode with

  3. I pray that someday Trump will get a agonizing brutal death maybe take months for them to die because if I was a little kid and I was dying my make a wish would be Trump's autopsy photos in a toilet seat frame

  4. Right after the "God bless the United Shash" bit, you can see him working his mouth around, trying to get his teeth back into place.

  5. If Obama is 6'1", then Trump looks like Maximum of 6'0". He's very obviously obese, anyone can see that. That cognitive test is a farce, like everything else about tRump and his entire administration. Lies, lies and more lies.

  6. Come on, he is lying about his height don't you think he would also lye about his health …I believe he is a walking heart attack ready to happen !!!!!

  7. I understand that Dr Ronnie received a second star from Trump and will be by his side at all times. This was out during physical period. Would explain some things if true

  8. Huh. I'm taller than Trump. Petty, but I'll take it.

    EDIT – Wow, did he sound like an evil Dick van Dyke in that video clip or what?

  9. I am the same age as Trump 72 yrs and 6' 3" tall and weigh around 270 pounds and disabled with ostio-arthritis. Looking at the man I would say he's about the same weight as myself. I have to walk with sticks all be it not very far. He is considerably fitter than I am and he should be ashamed of such a sedentary life style, perhaps that's why he finds he has to cheat at golf and would rather be at the 19th hole.

  10. its against the law to impersonate a Doctor…. and Trump is BAT SHIT crazy !!! i dont need to be a medical professional to tell you that !!!

  11. I never laughed so much when I saw that clip…Of course trump has Dentures, and of course he is on Medication and of course he is going to lie about these things.

    C'mon guys I know you can do better than speculation over whether trump wears Dentures or whether he is a Fruitcake or takes drugs …and in all fairness trump is 72 … I just wish he would die already…but a stroke would be funnier, it would be hilarious if he shit himself in public and started flipping around the stage like a fish.

  12. 7:28 lmao yah when I got this test , I got tell them the month year and the day of the week couldn't tell them the date number but I don't really keep track of that if i was in school maybe these test anit going detect early stages usally they really are used from concussions , and to see if you have major damage from a accident of something, yes they can detect early stages but usally no

  13. 6:56 this test is ment to be super easy to see if something is wrong I had a brain tumor removed years ago they gave me this test or a similar test before the surgery and after , and gave a similar Test during why they eere doing the cutting , they make it something everyone shoukd know so if ylu seem confused they know there's a major issue going on

  14. They deff knocked off some weight so he wouldn't be considered obese they just used a broken scale … congress should do an investigation to see if the doctors are knocking lying he's probley a few inches shorter and 15-30 pounds heavier

  15. That was no medical report. It was not transcribed from a professional doctor. It was falsely transcribed by mr. Trump’s typist with nothing medical about it. His anatomical systems, labs, X-rays, consults etc are not on it. It is a β€œFAKE” if ever there was one. I was a medical assistant in a doctors office so I know! People his age don’t have medical reports like that. They don’t even exist for a young, athletic and 100% healthy person. Only his base would believe that. So much lies and deception being thrown around. Only dumb people would believe those falseties.

  16. I’m a Nutritionist – his reddish complexion, cloudy eyes (the whites should be white – not reddish), waist bigger than hips & love for McDonalds suggests: high blood pressure, high cholesterol & most likely borderline diabetic. He also has shown (on video) that his brain is in a fog (maybe dementia, maybe just not enough nutrients that his brain isnt working properly). He said on Dr. Oz β€œI’m the healthiest guy I know” – WOW! An obese man thinks he’s the healthiest guy πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜

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