Creating the Sheffield Car Chase | Spyfall | Doctor Who: Series 12

Creating the Sheffield Car Chase | Spyfall | Doctor Who: Series 12

The fear is equal. It isn’t that the Doctor isn’t scared. Everyone’s scared. Doctor, Yaz, Graham, Ryan are all back in Sheffield
catching up with their families and friends. They’re about to go off travelling again,
when they are essentially kidnapped. End up in this car and driven by an agent,
a special agent, to take us to MI6. Feels like back to normal
because you’re just in a weird situation with the gang again. My idea is that we just let the driver take us to where
he wants us to go ’cause then we will find out who wants us.What if he kills us along the way?Look at him he is obviously doing this
at someone else’s orders,don’t you wanna know who that is?All of a sudden the MI6 agent gets killed
whilst we are driving along at speed.Your equipment’s not up to much.It shouldn’t be doing that.Argh!Oh!And then this entity, whatever it is, takes over the car. We are at the hands of an invisible force
that is reversing down a motorway.Ahhhhh!Someone’s controlling this car and it isn’t me!So tonight we are filming all the exterior stuff
with the stunt cars. And then at a later date
we’ll pick up all the stuff inside the car, in a studio with our cast. It’s probably one of the biggest stunt sequences
that the show has ever undertaken. With any car sequence,
I always like to use my toy cars. So I use my two boys,
I go to their cupboard and I get their toy cars out.Dave’s going to go between Lloyd and Joel.It’s just a visual aid that everyone can see
exactly what you’re doing. So I lay them out on the road,
on the ground, as it’s going to be on the day and then everyone knows what they’re doing,
where the cameras going to be. Makes life a lot easier
and it helps me enormously for all the rehearsals. It is a big number, we’ve had to close off the road. I’ve got 11 stunt drivers,
I’ve got a hero car and that’s driving at speed. It needs to weave in and out of the traffic. It comes to a very very sharp stop and then the car gets possessed
and then it starts to reverse at high speed through all the oncoming traffic, through the tunnel. Reversing into oncoming cars, sounds straight forward enough
but when you add darkness, headlights, possibly rain it’s quite a tricky one. We all know that
we’re gonna get out of the way of each other when we have to and we know that we can
leave it to the last minute before we swerve out the way
and you know it has to be a mutual trust. For the inside shots
to sort of try and get that on the move we had the car then in studio
and we used rear projection. So it’s a stationary car
and then we’ve got projections on the side of the action that they filmed ,
with us not being there. The screens go on action
and you have to say your lines at the right time to match the appropriate background.Ah! The brake’s not working.So we have to choreograph our moves and dialogue. We are told accelerate, reverse, brake. A reverse at speed you’ve got to lunge forward and then when you brake reverse
you’ve got to lunge back. So we had all those guys shouting that
as we were doing the scenes so it was quite complicated to do. So when we were reversing backwards
I think I was going like that and Brad’s like – hmmm… if we’re reversing and we’re that way
we would definitely gonna be like that. I was like oh ok cool,
you do whatever you’re doing and I’ll follow you.Cut there, cut there.The action stuff seems a bit more full on,
there’s a lot more action. The stakes are high because it’s
potential imminent death. Particularly at the end of the scene
where we’re reversing to the edge of a precipice and we don’t know what it is
but we can see there’s nothing beyond those barriers. Car’s going backwards, there’s no one driving
so it’s a bit scary. I don’t know,
I think anybody would be in that situation would be a bit scared of that.Don’t look behind us,
the roads out we’re going over the edge!I feel like Yaz thinks she’s invincible
just because she’s got the Doctor. So like as much as I’m scared
because I’ve just seen something or I’m reversing back at 100 miles an hour. I always think I’m not going to die.Laser!Oh my God,what just happened?That’s what I love about playing the Doctor
is the need for the Doctors speed of thought and ability to think
in a high energy and chaotic environment.Gotta be a way to stop it!It’s the use of the rear view mirror and it’s there in front of you the whole time. You know it’s turning the aliens power back on itself.Die, die die.Hold on!Right at the beginning of the new series you will see, yeah this Doctor’s capable,
this Doctor’s proactive. You know when the chips are down
and she’s up against it she always finds a solution or improvises
and that’s a classic example of her managing to improvise in the moment. I was in the front,
so I had more opportunity to save the day but I’m sure if Graham had of been in the front
or Ryan or Yaz they would have done exactly the same.

100 thoughts on “Creating the Sheffield Car Chase | Spyfall | Doctor Who: Series 12

  1. This feels like real doctor who again especially the master coming at very end chinball better not disappoint further now

  2. Did anyone realise the laser beam that killed the driver

    The masters lazer

    Btw calling it the white monsters are time lords and those rewritten humans are timelords now

    The masters big plan is to bring back the time lords to their former glory

    How can one episode raise so many questions
    What is the masters plan
    What incarnation is it
    What is happening to the humans
    Why is the man 93% human
    Is that house the master's tardis
    Who are the monsters
    Where is the doctor
    Is yaz yaz, what happened to her

    And thats about it alot to find out prepare for a roller coaster season

  3. This is the turning point of Doctor Who like S11 is terrible but Now HOLY SMOKES S12 Will be great!
    I hope they add the Weeping Angels back and Sontarans

  4. "Reversing into oncoming cars sounds straightforward enough…" It unequivocally does not. You madman! This was awesome, very cool scene in a very cool episode.

  5. What an intense scene! I was clutching my blanket so hard I thought it might meld in my hands. Yay! Doctor Who is back!

  6. It was less than two minutes, but my god this acting in the final twist… So terrible, not even terrible just blunt, boring and I don't want these words to be connected with the character like this!

  7. Ok ok. You got me. I love you Doctor Who, since 1987. For some reason I was not enthusiastic for this season, but all that has changed now. I really enjoyed todays episode and The Doctor and The Master were excellent, everyone was excellent. Thank you.

  8. would love to see how they did the disintegration of the driver. i do like this new, more open approach to production though. gives us a glimpse of the effort put into the show

  9. Dr Cringe is now officially UNWATCHABLE.
    If the BBC were not fully subsidized by the British taxpayer, and had to care about ratings and ads, they would had canceled this eye sore a long time ago.

  10. Chibnall if you're reading this, I think you wrote this episode brilliantly, better than last series. Keep up with the good work!

  11. Ooh, I like this behind the scenes look much better than last season's ones.
    (Also, love how warmly bundled up Nikki Wilson was!)

  12. I absolutely hated the last series so wasn't excited for this one however this episode was brilliant and now I'm looking foreward to the rest of the series. Still not the biggest ryan and yaz fan but they were decent in this one and the fact that didn't push any political ideology was brilliant

  13. When the GPS says "in five miles…. die die die die die "
    Best line ever.
    Sorry if I got the quote wrong.

    Edit: I was scrolling through the comment section and it won't shut up about the big reveal of the master.

  14. Although this episode was better written than S11 in it's entirety it was still some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Jodie is a shocking Doctor and an appalling actress. The new master is just a bad copy of Johns simms master. Michelle Gomez was incredible at playing Missy and this is who they settle for as her replacement 😂 what a joke

  15. The episode started very slow, kind of boring. But that reveal at the end made it worth watching, feels like they wanted to draw a line between what Chibnall has previously done in his first season and what they are making now.
    This new season could be more refreshing and appealing to fans, if they keep the tone and fast passing they used in the final scenes.
    Sacha Dhawan is a great actor and I can't wait to see what else he does with the character.

  16. Как по мне получилось лучше 11 сезона в целом. Я не говорю что 11 сезон ужасен, но эта серия просто великолепна. Конечно, всё изменили. Это уже не старый Доктор Кто. Даже не знаю лучше стало или хуже. Что ж, посмотрим. Удачи вам во всём)

    и тем кто это читает тоже всего хорошего.

  17. I think these videos would be better if instead of telling us WHAT. You told us WHY or HOW. The behind the scenes should supplement the pleasure of watching the episode not replicate it.

  18. Okay guys, i really loved the twist BUT it drives me crazy that we still don’t know WHO these creatures/monsters are…

  19. The new doctor is very good. But the scriptwriters are so bad. The older portions are much better. The portions of Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and David Tennant were much better. 🙂

  20. Well the new series started very well I can say, what with the Master especially. However, one thing that particularly stroke me was the Doctor “servicing” the TARDIS in that garage. I think she mentioned something about a pool and another thing. This is quite intriguing, in my opinion.

  21. This episode alone was better than most episodes from last series, but I don't have high hopes for the show anymore. I lost faith in doctor who after Russell T Davis left. It was never as good after that.

  22. I found, the Story is to yes weil, Not good.
    In Germany says the Doctor female actor is blaß.
    I hope, the Story will better

  23. I think the casting call for the regenerated Master is inspired!The first Real Master since Roger Delgado!In fact it was the first real episode of Doctor Who since DT's departure,just my opinion.Chibnall we're counting on you xx

  24. Great episode but… Anyone found the motorbike chase weird? Like they are chasing after the car and well they don't lose it so why does Morton just get in his plane without worrying or rushing with no reason to believe that he lost his pursuers?

  25. Whittaker's continuing terrible, terrible acting and inability to play the doctor makes me sad. The awful writing makes it difficult for her to be anything more than a two-dimensional, gurning Yorkshire lass who seems to inexplicably speak in London yoof slang so, even if she could act the part, she'd be let down by the childish script and sub-par and ludicrous story.

  26. Those intercuts with the actors interviews make this video seem like a reality tv show, where each actor gets to sit down facte to face with the camera to narrate the story from their perspective… except, this isn't teen mom or dragrace, but an actual car chase. Wild 😂😅

  27. Episode 1 of season 12 was pretty damn good, if they steal her away from all the social justice PC Cry-Baby bulshit and stop reminding us that the doctor is now a woman we didn't need that bulshit line where Stephen Fry says but the doctor is a man and she says I got an upgrade that wasn't needed but other than that if they go in this direction it should be pretty good and we can only hope that the master kills her in the end of season 12 so she can regenerate back into a man the way it is supposed to be the way it was originally written the way the formula works

  28. I have one question well a few in one, why after Chibs stating he would never take on Doctor Who has actually taken i t on and turned it into a woke cannon foddered political shove in our faces over-toned not undertone like the old series was cinematic Doctor Who? i have to ask what is going on? is the new head of BBC trying to subtly get it off the air like 1987 again so they bring someone in to slowly wreck it that eventually the viewing ratings will justify taking it off the air? oh and chibs words have power suggesting that regenerating into a woman is an upgrade i.e. meaning better than the doctors pervious incarnations is proof of your woke intentions on this show you could have written something like " times change " that would have been a bit more inclusive than writing something that eludes to her female gender is better than a male gender i mean that is your intention is it not to be more inclusive that is why each week you ram it down our throats like a train wreck to make us all aware of the inclusivity issues we already know that are there, that is your intention right? so how about being a bit more inclusive in your writing perhaps then you might not be countertuitive to your own cause.

  29. Love doctor who but I feel like it has changed so much, compare season 10 to season 11 or the first episode of season 12. It does not feel the same, but it is doctor who so I can't complain.

  30. “I feel like Yaz thinks she’s invincible just cause she’s got the doctor. So like as much as I’m scared cause, I’ve just seen something or I’m reversing back at a hundred miles an hour, I always think “I’m not gonna die.””
    Can you hear the Thasmine shippers?

  31. 0:13 My God … I did not know that the tardis and a delorean of Back to future bro to fix in a partner car workshop …. pow these people of this new production of doctor who do not think that inside the phone booth has a giant special ship ie it would make sense to suspend something giant ha unless the doctor's special ship is small dimensionally where it weight and light … Now the tardis in a car workshop these new production guys will see that they never had a class of physics in their lives 😒😒😒

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