Cystic Fibrosis Patient's Review of "Five Feet Apart"💜(VERY EMOTIONAL)

Cystic Fibrosis Patient's Review of "Five Feet Apart"💜(VERY EMOTIONAL)

hi guys welcome back to my channel it is good to see you guys um I just wanted to make this video because I felt like this was a very important video to make so this is gonna be very emotional but I am going to tell you guys my opinions my feelings about the movie five feet apart I just went and seen it so let's go ahead and get right into this video okay so today I I'm just gonna start out with what I did today um so today I went to my CF appointment my lung function is still down really down for me um down to 56 which is very scary because of the fact that I was in the 80s two months ago we think that I just caught a cold and it really messed me up and I might not go back to my normal self and might not go back to my baseline sorry I had to pause for a second and change her just took my sweatshirt off cuz I was a little bit hot but anyways let's get into anyways like the rest of the story so like I said what do my CF appointment today and I it's still not back to myself still sick and the doctor my doctor was like you know we're kind at a loss for words like we don't know why you're not getting better when you're doing everything that you can but sometimes with CS that happens um so Monday I go back to the clinic and this weekend I will be doing my treatments very intensely um and if my PF T's are not better Monday I go back to the hospital after just getting out a week ago and being there for a month so yeah I am really frustrated on why I'm not getting better and I'm scared it's just beyond frustrating I don't even know but anyways so the story my cousins were nice enough to come and see the movie with me I really appreciated them coming oh uh so we wouldn't seen the movie five feet apart um let me just start out by saying that was the saddest movie I've ever seen in my life and used to be the saddest movie if you would ask me I would say it was Marley and me and now it's definitely that movie that movie hit home so many places I'm probably gonna cry a lot in this video just because it's very emotional to talk about it so if you don't want to see me cry a lot in this video skip off of this video but anyways so and if you have not seen the movie and you don't want me to spoil it also skip this video because I will be talking about it a lot I'll be talking about a lot of things so at the beginning of the movie I was so excited when it started I will say there were these two girls that were sitting behind me and they were very very very disrespectful and I will tell you it really made me mad they were laughing at parts that you just do not laugh at especially that they seen me right in front of them with my mask on my oxygen tank obviously they knew I had CF I mean it's completely obvious wearing a shirt that said uh breathing is my superpower it's purple I mean it's obvious I had CF okay these girls were so disrespectful and there was other girls in there that were also very disrespectful when I walked out of the movie I heard and of course people can have their opinions but if you don't have CF and you want to talk about this movie then shut up because you have no clue what it's like to have CF and live with this disease some girl I heard her say when she walked out she said that movie was so stupid she said how do you fall in love in a day that's not even believable and other people are just saying stupid things like okay imagine not being able like so in the movie they talk about the girl talks about how she's never actually had a boyfriend and it's really and in the book too so like I'll be talking about the book and the movie kind of in the book she really demonstrates and talks about how she has never had a real love because when she goes in the hospital the guys just kind of distanced ourselves and in the movie the boy named Poe he was talking about how and it really hit me like he was talking about relationships and now he was with his boyfriend and the reason that because she was talking about how she leave he leaves everyone that loves him and he said well you know I don't want to put this all off on them because they have to deal with me you know if I die they have to deal with it and when I'm sick they have to deal with it you know and not many people there's not many people in the world that would be with someone that is sick it's just that's just how it is honestly there's not many people in the world that want to be with someone who's constantly sick and that you have to call it silly take care of other parts of the movie when she was talking to him and they were talking about she basically was mad she was pissed and it was she had to go under general and general anesthesia which is very rescue for a CF patient with the lung function that she had she had to get her g-tube replaced because it was infected and she was scared of course and he went in there and he sang to her and then he realized like he looked up you know cuz he had be so patient and he looked up like basically you're gonna die like there's they won't give you a lung transplant there's nothing they can do if you get that bug that's a really really scary bug and um he didn't want to give it to her he loved her he didn't want to give it to her and so he kind of just distances distant his self from her and she you know was falling in love with him of course and um then the part where they all had that big dinner together in the cafeteria this surprise party for will that was that was just amazing and then the part where Poe died oh my god it was so sad like it it's there's nothing else I could say except it was really sad he was just there one minute and completely gone the next it just shows how what's the f you never know it's so unpredictable and when he just they went in his room and he was he was gone and the nurse that was you know really close with him she was just screaming no maybe like please please please don't do this you know and they were trying to save him and then um Stella walks in and she's screaming and crying she goes to the room she goes to her room and she starts knocking all the medicines everything down because she's so frustrated and I don't understand that because right now I'm beyond frustrated because I'm not getting better oh and it's so scary and then when she he go will comes in and he's trying to talk to her you know and he grabs her and she's like what are you doing like get away makes him get out of the room and then she and him they walk and they go to this is it so like unpredictable like this movie is very unpredictable but like I said I'm spoiling I'm talking about everything because I just really want to talk about it they go to kind of this light and it's all ice like it's complete ice and so they start skating on it and you know like she's kind of still in shock at the fact that her best friend just died and so they're you know playing on the ice whatever and someone comes in and they're dead and they're giving Stella lungs so Stella gets lungs you know and they she gets the text and it's saying you know like come to the hospital we have lungs for you and she looks at will and wills like everything's everything okay you know and she's like yeah everything's fine she doesn't tell him because she's first of all so hurt that her best friend just died second of all she's just like you know I'm in love with him and I don't even care I don't even want these lungs I'm I'm in love you know she just she's in love with him and he says he looks at her and he says I love you and she takes a second and then she is like you know like I love you too then they're sitting on this bridge thing and it's over the ice and he gets a text from his mother or a call text whatever and she's like no don't answer that you know let's just hang out because she's so in shock you know still so she's just and she doesn't want him to know that she got lungs and so he looks at his phone and he's like you got lumps he's like let's go to the hospital come on let's go like get up we're going to the hospital she's like now you know what I love you I'm not I'm not going and you know she's just not she's not doing it because she loves him and he can't get lungs and I think she's thinking like if he can't get lungs and I can't either and she said I only have five years if I get those lungs basically saying there's no point you know so then they're sitting there and she falls backwards on the ice and he she he looks over and he thinks that she's hurt and I was like about to start crying again but she he looks at her and she's laughing then he comes over to get her and she fell into the ice and she is drowning and this part was also very emotional he was trying to save her and his one function of solo because of the visa patient his lung function was so low but he wanted to save her because he loved her so he is trying to get her out he's trying so hard to get her out of the water he takes his oxygen off and he's trying so hard to get her out and so finally he gets her out and she's not breathing so you know they can't they can't kiss so he needs to give her CPR so then he's like do I like what do I do to I let her die or do I give her CPR and maybe kill her anyway with getting her this bacteria and he's like you know what I'm giving her CPR whatever so he gives her CPR and you know his lungs are already horrible he can't even breathe on his own so he starts giving her CPR trying to save her life and he like falls over because they can't do it anymore because he has no word like strength to do it and so then I thought he had passed away and I started you know balling my socks I think that they're both dead so then the hospital gets them brings him into the hospital the girl is they bring her like she's okay he had saved her life and he looked at her he looked at the nurse and he said I gave her mouth-to-mouth and she said you know what if she got be so patient he said we will deal with that later he she said you saved her life that's all that matters and he said I'm so sorry and it's like he looked at the nurse her name's Barbie said I'm so sorry and she was like it's not your fault baby it's not your fault you know and she's screaming saying no I don't want these lungs don't give me these lungs I love will I don't want these lungs so then he said he looks at her and he says please take these lungs for me do it for me and so she does okay she goes through with the surgery and while she's insert or after she gets out of surgery they set up this big thing because she wanted to go see the lights it can't be in a room because she just had her lung transplant he can't be around her so he surprises her and he said but he set up a video and he said Stella cuz he was under a treatment program that was trying to help him like get rid of the visa patient he said in a video he left our video and he said the treatments not working he said but I love you Stella and I know you he said the only thing I would graze that you didn't get to see the lights and she looks outside and she looks outside in he turns all these lights on and he has his coat on and everything and he's right outside the window and they turn it on him so that he couldn't talk to her on FaceTime she can't talk because she's she's the tube down her throat I think this was the hardest part for me um he said people always say if you love someone you gotta let them go and he said and I don't wanna let you go but I love you and I can't do this to you and he said and she's looking at him and she's crying and she can't say anything to it and he said but you gotta close your eyes for me to be able to walk away because I can't walk away with you looking at me like that you honest it was the hardest thing I've ever had because it's so real this is what we go through every day believe the people that we fo closes till we can't even hug and when her best friend died she just kept the scream and I didn't even get him oh god I'm sorry I I told you I was gonna cry a lot in this video but I will always respect Cole Sprouse and a Haley Lee Richardson for making this movie and Justin Baldoni the director I will always respect them for making that movie even though that some people are disrespectful let go to see the movie and go to see it just because they want to see some sad love story but that's not just still sad love story that wasn't movie to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis and I think they did an amazing amazing job I like I said they they're so respectful about it and I just hope it really hit home I like will tell you it really really hit home and at the end when she said if you have someone and you get to touch them and you get to love them and you get to kiss them then go do it because life is too short to not be with who you love you want to be with if you can because as cystic fibrosis is patients will never get to hug the people we felt closest to we'll never get to until there's a cure we'll never get to and imagine the people that have sisters and brothers that are CF and they live with each other and they give each other each other's bacteria but they love each other you know I just I don't even know this movie is a huge deal to me and the book as well five feet apart guys please go see the movie please go see it and you will look at ICF patients in a totally different way because I promise you that is what we go through that is the raw truth they didn't sugarcoat it and I love that they didn't I love that they made it sad because CF is sad CF is terrifying CF has took nine of my friends CF is made it's so hard for me to live a normal life I don't know if I'm gonna be able to have children I don't know what my future holds I don't know it depends on if they find new medicines if they find a cure it gets right now I'm not doing very good and it scares me and some there's always those people those annoying people that are like I wish my lung function was 50 well you know what I wish mine was back in the 80s but I am thankful for every single breath that I to breathe every moment that I get everything I've been so thankful for that God has blessed me and I know this video it was kind of all over the place and I hope that it was a good demonstration and stuff that I explained it well I did talk about a lot of things I did spoil that's a few things so I definitely wanted to talk about it though because I just I really I will always like it definitely made me look at life different even though I have CS myself it made me appreciate life even more and if anyone sees this ever but it probably won't happen but if anyone sees this that helped with the movie or anything thank you anyone who was in the movie thank you I just I'm so thankful cuz maybe now instead of when people say what's wrong with you I say oh I have CF they they won't say oh what's that they'll say oh you know I know what that is I watched that movie you know explained a lot and I hope that people don't look at it it's just a love story I hope people actually listen to what it's actually about I get that it's a love story but it's also telling what CF patients go through a very unrepresented disease that people never talk about and it should be talked about a lot more and I hope that this draws the discussion that people start talking about it warrant seeing movie it just made me really emotional which is good you know every now and then you gotta cry and it's said some of it is good like I'm emotional I'm happy that they finally were raising awareness first-day yet hmm I'm thankful and yeah so thank you thank you so much I hope that this video opened a lot of your eyes and made you realize that yes that movie is very accurate everything was accurate in the movie there wasn't one mistake I seen it was wrong at all and I am glad that it would mean I hope that there's more movies about CF coming I hope that we get this discussion going and that people start talking about CF just like they talk about cancer that people start raising awareness because we need awareness sorry if you guys had to see me cry but I was way worse than the movie theater let me just tell you I bawled my eyes out the whole movie it was rough but yes that is what we go through that is not sugar-coated that is the raw truth that is what we go through and please go see it if you haven't go see that movie 5 feet apart if you have CS please wear masks and please if for extra protection if you had a lung transplant or anything I would recommend you wear gloves I wore a mask and I want my oxygen and I wore this purple shirt so people should have known that I had CF but I guess the girls behind me either knew and they were just really disrespectful and annoying or they didn't know I don't know but they were very annoying either way and if you guys see that you guys were very very very disrespectful to sit there and laugh at a movie that is showing what cystic fibrosis patients go through freaking day that's not okay and I totally understood when that girl was talking about missing out on a trip with her friends I've missed out on so so so so so many things growing up so many things I'm mostly doing high school graduation I almost miss prom I missed my first prom I missed all my school dances except for one problem I miss pretty much all my school field trips all of the tests school basically I just missed out on a lot and a lot of trips with my friends I'd be planned and there was also when I was younger I would have friends that they would invite me to go on a trip and then their parents would find out I had CS and then they would disinvite me because they said I was sick hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and comment below if you have any questions and I will answer them yeah so thank you guys for watching this please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already this video a thumbs up and like I said if you have any questions comment below follow my Instagram I'll link it below yeah so this was a very emotional video but I really wanted to post it so thank you guys for watching I'll see you guys in the next one bye

36 thoughts on “Cystic Fibrosis Patient's Review of "Five Feet Apart"💜(VERY EMOTIONAL)

  1. If they think/thought the movie was stupid, then why waste your money on watching it? I blame the daughters and the PARENTS for them acting that way. I hope you get better, love. I know I'm late.

  2. that part when, he was talking to her on the phone in the ending. that part rlly gets me like i start balling my eyes out !!💔 i’m like he rlly loves her, and she rlly loves him. then that book omg. it makes me cry even more.💔

  3. I'm so sorry I loved five feet apart to and it did not home and I will pray that you get better

  4. I am watching this movie next week on friday and i love how u were honest amd now i am even more excited to see this movie. I am going to look at Cf a very different way from now on and i am going to get the book now. Thank u that u told this story i love u💗

  5. I hope you get better soon ❤️❤️🙃🙃🙃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Before i saw the movie i didnt even know what CF was. After i walked out of those theatres i changed, i think most of my friends and even family has never seen me cry or anything. That movie broke me it changed me for the better. You are beautiful, you are strong, compassionate, etc. I could go on and on but my gosh…….keep fighting girl. Jesus loves you stay strong!

  7. My friends and I went for one of my best friends birthday and all of us cried you are in my prayers with every other cf’er stay strong guys ❤️🤘

  8. I sobbed so bad it’s not funny, and I even cried after the movie because it’s touching and it’s just amazing

  9. First of all I am so sorry that you had to hear what these ignorant girls were saying…I don't know ppl can be so mean and inconsiderate! I haven't seen it yet…I hope it comes out on Netflix soon…Awwe you're breaking my heart…I hate to see you cry and I sincerely feel your pain…I'm sure it was hard to watch…Your right..a person without C.F. will never understand this movie like you and other patients do…never apologize for crying you have every right to…crying is cleansing the soul..We all love and support you and I hope you can feel ya sweetheart and know you are in my thoughts and prayers always sending hugs from Indiana…is it out on video yet or Netflix yet? 😚❤❤❤❤❤❤😘

  10. To all people with cf you are soo strong you remind me of Stella very strong and brave I like will but you are strong and amazing and a inspiration your very awesome and I don't know what it's like but it's very sad to see those people have these struggles in life I fell so bad for you and the pain I can't imagine everyday constantly not knowing when your lungs will fail I apologize for the people being soo stupidity rude I'm so very sorry stay strong sending prayers and love
    plz don't apologize for sharing your emotions it's good to show your emotions with the world we have today i appreciate you for doing this video thank you❤

  11. I second your reaction! It was really sad, but it depicted what someone with cf goes through every day! I have cf and the movie really made me want to shout out, "You have to watch this movie!" It does not sugarcoat it. Cf is not a disease that you get over. You have it for life. You can't go into remission. I have so much respect for the actors and the director because the director had a personal connection with Claire Wineland, another YouTuber with cf. And those girls who laughed at this movie are very disrespectful. At my theater, they were loud as well. This is a fresh new take on a disease like this because the movie Everything, Everything was about a girl with SCID but she didn't even have it. Her mom had Munchausen's by Proxy. But this movie all the people had cf in it and didn't fake it. The characters actually had Cf and didn't have overprotective mothers. This is different from any romance movie out there. And it had no ugly stuff in it either. Maybe some curse words but nowadays you hear those all the time. This is much better than the movie After. So much more affection. I've heard Breakthrough is also good. Well thanks for sharing your emotional but insightful reviews! Hope you get your LF up soon!

  12. those 5 people who disliked this video… shame on you. I’m not gonna say any more about those 5 people, just keep shining…. and most of all, keep breathing 💗💘💖💓💞💕

  13. hugs thanks for sharing your opinion on here. I know that some people with CF would struggle to see the movie and others would find it very comforting that you can relate to it, as you have. I've seen it twice….the first time around I got really upset because one of my prior jobs was to do some heart transplant assessments….so working in a team and determining whether a person was or was not eligible for a transplant and if there are any other options for them. So no, I didn't recommend everyone because there are some pretty big issues with so few organs available and I was thinking of people like yourself and crying because I felt like I'd been killing people off! But the second time I was able to enjoy it and just think more rationally. I'd love to work with people who have CF, so who knows what the future holds for me!!! Keep your head up hunni. (PS. Tears are nothing to be ashamed of!)

  14. I’m sooo sorry you had to watch the movie with the public. I wish you could have seen it in a private screening. Stay positive and stay strong. Speak your mind and live to the fullest!!! Sending love and positivity your way.

  15. I watched Five Feet Apart last night and I could not stop crying. I was crying throughout this whole video too. I am so so proud of you for sharing your feelings to the world, and you’re so fricken beautiful like omll 😍😍. You are so strong and I have so much hope for your future😘😘💞💞

  16. I have a little friend and he is only 3 and he has CD I have watched he movie and cried like hell. We are all here for u and I kniw u will survive because u are brave to talk about this and share it to the world❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  17. Not trying to be mean but you didn’t really explain why , how , and sometimes you mixed up the events a little. The part where Will was saying,”I’m so sorry.” was because of drug trial not working.

  18. I’m so happy I went to see this movie, it gives out such an important message, I learnt so much through that movie. I’m so happy I found your channel, you remind me of Claire Wineland 💖💖💖

  19. CF really is a thief. It steals time, love, and literally everything. I watched the movie in the theaters twice and cried so much because it hurt me seeing CF patients go through these things. I really have so much respect and love and honor each and every single person who has CF because you guys are so brave, so inspiring, so strong, and so amazing. You inspire me and reminded me how blessed I really am every day for every breath. And I needed that nudge. Thank you. I also want you to know that God is there with you through the journey. GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU EVEN WITH YOUR BROKEN HEART AND WOUNDS AND YOUR SCARS. GOD IS NOT DONE WRITING YOUR STORY. May God bless you through this journey and I want you to know that you are never alone and you got this! 🙏💕 prayers! May God bless you all, beautiful!

  20. I watched this movie yesterday and it was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen😭 and all I could think about how sad my mum was when her best friend died of cf when she was only ten 😢

  21. Hopefully, your lungs start to improve soon you're so strong!!! My thoughts and prayers with you.

  22. I won't be able to watch it in the movie theatres cuz I live in Norway and they haven't bought broadcasting rights for the movie:( I have sent emails to my local cinema and they answered that they are considering it and that they'll only maybe show five feet apart in the theatres. So that's obvi really a downer but I did get to see it on 123movies on my computer tho. Cuz I was VERY desperate to see five feet apart and it was a really shitty quality and 2 or 3 commercials that interupted the movie but except that, it was an amazing movie and it was so sad but I am SOOOO glad I watched it and I hope it will come to theatres in norway:))))))))))

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