DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DOCTOR: NIGHT SHIFT! (Vlogging in the Hospital)

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DOCTOR: NIGHT SHIFT! (Vlogging in the Hospital)

Morning guys. I’m Siobhan, a second-year medical resident. I just got to the hospital. I’m on internal medicine right now and I’m starting a 24-hour call shift. Alright, so heading up to meet the team in just a couple of minutes. Grab all my stuff that I need: stethoscope, lanyard, pager, so everyone can get in touch with me whenever they want. And of course pen. Okay, let’s go. Okay, so we just met as a team. We have five residents on today, which is incredible because often in the holidays, we’re not that well stocked with doctors. Today we will divide up the 30-ish patients that we’ve got on the team. We each see them, write a note, you know follow up, update families, talk to different services that are involved, typical patient care stuff. This morning I’m going with the staff physician to see the three new patients who got admitted to our team. So we’re heading down to the emergency department to catch up, get to know them and see what care we have given to them last night. All right, just back from the emergency department. I saw those three patients, one of them was having persistent falls, another one came in with COPD exacerbation. So their underlying lung disease which is from smoking too much, got really bad because of the flu. And the third person actually came in with the flu as well. So we’re getting into that kind of flu season. Make sure you guys get your flu shots. It can be pretty bad for some people. Okay, so this first patient is coming in actually has heart failure is one of their issues. And a pneumonia, so I’m looking to find out their weight, reviewing their medications, taking a look at their blood work from today. And I’m seeing a note from our dietitian to see what they’re suggesting, some nursing notes. That at least gives me a little bit of a primer. I know what’s been going on, I’m gonna go see the patient now. Hi, this is Siobhan from Team C returning a page. Mm-hmm Okay Oh I didn’t realize that. Okay, you know what?! Let me check it then and I’ll give you a call back. Okay? Okay. Bye. Ehmm.. Some mix-up with the patient’s home medication. It’s not exactly what’s been ordered and the patient has a question about that. So I need to look it up and then we’ll give them a call back. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. Yeah, so I’ve just made the change in the computer. It should be up now. Thanks, sure sure. Yeah. Okay. Bye. Aahhh another page already. Hi, this is Siobhan from Team C returning a page. Yeah, oh one second. Let me just grab my list, my patient list. All right, finally getting back to this first patient’s note. You know when you start getting paged all the time and your attention is getting pulled from place to place, a little task like writing a note can take so long. Okay, that one done. Next on to seeing this patient. You can tell there’s a lot of documentation. You see a patient, you document. You have a conversation, you document. You check their medication, you document. You talk about risk, you document. You do a procedure, you document. The whole idea is that so everyone in medical team, even if they haven’t spoken to you in person, can read your note and know what the plan is. But sometimes it feels tedious, so it’s not all running around the hospital all the time, full of action. There is some of that absolutely, but then you gotta document after the action. Oh, 1:45 guys. The exhaustion is setting in. Definitely time for a tea break and some food. Tea and food. You know since I’m down in the first floor, I might as well just pick up my call room key now. Hey, can I get a call room key? Oh, that would be great. Do they have computers? Because I forgot my computer in a different city. Excellent! Got the call room key, now to heat up my lunch. All right, let’s get to the call room for lunch. I’m just gonna put my feet up for a minute. Oh man, aahh! The bed is not made, uh, at least I figured this out now and not like 3:00 in the morning. Otherwise, I’d be so sad at that point. Okay, bed is made for future me to enjoy. Just having some salmon now, some left over from Christmas festivities. And just looking over blood work. So some blood work on a patient that I really thought just didn’t look like herself, so.. Just seemed a bit off, and so I’ve sent off some lactate, vbg, some CBC and just to see what’s going on, if anything has changed. Anything that… I’m just worried about an infection that’s brewing. So I’m gonna look at that and then I’m gonna head back up to the ward and go and see a bunch more patients. Or maybe I’m dealing with this. Hey, this is Siobhan from team C returning a page. Oh perfect! Yes. Yes. I did know they were coming. Oh, you can just let them know I’ll be there and… I don’t know, 10 minutes or so. Perfect. Thank you very much. Okay. Bye. Okay, there’s a family that I need to chat with, in terms of the goals of care of this patient. So I just really wanted to catch them in person. So the nurses just let me know they’re here. I need to go upstairs, sign that discharge prescription and then head over there. All right. Let’s go. It’s 5:30 p.m I just got paged from one of my colleagues, one of the other residents down in the emergency department. They just got three new consults to internal medicine from the emerge. Meaning there are three patients in the emerge who need to be assessed and likely admitted to the internal medicine service. So I’m heading down to go and do one of those consults now. Round two, the glowing sign. Oh man… It’s 2:30 in the morning right now, I’m so tired. I’ve been in the emergency department since 5:30 pm. I admitted four patients and then in that time just kind of been up and down, back to patients on the ward who had different issues that I need to address. I didn’t have time to vlog to tell you guys about the consults, because it’s just been go-go-go and feeling pretty exhausted. And I realized I haven’t eaten dinner and I’m freezing and I didn’t have my sweater. So I’m just back at my call room, getting my sweater, getting some food and then back to the emergency department. Okay, feeling warm makes such a big difference. Food is heated up and I’m gonna eat while I’m looking up this patient’s blood work and and x-rays and stuff and ehh… Try to keep moving. Just keep moving. Okay consult number five, I’m feeling a second wave of energy, now that I’ve had some food. So this is the patient who continues to fall, multiple times over the last couple of days. So there’s a huge list of what could cause this. So I’m gonna dig into the blood work, then go have a long conversation with the patient. It’s 3:50, I’m just finishing up this patient’s note and I know there are still three patients that we haven’t seen yet, that are just waiting in line for us to see. We are counting down the hours now. Okay, 5:00 a.m. Just finished that sixth consult and Dare I say it? I actually… I’m gonna try to go to my call room for the first time to sleep. Let’s even do it. Oh man I just got paged after 30 minutes. I actually thought I was dreaming, I didn’t really understand where the page was at first. Okay. I’ve got a patient whose heart rate is going very fast. I need to go and assess them. See, eh, what I can do to help and get going. Okay. Oh my gosh, I’m so tired Got this awkward 30 minutes before I go meet up with the team. I’m scared if I go back to my room, I’m gonna fall asleep. Finally done, heading home. It was a busy night. That was steady, that was really steady and I cannot wait for my head to hit the pillow. Anyway, if you guys want to see more videos like this and see what it’s like overnight on call, check out these videos up here. And of course if you like videos like this, don’t forget to subscribe, comment because I love to hear from you guys. And otherwise, I’ll be chatting with you next week, Bye for now!

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  1. ⚜️ Hey friend !! Cheers from California 🤗 Slowly but surely I’m catching up on your vids !! Two words come to mind “so amazing” !! Aside from your devotion to your passion, I admire your fortitude and consistency. I send peace and light 🙏🏾⚜️

  2. Are you able to say in which hospital to work?? It would be nice to know where to find you during my next SLE Flare-up!
    At what age do you think it’s too late to go to med school (I already have an HBSc in Bio) & what schools would you recommend?

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    Maybe speak to an expert and show us examples of what different illnesses/deceases could look like in the blood/urine/spinal fluid.

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  19. I used to work 12 hour night shifts in a dementia home. People used to assume all we did was sleep, but we weren't allowed to. We couldn't even watch TV. We had no time to sleep, night shifts were always so busy. Residents never sleep, they get restless in the night so it keeps you busy.

  20. I have health Issues that lead me in the hospital more than I’d like to be. When I have nurses and doctors with your demeanor, it makes for a better experience. I enjoy you blogs.

  21. You are truly an inspiration to me I absolutely love your charisma very positive regardless of all the load work u have to attend wow <3 and to top it all off at such a young age

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    Im 18.. 19 next month
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  28. Hi Violin Doctor:

    be careful when you shoot the video inside the hospital because it may violate the HIPPA and your hospital social media policy the lead you to loose your job and your MD license even your career!

    And it is NOT acceptable to hold the camera when you run to a code blue or share your shift report and your patient information in front of the camera and post on YouTube ! In addition to violating HIPPA, holding a camera will distract you from your patients and your clinical tasks! Remember: you are a Doctor facing the vulnerable lives but the actress facing the eye-grabbing cameras!

    Meanwhile, You put yourself, your patients, your co- workers, your leaderships as well as your hospital in a vulnerable position by shooting and publishing the real world videos! They suppose to stop this violating behavior right away as our patient advocates! As a professional Doctor, You need to focus on your patients but the camera during your work ! These sharing probably make a lot fun for your audiences but NO FUN at all for a medial professional and any Heath organizations !! !

    As a professional RN with 22years clinical experiences and patient advocate, I urge you to delete all your work related videos ASAP and stop violating our patient rights by shooting videos during your work! I will keep checking your channel and make official report to your licenses board as well as YouTube media platform if you won’t take my advices seriously ! 09/13/2019 5:47pm

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    I am 9 years old
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