Desperate Nurse with Electicial Engineer – Comedy One

Desperate Nurse with Electicial Engineer – Comedy One

How are you feeling now? Better Better? Breathe properly Darling what are you doing here? Darling My wallet Yes, your wallet! How will you get your wallet because your wallet is here Ah Sir. Is this? No No. This not mine I am so sorry this is mine ahh. Is this the one? Yes. This is the one No problem But who are you? This is electrician Tony He received a shock after his finger got stuck in a mixer socket I hope you are fine? Much better sir and its only because of your wife You got your wallet no? Ya ya got it Then go no… Excuse me can i drop somewhere no no no. Let him stay here only He is shocked no, let him relax and then i will leave drop him ok ok ok darling Ok bye byee ohh god! your husband is such a good man yes what to do? Just like a diamond I am so lucky Tony sir in our fridge there seems to be problem with ice freezing And ice doesn’t suit him too ohh ok It doesn’t suit me too Who said this? I said you no my throat is sore Ya. How many times I have told to gargle with hot water With a pinch of little salt ok ok. Should I go? Keep checking Almost got screwed hahah Ya so… The person is really like a diamond

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