Dietitian Reviews FOOD COMBINING DIET with Kenzie Burke Health for Weight Loss

Dietitian Reviews FOOD COMBINING DIET with Kenzie Burke Health for Weight Loss

and finally and finally come path and finally come combining oh my god hey everyone i'm abby sharp welcome to Abby's kitchen I get so so many suggestions from all of you about things you want me to talk about on my channel but nothing has compared to the number of requests I have received to talk about food combining particularly about this kind of Kenzie Burke woman and and her her perspective on food combining so I did touch on the idea very briefly a couple weeks back when I was reviewing Kate flowers video so you can check that out right here but of course I want to do the diet real justice and do a deep deep dive for all of you guys so you can get the full idea so first of all I want to talk about what is food combining well basically it's a set of rules that suggest that you should eat some foods together and some foods separately it's actually not like a new new thing I remember hearing about it before I even became a dietitian it actually has roots in Ayurvedic medicine however of course these things have a way of making their rounds and we are seeing it come back in to kind of vogue and popularity thanks to people like Kenzie Burke so here are the basic rules only eat fruit on an empty stomach don't combine starches and proteins don't combine starches with acidic foods don't combine different types of protein only consume dairy products on an empty stomach especially milk protein should not be mixed with fat sugar should only be eaten alone fruits and vegetables should be eaten separately I don't know about you guys but when I read a list like that I feel a combination of exhaustion anger and a little bit of hunger but of course it's time for me to put my big girl pants on and get down to the science ok so the theory behind combining or food combining is that when you eat fast digesting foods like fruit and slow digesting foods like protein at the same time it creates some kind of like traffic jam in your gut and not apparently can create digestive distress and disease and toxic mother build-up so that's what Kenzie says and we're gonna hear a little bit more about Kenzie's philosophy and then I'll talk a little about the science so let's do this with chicken on it for lunch and then you have a sweet tooth so you want to have some fruit which which is great fruit is great and I'm a big fruit person but it's just a matter of how you eat your fruit so you know you're on this one-way street right and you have your chicken right here and it's it's stopped at the stop sign on the one-way street and then you try to put fruit on top of that but there's nowhere to go okay it's a one-way street they can't go around the car they're stuck so the fruit is essentially stuck on top of the chicken fruit digests in 30 minutes so it's wanting to digest it's like trying to break down but it can't because it has nowhere to go and also think about how like hot it is inside of your body we have a lot of okay so I think Kenzie needs an anatomy class and I'm gonna try to do my best to like break it down so what I am envisioning when I hear Kenzie talk about her vision of digestion I think of like a snake when a snake eats like an apple and it's like a whole apple and it just like goes into its belly and it's like bulging and it's stuck there and of course like nothing else can get past I don't know if that's actually true because I'm a dietitian I'm not like a reptile nutritionist but that's what it sounds like Kenzie is suggesting it's happening here but the reality is our stomach doesn't contain its contents like a perfect Pintrest parfait I mean it's more like a smoothie by the time it gets to our Gatton is ready to be digested and absorbed so let's talk about that digestion for a sec okay so the first step of digestion happens in our mouth we we chew our food so it's masticated up into smaller pieces and then the enzymes get to work starting to break them down so amylase works on the carbohydrates we're eating and lipase works on the fats when the bolus or the food ball I guess you could say enters our stomach gastric acid is released as this more enzymes to keep the digestion flow in so we see lipase again for fat pepsin for protein and amylase for carbs so let's stick with Kenzie's analogy of the kind of like one way street cuz it's held a lot more pleasant than the snake imagery I've got going on here but the reality is our digestive system is not a one-way street it's more like a six-lane Highway and when we eat something the food finds a lane and then our body sends out messages to get the enzymes the appropriate enzymes needed to help break it down and all of these things are happening simultaneously it's not like one food is being broken down at once on top of that there's no such thing as foods only consisting of one food group so these food rules seem really arbitrary at best and really faulty and problematic at worst I mean all whole foods contain a variety of food components like fat carbs and protein and it's our body's job to be equipped with the right enzymes and variety of enzymes to help break those foods down for digestion and absorption for example fruits and vegetables contain carbs we know that but a lot of them also contain small amounts of protein and fat animal foods like meats for example often contain protein but also fat it's very hard to find proteins that are devoid of fat at the same time we see things like grains grains are really great source of carbohydrates but also protein and sometimes even fat as well so it only makes sense that our body's equipped to be able to handle whatever cocktail of things we put into it and to try to digest all of that optimizing your energy so our digestive systems use the most energy out of any single part in our body uses 80 to 90 percent of our energy I tried to fact-check that as best as I could and I could not find any sources that suggests that we use 80 to 90 percent of our entire energy to digest food the best number I was able to find was 10% which honestly makes a lot more sense I feel like if we were using 80 to 90 percent of our energy dust just to digest food we would need a hell of a lot more energy so just wanted to make that clear so if you eat in a way where you're freeing some of that energy up and your food can just go right through you you are freeing up energy within your body to do other things like to rebuild your skin's collagen to shed off weight easily and permanently energy ok so I just want to clear that piece up as well because I don't really buy into this idea that we want food to go through us quickly I think that's so weird I mean do you like diarrhea I don't like diarrhea it's never been part you know one of my top favorite pastimes but the reality is we actually want food to go through our digestive tract slower because that means more satiety when food kind of when you eat something and then you're starving again in half an hour it usually means that those kinds of foods are not very satiating and it's gonna potentially lead to overeating it spikes your blood sugar and then crashes you right back down slow digesting foods also helped us normalize our blood sugar levels so for example if you just have like a piece of candy for example which is just straight-up carbohydrates straight up simple sugars without any fiber protein or fats to slow it down we see a spike in our blood sugar and then a crash shortly after and we're hungry again right so that is why I actually recommend food combining and I'll talk more about this in a bit where we want to combine a source of carbohydrates with our protein fiber or fats so some kind of describe c–'s in philosophy going on here but I guess Kenzie's really much more concerned about the collagen and permanent weight loss which is does make sense okay I also want to talk about thermogenesis so thermogenesis is the process where our body creates heat as a byproduct of breaking down and digesting and absorbing food so this is where the idea of kind of like burning calories comes from because calorie is just a measure of heat so some foods actually have a higher thermogenic rate because it takes our body more energy to help break it down and absorb it which is actually thought of as kind of a good thing because it means a slight boost in our metabolic rate it's just kind of strange to me that Kenzie sees all those kinds of things the heat generation as being problematic when really the science tells us otherwise and I also eat good portion meals like I don't restrict myself in any way and I go to bed with a flat stomach and I feel amazing and I know that I'm just getting all the nutrients from my food so there's a lot to unpack there but first of all let me just talk about some of the benefits that she just noted light energized flat stomach feeling amazing none of those things have to do with food combining for the energized thing for example this has nothing to do with the fact that you know maybe you are eating avocados separate from your egg for example this has probably a lot more to do with the fact that she may be staying hydrated not overeating high-calorie high-fat foods spreading her calories out throughout the day and not skipping meals and then getting ravenous and eating a huge meal before dinner focusing on stress physical activity and of course sleep all those things are way way better predictors of feeling energized and you know combining certain foods or separating certain foods in your day I think it's easy for a youtuber to pinpoint a very specific element in their diet as the reason for their their health however the evidence really does suggest otherwise that all of these other things that she's likely also doing are much better predictors and I haven't even touched on things like the social determinants of health which we know are the biggest predictors of overall well-being my entire body transformed and I immediately started to notice changes within my body and four weeks into it I mean note I also was working out throughout this whole thing and I've also been very health conscious but with honestly Kenzi my thinking here is that the reason for your flat stomach is largely genetic and the fact that you've never housed a human in there but also you pointed out yourself that you were exercising a lot and paying attention to what you eat whatever that means so those are probably much bigger predictors than this food combining magic and mama juju but of course I want to talk a bit about the science behind bloating so that you guys have a little bit more context so one of the claims of food combining is that the fast digesting foods and slow digesting foods are digesting at different rates and the slow digesting foods end up sitting in your gut and rotting which causes bloating the reality is Bustos just like sit around untouched in your stomach for long periods of time or like any periods of time our stomach is incredibly acidic and our body will start to very quickly break down anything that's in there as for your intestines this makes a little bit more sense because our large intestine houses a wide variety of good bacteria and foods that we don't break down for example like fiber ferment there and cause yeah so for example that's why you got gas when you eat like a lot of cabbage or a lot of broccoli or cauliflower raw vegetables for example but that's actually not all bad I mean the byproduct of this process is things like short chain fatty acid which we know are really good for blood sugar control reducing the risk of disease and inflammation some other likely reasons why you might be experiencing bloating are things like legitimate food intolerances or eating too fast or too much especially foods that are high in fat or high salt or high-calorie some of those sulfurous vegetables that we just talked about that ferment in the gut or sugar free foods that also can ferment in the gut as well as just like hormones like during that time of the month in fact if you're suffering from chronic bloating it could be a symptom of something more serious so always speak to a registered dietician or doctor if this sounds like you before your symptoms get exacerbated by something like food combining from there so you just pick one it doesn't have to be a super overwhelming thing you pick one and then from there you pick your vegetables so I always say half or more than half of your plate should be vegetables vegetables optimize digestion vegetables are amazing for you vegetables are your best friend they are on neutral food they can digest with anything like leafy greens can digest with anything they even digest with fruits of it uh the rules like before we couldn't eat vegetables and and fruit and now we the greens are a neutral they're magic so I agree with Kensie here that I also like to try to fill like half my plate with vegetables best vegetables are amazing vegetables are magic vegetables are great for digestion yes we agree on this one point Kenzi however I want to talk about this whole idea of vegetables being neutral aside from the kind of moral language that is associated with that what I think she's getting at is that in the food combining world whose could either be acidic alkaline or neutral and eating the wrong foods can apparently alter your ph which of course can disrupt your digestion yes our enzymes need an optical pH to function however there's no evidence to suggest that eating specific alkaline or acidic or neutral foods have a significant impact on our digestive tract pH and even if it could change things your body would find a way to correct it so here's how your stomach lining contains cells that help to regulate its pH level if pH was to change then your body would secrete more gastric acid to bring it back into line the same kind of thing happens in your intestines which are more alkaline basically if it got too acidic in there then your pancreas would secrete bicarbonate acid to neutralize the gastric acid coming from the stomach either way your pH levels are tightly controlled and regulated by the your body and not the food you eat thank you next time it was my thing like sometimes even twice a day that was my go-to snack cutting out apple and almond butter together alone like those two together completely changed my life like I was bloated after I had apple and almond butter every single time I didn't know why I thought it was healthy there to Whole Foods like why why wouldn't that work but it was because the almonds take way longer to digest than the apples use energy to try to break that down and I was causing bloat I swear I lost it I don't like to talk about weight but I lost weight when I started food combining and I swear the Apple and almond butter was such a big thing tiniest chips that make the biggest difference I can't help but like I'm trying not to poke fun at this but honestly it's funny how much she's harping on an apple and almond butter but also this diet just sounds so delusional I mean I I don't know if if she ever plays back this video and listens to some of these statements but if I were to do that I would be I would hope that I would see some issue here but I want to talk about food combining in the context of weight loss because I understand from a lot of your messages that this is really where your interest lies so basically to date I was only able to find one study on food combining and weight loss and they see what they did was they come they divvied up the participants into one group that was put on a food combining diet and another group that was put on a balanced food diet both groups were only allowed to eat 1,100 calories which in my books is starvation and I'm surprised it even made it past ethics however not surprisingly considering how low-calorie this diet was both groups lost weight and the conclusion was that food combining offered no benefits compared to a general balanced diet and of course this is a short-term study as they all are but I would be really surprised if anyone was able to maintain that weight lost 95% of people gain back the weight that they lose on diets and usually then even more so so I say do not try this at home I was really struggling about two years ago I got really into working out I was obsessed with it and I'm a very obsessive person so I couldn't just stop with the working out it was like I needed more and I wanted more so I got really interested in the food I ate and then I got also kind of obsessive with how I looked and a lot of that had to do with social media it was like I always saw these models I always thought these Fitness influencers and I would see them posting like burgers and french fries and it just didn't add up to me I could not understand like how do they do that and I also didn't feel like I could find the truth like I would find someone and I would think okay I'm gonna try this system and for it to not work for me and to like come to find that maybe they were restricting more than what they had posted and I just felt super super frustrated so I just want to flag this little testimonial and and confessional in the middle of Kenzie's video here because when I hear this I honestly I hear my former self when I was really in the throes of disordered eating and orthorexia and I'm not Kenzie's doctors so this is by no means you know me trying to diagnose anything but this sounds very much like disordered eating disguised by wellness culture and a quest for better health this is the lure of orthorexia this is why it's so easy to fall victim to fall into this trap because it's all you know not done out of vanity it's for health so there there's there's this allure of you know self-care but really any obsession with wellness is problematic and this is her language obsession that's the word that she used she talked about being constantly obsessed and the term obsession or obsessed is inherent and part of the definition of or threat SIA and I created the 21 days to your best body stories that I receive of other girls that have done this reset that have had severe bloating like severe bloating they never thought there was a cure within three days of doing food combining and eating plant-based foods everything was transformed for them it's really good to get in tune with your body health is a ripple effects I'm here to get you started I'm here to provide you inspiration I'm here to provide you information but once you start to feel good you will be hungry for more and you will evolve and here's the sales pitch so Kenzie is talking about how she's now a certified health coach and these health coaching programs the qualifications and schooling required can range from anywhere between like a few weeks unlike an online program to maybe like a year when I looked deeper at her credentials I found that it does not require a kind of license the same way that being a registered dietician would so she's free to give nutrition advice as long as she doesn't call herself a registered dietician so the reason behind not needing a license is that they're not seen as being a public health concern however I would say that prescribing certain diets or lifestyles on a large platform to a large audience like YouTube and pushing a 21-day body reset program is definitely harming to the public and a public health concern the problem is that a lot of people don't realize and understand the difference between a registered dietician or nutritious and a health coach and for that reason people don't really realize how much or how little education and training and expertise their so-called expert has and of course she has a program that she's pushing not surprised if you're looking for a way to get started you should do my 21-day reset I have all the information you could ever need about food combining on my page and I don't have lengthy information on it because I don't want to overwhelm anyone I know should there's no lengthy information and it's not because she doesn't want to overwhelm anyone it's because she wants to deceive everyone because there is no lengthy information I have given you all the information the legitimate information right here so now let's flip the switch and talk about some situations where food combining could actually be beneficial so first of all combining iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods so there are two types of iron heme iron found in animal products and non heme iron found in plant-based products and non heme iron is not absorbed as readily and effectively or efficiently as heme iron so one way to increase the absorption is to pair it with a vitamin C rich food so that's why we recommend combining things like beans and lentils and legumes with things like tomatoes or bell peppers or citrus fruits this would be really important information for Kenzi to share with her plant-based friends and followers however this would be prohibited by the standards of the food combining God's number two fat soluble vitamins with a source of fat so your fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A D E and K are best absorbed with some kind of source of fat so research has found the carotenoid rich fruits and veggies like your orange and red and green vegetables are best with a little bit of oil or fat to increase the absorption so that's why for example we always recommend having full fat salad dressing on your salad greens like wise it'd be really really important to get some fat with your vitamin A rich fruit so for example pairing mango with cashews or watermelon with avocado all of those mean really great ways to reap the benefits of your produce however of course that would be outlawed by the food combining rules so that sucks and finally combining carbohydrates with a source of protein or fat so contrary to the food combining rules there's actually a lot of benefits to adding some fat or protein in with your carbohydrates at your meals and snacks so for example in sports nutrition we want to pair our carbohydrates with our protein after a workout to help to replenish our glycogen stores and repair those torn sore muscles likewise blood sugar control is also a really important reason to add a little bit of protein or fat in with our carbohydrates so once that he found that people had much better blood sugar levels after combining some lentils with their potato as opposed to just having the potato all on its own alas none of these things would be allowed if you just followed those stupid food combining rules all right folks real talk these rules are bogus in my books however the reality is anytime you impose a set of rules on you on yourself and your eating you cut out a ton of food the more rules the fewer eating options that you have and at the end of the day that may just result in you eating less which may result in weight loss and may also result in less bloating because of just the quality of foods that you're consuming it's not about you pairing an apple with a carrot it's the fact that you're just consuming less food so yeah I just want to like flag that I get that I'm being a little bit harsh in this video more so than I have been recently but it's really because of Kenzie's tone and the fact that Kensie very much like Frehley is positioning herself as a kind of health guru and a health coach or wellness health coach and I find that really problematic because there's a lot of misinformation embedded in her videos and her reset program that she's peddling so I really do have to call this out this is not just a youtuber who's sharing what she eats in a day saying this is this is what feels good for me she is pushing and marketing a whole program and herself as an expert who is out there lending expertise expertise and recommendations and prescriptions so I had to lay down the law on this one a little bit and and yeah I mean it is what it is so guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it the thumbs up leave me a comment below about any other diets or people who you'd like me to review I'd love to see them we're constantly compiling that list and trying our best to make our way through subscribe to the channel and don't forget to check out my playlist of some other really great what I eat in a day youtuber review videos right here alright see you guys next time bye you

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