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  1. Seeing video like this, especially from Margarita Life, it's always awesome! 😀
    2:30 This arrangement is so good! "Just stop!" "Why?" Why not?" (don't want to spoil too much, so I just rewrote in simple version of it :v)


  3. Это прекрасно, так гармонично. Хотя я смотрела сериал только отрывками,но это видео опять доказывает,что стоит посмотреть полностью

  4. if series 12s master is the after of Missy then i think Missy getting stabbed made her realize who she really was the sadistic master

  5. Great video! Really liking this new Master so far (though I still miss Missy). I'm curious though – when the Doctor realized that O was really the Master, she looked terrified/horrified. Why? Because of what was done to O, or because the Master was back? If it was the 2nd reason, then I don't get it. The Doctor and Missy were definitely enemies/frenemies, but I don't remember 12 actually looking scared of Missy, so why would she looked scared here? Can't wait to see what the show does with the Master next!

  6. I love the way you've linked up all the little parallels and callbacks, tieing things in with each other and somehow making it all cohesive. I'm especially fond of the "it's our Paris", which is a very obvious parallel, but highlighting of the power games between them that starts with Missy calling the Doctor to heel is fantastic too and reminds me why I ship these two characters.

  7. "How else would I get your attention to go home, and see the lies they have thought us. I could not resist, but to punish them."

    I wanna believe he burned it for good reason, and the master is now in the unknown….. All to be friends…

    (Note I have not seen the video yet, so cd I am at work)

  8. There’s such sexual chemistry between the doctor and the master regardless of what gender/incarnation turns up at what time

  9. Two seconds in I had already hit the like button. This is a masterpiece! My favorite version of the master will always be Missy but I love seeing the similarities between all of them. Definitely going to break the replay button on this video. 10/10

  10. Amazing compilation! Beginning to think they are a true dyad created by Omega to balance the power of the time lords.

  11. My favourite part of the Spyfall Part 2 was literally when Doctor did that at 0:07, it gave me goosebumps. I loved it.

  12. Really didn't think that the punisher soundtrack (Tyler Bates – Frank's Choice) would work with doctor who, turns out does 😁😁😂

  13. This edit is actually so damn good. The build up of the 4 beats at the beginning, the 'It's our Paris' line, showing them meeting in the middle of Paris during a war, and that theme of betrayal, is just absolutely stunning in this!

  14. This video makes me remember how good the previous series have been, with strong characters, lots of emotional and impactful speeches, and epic music… things that are tragically lacking in the "new era" of 13 (don't get me wrong, the newest master is very well cast and played 👍)

  15. Geez, this series is gonna be the death of me. Every time I decide to leave it at once it just throws in my favourite villain. I really liked this edit! As much as I haven't seen the new episodes I knew about this new Master and I have to say… From what I see he looks quite intimidating yet clownish! He reminds me a lot of Simm (who still is my favourite). All the parallels you created are just perfect, and this is indeed one of the most complex relationship to portray in this Fandom!

  16. ГОСПОДИ ЭТО ВИДЕО ТАКОЕ ГОРЯЧЕЕ И ВОЛНУЮЩЕЕ!!! Как всегда ваша работа великолепна ~(♥о♥)~

    Кааааак мне понравился новый Мастер! Он абсолютно не похож на Мастеров Симма, Дельгадо и на Мисси, но при этом какие-то фирменные фразочки и движения связывают их воедино. А этот лихой сюжет вплетающий милого шпиона-айтишника (которого ненароком начинаешь шипперить с Яс из-за всего лишь одной сцены за игровым столом) в ветку повествования, что потом превращает чувство симпатии в громогласное "ААААААААА ЧТО?!". И все это приперчено пикантной внешностью Саши Дхавана и безумным взглядом его глубоких черных глаз! ПРОСТО ВКУСНОТА!!!!

  17. The Timeless child is probably is… THEIRS
    Think about it, what would be more dangerous for the Timelords greatest thorns of the Doctor and the Master? An offspring between the two of them.
    Heck the doctor did say he was a childhood friend once.

  18. "When does it stop? The games, the betrayals, the killings…"
    I've been wondering the same thing for the longest time.
    Brilliant compilation as per usual! 🙂

  19. Thank you thank you I have been waiting for baited breath for more doctor who content from you and it delivers, as always, beautifully

  20. Your edits work so beautifully, how do you choose your clips? Do you just rewatch whatever show it is you hope to do a video on and mark times of the clips you want as you watch?

  21. That's the problem with hope, it's hard to resist…..and so is choosing a favorite ( well, how can you NOT resist…..HIM… AGAIN 😲… anyway….as I were….). We're two episodes in Season 12, and Sasha Dhawan's O/ Master is fantastic. I see elements of John Simm's Master and Michelle Gomez's Missy, but from my perspective, it lean towards Simm's in terms of bringing chaos to ( his ) order. But the question is this: is he Post-Gomez ( Missy ) or somewhere in between Derek Jacobi ( Professor Yana ) / John Simm….or maybe Post Time War ( John Hurt's War Doctor )?!? Is he , or is he a reformed Fiendemy ( if there is such a word, just saying 😁 ). If everything goes well with Season 12 this year, we could see another fantastic pairing in the Doctor / Master relationship. After all, John Simm's Master was the best thing to happen to David Tennant's 10th Doctor back in 2007, 2009, and Michelle Gomez's Missy to Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor in 2014, 2015 and 2017.
    Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor and Sasha Dhawan's O Master in 2020…what a gud….. I mean great pairing to visualize. And I hope 2020 will be a vision of greatness for you, as I will do the same for me ( I'm going to need it….. I'll be 50 this year 😲!!! And still a Doctor Who fan….and I STILL haven't let 12 go YET!!….but, we knew that already 😉… and for my Mom, she still lives in my heart ❤ ). Here's to many more fantastic videos from you, Margarita Life….and happy ( slightly belated ) new year 🍹 😃!

  22. Oooh, this is so fun seeing how alike each regeneration of the Master is (and also how unique)! It's also fun now that the show is changing up the genders of both the Master and the Doctor… seeing how it affects the way their dynamic together works. Love this!! ❤️

  23. Such a wonderful tribute. I am glad there is enough footage for great vidders like you to vid them. I am overloaded with otp feels these days and I love it! ❤️❤️

  24. “You won’t get far without a Tardis” When Sacha’s master shouts it’s sends shivers down my spine! He is soooo good! Genius casting! I really hope we see more of him in series 12

  25. I’m very happy with the Masters like 10th had Simms Master 12th had Missy and 13th has OsMaster but I wish 11th Had a Master and a storyline to go with.

  26. The Doctor’s name, there are many.
    Chrístõdavõreendiamondhærtmallõupdracœfiredelúnmiancuimhne de Lœngbærrow nicknamed Christo, Thetatropoloussvsgholtazsr Sigmaakronosvexsithkada, nicknamed Theta Sigma, The Other, Merlin, The Uncoming Storm, John Smith,

    The Master’s name is Koschei

  27. The new Master is unhinged, impulsive , vindictive and more broken then usual.  What did they see ?  Thats is the mystery of the timeless child and the running theme kicks season 12 up a notch.

  28. anyone find when the FEMALE doctor kneeled infront of the MALE master that close and called him master it felt oddly sexual

  29. Ох!!! Что может быть лучше!!! Чем чувственное видео здесь !! Восхитительно, прекрасно как всегда. В самое сердце !! Спасибо ❤️

  30. i would love you forever if you shared scene packs for all of these scenes bc i cannot for the life of me find any good doctor who scene packs to download oml.

    also, this is absolutely gorgeous?? share your talent pls-

  31. Первая встреча 10 Дока и Мастера, 12 и Мисси выглядила намного эпичнее.
    Посмотрел 12 сезон слегка блеванул

  32. I hope this new Master is pre-Missy. Would be fun to see the Master or Mistress end up on the same side as the Doctor. Then again they'd be the ultimate power couple in the universe. What a gorgeous masterpiece reminding me why I ship these chaotic two.

  33. I really like the new Master! But damn Michelle Gomez for doing such an incredible job I just miss Missy so damn much 😭

  34. Oh wow! Absolutely spectacular job! This is so beautiful and I greatly enjoyed watching it. Really great video!!!!!

  35. Последний Мастер просто фейспалм. Я увидела гифки на Tumblr и мне этого хватило. Смотреть не буду

  36. My personal favourite master is prime minister master and missy
    Mainly because they both are good actors and had good writers

  37. om confused as to why the master would go on a killing rampage again i mean wernt they cool in the end before we transitioned to 13

  38. Simm was my first introduction to the master but oh my god this new one is just fantastic! I like missy, don’t get me wrong, but I love the evilness of the master more. And oh my god, when he revealed himself I like had to watch that scene over and over because holy cow he was good. The way he switched in a second proves he is a great actor. Can’t wait to see more of him. Also this might mean we’ll be getting a doctor of color next which I love. Because if missy was a test to see how people would react to a female doctor, maybe this time they are testing out how we’d react to a doctor of color. 😁

  39. Such an obvious way of trying to boost the poor reception of series 11 I'm not buying that they've improved at all.

  40. Last season wasn't very good, it made me think that I didn't like the new doctor and her companions. This season was awesome, adding the master in, having the companions learning a little bit about who she is, and adding Gallifrey!!!

  41. Childhood friends, linked by a brotherlike bond.
    A promise, to see every star in the universe together.
    But the promise was broken.
    Rivals, yet kindred spirits, Enemies, yet allies in times of crisis.
    A chance of redemption, a chance of mercy.
    But it all vanished, burned in the flames of the secret that destroyed their home planet.
    No more redemption, No more chances, No more friends.
    He went too far.
    No more Mercy.

  42. this is so cool, the doctor and the master have like my favorite dynamic in the show
    I miss 12 and missy so much but the new master is so good

    also I get why you might not be able to use classic clips but the third doctor and Delgado master have some amazing moments and every master fan should watch some of Delgado’s stuff

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