Doctor and Missy || Muddy waters [for apple outlaw] FanEditorsSS

Doctor and Missy || Muddy waters [for apple outlaw] FanEditorsSS

Ten zero eleven, zero zero by zero two. The current coordinates of Gallifrey. Gallifrey is lost. You know where it is? Doctor… We can, we can go together, just you and me, just like the old days. You’d be clapped in irons. If you like. I am going to kill you in a minute. I keep remembering all the people I’ve killed. Every day I think of more. My whole life doesn’t revolve around you, you know. Just let me live. So, They can’t know I’m blind, Missy. No one could know. Queen of Evil. No, no, don’t you dare! I won’t let you! Why are you still alive? It’s just a woman. You saved me. I’ll be good, I promise. Good is good in the final hour. Without hope. Without witness. Without reward. We had a pact. Every star in the universe. God, the way you and Nardole have been carrying on, I thought you had some kind of monster in here, or something! I do. I am your friend. She’s my friend, she’s my oldest friend in the universe. You said you are my friend. I need my friend back. I am your friend. I know I’m going to die. Conquer the universe, Mister President! Heel, Doctor! Shut up! Boom! You’ve exploded! The Doctor gave it to me, when my daughter… You win. I know. Stand with me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Me too. It’s time to stand with the Doctor.

4 thoughts on “Doctor and Missy || Muddy waters [for apple outlaw] FanEditorsSS

  1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! <3 You know how much I love these two aaaaand the song was perfect for them! "the last of my kind" bit!! 😭 the whole vid was just perfect, you gave me so many twissy feels!! thank you so much!!! 💖💖

  2. Aww I don't watch that you but these two seem great from what you showed here!! Loved the vid, it was really, really good 😀 Thank you for participating, and sorry to watch this just now!!

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