Doctor assaults lady staff at a hospital for charging his kin in Madhya Pradesh

Doctor assaults lady staff at a hospital for charging his kin in Madhya Pradesh

these are actually some shocking visuals of an incident from the states qualia region times now has access CCTV footage in which a doctor can be seen assaulting lady staff for chairing doctors skin well in fact this doctor happens to slap the lady member of the staff and my colleague Govind is with me on the phone line now Govinda ya eeka incident I is Kiki our details I a CCTV footage kavala say a Gerda kagayaki ik lady stop Cooper doctor knee attack yatta absolutely pretty we can just give the law and order condition in multiple dish were by just observing these two pictures in one picture a doctor started tweeting to our infection list on the issue that the chef's live just taken the charge of receipt from the relative of the doctor and in other pictures DSP started beating a doctor on the issue of a car parking so this is exactly what the law and order condition in multiple fish that's why the axiom of Malaysia rapid John have just registered is protest against that you generated by another condition is multiple fish so year though so we're both happy aching about the position a law in order discover BAE so please man DSP doctor camasta watch chart a massive another RI yo marking issue hulagur of to see tops with make recession in Smila the section is grow equal other doctor nurse the stock market every year you saw what she saw on thyroid notice permission mathematician Olivier so you those of smirre those kiss Kiko bodies after 40 rings ring Govind bhava chakra is story para massager Nicolette

16 thoughts on “Doctor assaults lady staff at a hospital for charging his kin in Madhya Pradesh

  1. He shouldn’t have physically assaulted her. The best thing to do is to report her for verbally abusing him and to start the fight and get her out of that hospital. I feel people are misusing laws these days.

  2. It is Clearly Visible the Lady is Abusing the Male Doctor and Even Raise the Hands .
    Times now are Fucked up Idiot

  3. mc media.. lady ko dekho.. kaise haath dikhaya pehle.. tum maa k lo. de.. ladies ko uppar rakhte ho.. cahe uski glti bhi ho.. dogla Indian media n soceity

  4. SHOCKING, these Doctors are role models and are at the top of Heirarcial order in Society . Just imagine what would such Doctors be doing to Poor and Helpless Patients and their caretakers.

  5. Majority of Doctors are GENUINE but ALL Doctors need to open the eyes and see the black sheeps among them and STOP playing ' victim card ' everytime.

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