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  1. Why can’t it just be a joke and people move on with their lives lmao just imagine it. you see something you don’t like, you acknowledge you don’t like it then you MOVEEE TF ON 😂

  2. Most of your advise is good.. but you have a lot of Tobacco science beliefs. Remember those days? You would have been the doctor smoking and recommending a brand of cigarette to their patients simply because it was the mainstream acceptable things to do. It’s so simple to blindly believe government agency and protocols. You defend things like flu shots that barely work, if at all.. while they simultaneously introduce neurotoxins into your blood stream. What’s actually impressive and not so easy, is to be able to think critically enough to see why they are typically wrong and to speak out about it even when you know you will be critiqued and likely slandered. Like the food pyramid to name one of many examples. It’s not even close to the healthiest diet for people to eat but when doctors step out of the indoctrination box and suggest a diet, let’s say ketogenic.. they have their license suspended. Making doctors nothing more than government task monkeys who either blindly agree with the “consensus” or get forced out. Your goal is to be be on Forbes 30 under 30.. I think you are too focused on that to actually see why you are wrong on quite a few things you talk about.

  3. I experience a clogged sinus sometimes in the left side and sometimes in the right. What do you think is causing these?

  4. A dumbass triage nurse looked at me, a 36yr old female who said “I’m having chest pains and Im slurring words at work and my head hurts. my bp is too high my meds aren’t working” and sat me down for fifteen minutes while she took vitals on the old man behind me who waltzed in and said chipperly “I kinda have a pain right here” and pointed at his chest. When the other nurse called out my bp 216/165 she whipped around in her chair so fast!

  5. Is it bad that I wake up at 10:00 and leave the house at 11:00 and don’t get back to the house till 5:00. The reason why is because I’m at the skatepark

  6. It happens all the time with anyone, I went to the AnE with stomach pains mostly on my lower right side. The pain kept coming in and going away so I wasn’t that serious, they just gave me pain killers until I was seen by an OBGYN because they were sure it was something with my ovaries not my appendix. They found nothing abnormal or anything that could explain the pain so they said it was my period. When I was dismissed from the hospital I saw on my papers that the doctor said that this pain was normal for me, which I specifically said that “this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt ever”. Pain kept continuing and I passed out in college, woke up in hospital the nurse there told me it was appendicitis and they had to remove it, since it had burst.

    Sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes

  7. I got asked if I had a mental health problem while in labor because I had just transferred to their practice and the dr had only seen me once (changed due to insurance issues the end of my pregnancy). He thought I was lying and swore he had never seen me before. The nurse looked at my chart and was like she had an appointment with you less then 2 weeks ago…

  8. For years, I was super sick by un-diagnosed Gluten Intolerance bordering on Celiac. During the period of when I was in high school, it was only just really being acknowledged as an actual thing; and a Doctor still tried to right it off as 'just a case of being bullied at school without admitting to it' rather than actually pushing for further tests to properly diagnose it. It was extremely frustrating, but I was fortunate to find a doctor along the way that wanted to get to the root of all the problems.

  9. What are your thoughts about nootropics and smartdrugs? Do the current nootropics in the market work? If no, is there a possibility that we can create a nootropic that will work and put it in capsules? Or won’t it fit in capsules because it will be needed in a huge amount to work because the ingredients are natural not chemical?

  10. Y'all I have terrible anxiety so I do hyperventilate and I try to keep it quiet in case people don't believe me.

  11. What about the ones from the psych ward nurse where she uses patients shock value stories to get views? but no one cares about mental health lmao

  12. A few weeks ago I had a stomach bug that my sister had. I had a fever too and I was very delirious and sometimes I would hallucinate and see things that aren’t really there. During the times when I was delirious or hallucinating, I would have really bad panic attacks and feel as if the room was closing in on me and things like that. A few weeks later I began to have dreams of the same exact types of feelings and experiences. Only a few days after having these dreams, these occurrences of me feeling delirious would begin to happen in the middle of the day, while I’m full awake. I had no fever or any illnesses (and still don’t) either. A few days ago I somehow realized that I am able to force start these delirious feeling and crazy panic attacks. All I had to was just put my body parts (usually just my hands and arms) in a certain position and try and remember the feelings/ visions I had (ex. The room crushing me, tiny objects in the room expanding and also crushing me etc.) while I was sick and delirious. Once I force started these delirious thoughts and visions I have no control of stopping it.

    This may just be a mind over matter thing that only happens because I think of it, but I’m not sure.

    I’m very confused in what I should do to possibly resolve this problem and I thought you might have advice on whether I should see a doctor about this. What should I do?

  13. I received a heart-related diagnosis when I was in my 20s. A couple of years ago, my symptoms became increasingly worse. Two specialists I had been seeing for other problems said I needed to see a cardiologist, as well as have certain tests, but my insurance required my PCP to make the referral.

    My PCP had moved and the practice was being handled by an NP until another MD could be officially brought in. I explained to the intake nurse what the two specialists had said when she asked the reason for my appointment. I then heard her and the NP talking about me out in the hallway through the closed door; the NP was saying that I was obviously a nutcase who was trying to get attention. She then came in and, without even listening to my heart, said I didn’t need a cardiologist, didn’t need any testing, though she would give me medication based on my old diagnosis. I didn’t improve.

    Eventually the new MD took over the practice and my case. He listened to my symptoms, listened to my heart, realized there was more going on, and sent me to a cardiologist. Turned out my previous diagnosis had been incorrect, which knowing about led to diagnosing a rare genetic condition. I could have received needed help much sooner had I not been treated like a nutcase.

  14. I have such anxiety going to a doctor. like I know I'm sick and I have a right to be there but I always feel like the doctor will think why the heck are you here, there's sicker ppl to treat. It's weird. I avoid going to the doctor at all costs. If I can't shake an illness with over the counter meds or if friends bug me enough, I eventually go but I don't like it at all. To then imagine that I might be mocked does not sit well.

  15. Yeah, we need more doctors on the social media 👍🏻 More of Obs&gyn for me please 🙌🏻 I need updates regularly because people still asking me questions even though I resigned 5 years ago 😅😅

  16. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a year old. A nurse tried telling me it was from too much sugar. IDIOT. It's an auto immune disease.

  17. I checked the downbox. You mention doctor mama Jones. So you know door exists. SHE SAYS SHE WOULD COLAB WITH YOU. AND YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS SO PLEASE DO!

  18. My brother had fractured his ribs when he fell down concrete stairs. Late at night a couple weeks later. Woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain and had a hard time breathing. We took him to the ER and the doctor said it was all in his head and asked my mom if she knew what anxiety was like she was stupid. She was in the medical field and knows a lot. I was so flipping pissed he treated us like we were idiots

  19. I'm in Canada and I get panic attacks. Most of the time I can manage it and distract myself until it goes away, but sometimes I convince myself that it's really happening this time, and I go to the ER. I wait a long time but that's cool because I know once I see the triage nurse (10 minute wait) and we do the EKG and blood work if they aren't rushing me in, I know I'm okay. I get treated so well, everyone has always been so kind and understanding. I lost my mum at 50 to a heart attack when I was 21 and she had back pain for a couple days before and we didn't realize that a mildly achy back pain could be a medical emergency, she just booked a massage. so now I'm hyper vigilant about any different feelings in my body and my loved ones because it was so painful and traumatic.

  20. I’ve had pains for years now, In multiple different areas of my body, some lasting a second and some lasting hours, some feeling different than others. And I went to the doctor, who proceeded to not only ignore me when I denied something (I said I couldn’t breath when they were happening, trying to explain that it hurt when I breathed so I could not really breath/breath very well during them. And she immediately went to hyperventilation, and ran with it. Even tho I said that I was not hyperventilating multiple times.) but she also made me feel like she didn’t value what I had to say or care about what I was saying or that I didn’t know anything because I was young.

  21. Honestly, I don't find anything wrong with the videos.
    The general public are morons. I dont see the big deal in Poking a little fun at that. Also, I've read on reddit about patients lying at the front desk in the ER to avoid the wait time. Its tik tok. Meant for jokes, why are poeple taking it seriously?
    On an unrelated side note: pls go back to tight shirts. This one isnt as sexy

  22. I was waking from my first and only surgery when I was 15 and I was confused where I was my vision was a bit blurry (i literally woke up and was trying to get my bearing) and the nurse in the room yelled at me in like a stern and angry voice "calm down, you're in the recovery room". Yea the best thing to do is yell at someone whose obviously dazed.

  23. The second girl made me mad lmao cause not the same subject but when I was in the hospital for a week because I haw colitis and chronicle disease and the IV was giving me a allergic reaction … keep in mind .. I have small veins , so nurses have had to poke me a couple times to find the vein …. this nurse had THE NERVE to ask “ have you done any street drugs you know like crack cocaine I was highly offended I wanted to smack her .. if she was to look at my chart she could see my conditions and never done drugs . People like this needs to not be in the work field.

  24. I get the first one, to a point. It's not funny but I can see where she was attempting to pull the humour from. The second one… PISSES ME OFF. I took myself to the hospital twice – once because I was worried that I was having a stroke (half of my face was numb, I had weird fuzzy vision and I was feeling a bit disorientated). It turned out I had a migraine – apparently they always present with headache, hence my worry. The second time a few years later with what I thought was a possible heart attack. I had heaviness in my chest, which was causing me to panic and tense up, therefore causing massive tension in my neck and arms. ALL of these are valid symptoms of impending heart trouble. Turns out I had inhaled some bile in my sleep and it was causing issues in my lungs, hence all of the above.

    Both times I was treated like a nuisance, an idiot and was given shitloads of attitude from the doctors (the nurses were ok). So when I ended up with an actual bleeding cyst on my ovary, I didn't go to ER because I thought it was just pain from my surgery that I'd had a month before – something that I should have actually gone to the ER for as well. It took three solid days of insane pain before I did anything about it. Many doctors need to take classes in empathy. I get it, they see hundreds of people go through the system every day, but more often than not, folks are scared and need reassurance regardless of if the situation is serious or not so serious, in my case.

  25. Hey Dr. Mikki :). I'm interested in your views on taking / the necessity of ancestral DNA tests? They really get people excited about their ancestry. Great show, keep it up!

  26. This is crazy. I had similar pains in my back, chest and radiating to my arm for two months. It turned out to be cancer. I was 20. I’m now fully recovered and living my best life as an architecture student. But if my doctor hadn’t been so attentive, it wouldn’t have been discovered much later. So let’s celebrate attentive doctors who take us seriously! ♥️

  27. Hello doctor Mike, thanks for your work, some of your videos have helped me a lot. I would like to ask you: what is your professional opinion on the Hay diet ? I would like to try it – not to lose weight, but to improve my digestion. Do you think this is the way to go (generally)? Thank you 😊

  28. As a health professional, these videos always disgusted and disappointed me, but now the second one really makes me feel some type of way because my best friend died earlier this week from a heart attack at 23 years old.

  29. Hey doctor mike…i recently started following u…i saw ur video on insomnia but see m a medical student and my question is opposite to this…how to be up at night for studies without caffeine intake which i tend to do a lot. Thanks!

  30. The communication point you made was so important. It is soooo immensely important for health care professionals to be able to adequately communicate with their patients tactfully and in a way that makes them comfortable when discussing their health. I know a lot of nurses/doctors that do not know how to properly discuss things with their patients even when talking about tough diagnoses. I know they mention ‘tact’ when you’re getting started in any sort of health care profession; but I really think there should be more classes dedicated to empathy, tact and how to build trust and rapport with patients.

  31. I literally had a doctor say to me, “why would you have heart problems, you’re young and healthy” when I presented with irregular heart rhythm that had persisted for months. Uhm… how would you know that I’m healthy if you don’t check me? Is youth synonymous with health? If you think so, then I don’t think you should be a doctor.

    On a different occasion I had a nurse laugh at me and tell me that moles can’t cause cancer, when I told her I had a mole on my back that was frequently itchy and bleeding. Really!? So there’s no such thing as melanoma? I just wanted a professional opinion as to whether the mole on my back looked like it could be a cause for concern and maybe worth further investigation, but I guess I wasn’t going to get it from her. I just went, “oh, that’s a relief then, sorry for wasting your time” and went home and googled.

  32. Please react to an anime called Cells at work! it's really a good show! I'm sure you're gonna like it! btw love your vids! <3

  33. When I was pregnant I went back to the hospital 3 times because I had a really bad pain in my hip joint and they kept telling me it was round ligament pain. Until the third time I was there they did an ultrasound on my leg because it was swollen and I had a severe DVT that blocked my artery from my hip, the clot location, to my knee. If I hadn't gone back that third time and pushed for my symptoms to be looked at it would have been a lot more of a serious situation. I get that people get frustrated in their jobs but there's things you should and shouldn't put on social media especially in regards to your job.

  34. I have a weird illness. Systemic Sclerosis. I have to do research on my symptoms because even medical professionals have a hard time with it. I'm 34 and have been hospitalized for WEEKS because of chest pain. Thank God I wasn't profiled by these people.

  35. hey dr mike! love your videos❤ so my mum always tells me not to put my laptop on my lap as this can cause infertility in women in the future, how true is this and is it dangerous ?

  36. Maybe physicians could, rather than just blankety telling patients to not google, advise them as to reliable sources. People are going to google but that's not going to eliminate their need for medical care. You want information when you're worried. Tell me a place YOU trust for information! Will it fully answer my question? Probably not. (Google told me once that it's possible to have a stroke that only affects the face. Certainly not helpful and a bit scary. Turned out my husband had Bells Palsy.) But it's a place to start. If I google my symptoms and find it could be 15 different things, maybe I need to see a doctor. But where should I look for that info to begin with? WebMD? Cleveland Clinic?

  37. Hey Dr. Mike, I have two questions
    1. When I play video games for fairly long sessions(especially ones that take a lot of inputs in a short spans of time), my fingers can start to hurt, what are some good finger stretches I can do.
    2. I am able to move one eye on its own by going cross eyed, is that bad to do?

  38. Generally I don't look things up on google, I use my own knowledge, talk it over with my mom (who's been a nurse her whole life) and determine if I need to go to the doctor for it.
    Once, however, I did google some symptoms, what came up seemed possible, but very unlikely to me and I went to the doctor. I told her my symptoms and what I came across on google, but that I was really sceptical about that. We decided to check it out anyway and it turned out google was right, the unlikely google diagnosis turned out to be the actual problem.

    I'm not sure who was more surprised, me or my doctor..

  39. Pre-Internet (1988), I had a Cardiac Arrest at age 20. Classic symptoms, drove myself to the ER two freeway exits away. Clots from too much air travel even with no caffeine, keeping hydrated, and moving around as much as possible during the flights. TPA and Streptokinase early patient when being tested. I will be 52 in July. Thank goodness I went to a Cardiac Hospital (Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, California).

  40. I would never have posted a tiktok like that, but know that conversations like that do happen behind the scenes because there is a truth behind those jokes as well.

    I grew up with a mother that exaggerated my symptoms to doctors so we’d be prioritized in the ER and would always advise me to make up other symptoms so that the doctors would give me their full attention. I got misdiagnosed because of that. I feel like that part of the conversation was missing in this video. That’s all.

  41. I thought i was having a heart attack when I was 19 a day or so after wisdom teeth surgery. I was so scared, my chest was so tight and struggled to breathe and couldn’t speak. My grandmother took me to the ER and I was admitted (after waiting for a while). Turns out it was from the medication I had to take and it gave me severe heart burn which in turn scared me into an anxiety attack. That being said, the hospital staff was insisting that I was on drugs when I kept answering “no”. I understand some people lie and they probably just wanted to save me if i was about to OD but it was horrible how they treated me like i was less than and a waste of their time, especially when it was just assumed to be heartburn after i brought up that i just had surgery.

  42. Hey, Dr. Mike. I was wondering if you could talk about self-harm. Since this topic gets a lot of negetive things about it. And not enough truth. People only know the simple things. And I used to cut. I want people to realize that it is an adiction. That is very hard to over come. And how people should react and help. And not just say : omg you're weird ect…
    I hope I made sense.

  43. Imo:

    1st vid- funny, pretty tame. All she said was "we can tell when you're faking" my pediatric nurse used to say that to me as kid.

    2nd vid- drops too many details, comes off as rude and uncaring and boosts distrust in medical personnel. Cocaine? Really? That's gonna scare away people on softer rec drugs that actually need medical help.

  44. Thank you thank you thank you for this video! I'm a nursing student & I am disgusted by these videos & jokes making fun of or being dismissive of patients, especially making jokes about patients' appearance (particularly their size) and people look at me like a killjoy when I dont find this funny. Hell, seeing stuff like this, ONLY FROM FEMALE NURSES, it makes me (an aspiring medical professional) reluctant to seek help if and when I need it. This " dark humor" is disgusting & if you're jaded like this, get out of healthcare.

  45. I’ve seen a lot of really concerning misinformation about birth control on tik tok from patients, things like “implants are a scam and don’t work because I got pregnant” and “my doctor said I wouldn’t get pregnant with IUD and I did, it’s fake and doesn’t work,” and I think that’s really dangerous because implants and IUDs work 99.9% of the time, but someone is going to be that 0.1%, which is why condoms are still a good idea, also because of STDs. It’s concerning to see these, because birth control is a fantastic thing for preventing unwanted pregnancy, and this could discourage someone from getting it.

  46. Yaaas Dr. Mike👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I am a woman of color and I’m scared and hate going to the doctors I’m sorry but I don’t trust them.

  47. Thanks for addressing this. I went years with multiple doctors dismissing my symptoms, resulting in worsening pain and avoidable health issues. If I had not have done extensive research into my symptoms and demanded referrals to the professionals who could eventually diagnose and help me, I might have had to drop out of school and certainly would have been in a much worse state than I am today.

    I love humor, and will absolutely support medical professionals on social media making funny, educational content (like you), but not believing patients is a serious issue, especially for people who are already marginalized in society. I wish more medical professionals would take that seriously.

    Also, thank you for adding that Google can be more up to date than doctors. Most of the time I have to educate medical professionals on my disability, because they either never learned about it or only know very out of date or completely wrong information. Unfortunately, I often face professionals who believe that I couldn't possibly know anything about my own disability, despite having lived with it for years, as I have never gone to medical school.

    Additionally, Google doesn't come with copays (if you're lucky enough to have health insurance), and can be used to find medical information that takes things like race and gender identity into account. Unless the medical field acknowledges things like poverty, racism, sexism, ableism, etc. and works toward solving those problems, then doctors will never be more trusted than the internet.

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