Doctor Strange 2 Announcement – TOP 10 WTF Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

Doctor Strange 2 Announcement – TOP 10 WTF Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

The Next doctor strange film, for instance
features some new MCU characters that that will be making their debut in that movie that you want expect or won’t guess who it is, but we found a cool way to make it work cause we needed a particular, we want to make a particular type of movie there and there was a character he always
wanted to do something with who we think will fit really well there you mentioned Spider-Man Civil War you for the stories that it was always touch and go were we gonna be able to make a deal with Sony or not. it happened again recently, but that was happening. The first time while we were writing and making Civil War as of in game in your opinion, would be the strongest Marvel hero. as of any game yet for meaningful is one of that change. Well I think it’s interesting if you if you
look at endgame Wanda Maximoff was going to kill Thanos. Yeah, I had desperately that’s a scare. As I’ve ever seen them. And if he hadn’t said decimate my entire team to get her off me. I think she would’ve done it, but Disney plus
is the big one right continuing the movies and and as we’ve announced. We’ll be doing 4 movies starting in 2021, but Disney plus has been amazing because for the first time we been
able to do service longform narrative storytelling we been doing that over 10 years, 23 movies but to do it in our six hour epic mega series whatever we want to call it for Falcon and Winter soldier for Wandavision for Loki and expand the MCU because those the those tied directly right
from endgame and then go directly into our next few movies so I think expanding that
MCU experience truly from the the streaming platform to the screen is is a fun challenge
for us and again 23 movies in 10 years of Marvel Studios for me almost 20 years of Marvel for me to have a new way of storytelling is great and keeps everybody most of us tomorrow. Students have been around 10 years at least. Looking back, everyone is Charlie so we have a brand-new Marvel phase 4 Doctor strange 2 panel the Kevin Feige just did to break
down he’s in a whole bunch of stuff about a bunch of different movies that are happening during Marvel base for if you’re brand-new to the channel Be sure to subscribe to get all the Marvel
videos there’s a bunch of really big stuff happening this year because this is my first
Marvel video of 2020 were doing a new infinity saga box set giveaway for all those Marvel films. The big one. I have an extra copy to giveaway all you do
to enter is be subscriber and your biggest prediction about Doctor strange to the clip
that I included the beginning of this of Kevin Feige talk about Doctor strange to Marvel
phase 4 all that stuff is a really shortened version of a much longer talk that he gave
so we’ll just break this down top 10 style starting with number 10 when he is talking
about how they pick which characters they introduce next in the Marvel cinematic universe. He talks about the characters that they’re
introducing that they’ve always wanted to do inside Doctor strange to just because of
the type of movie they’re doing allowed for these characters and fans would never guess
who they’re gonna do so right off the bat. People like, what’s that brand-new awesome huge character there introducing the reason why I don’t think he’s talking about Mephisto because that would be an amazing character to introduce in a really easy slamdunk for
Doctor strange horror film that is whole qualifier is that fans would never guess that and
Mephisto was the very first guest that the Internet made collectively, so automatically that probably means that is not Mephisto that he’s talking about. During this, I don’t think he’s talking about
nightmare or the Clea character, because the director Scott Erickson separately a couple
years ago were talking about those characters so they been on fans radar for a long time. Typically when you think of Doctor strange
their couple core characters. The you go to first so it sounds like it’s
knocking to be any of those regular characters. This is sort of like then doing egos a living
planet and guarding to the galaxy volume 2 it’s a really deep cut comic book character
you never thought that they would do but then also making him Peter quills father. My guess is that it won’t be quite as big
as people are making it out to be ill just be some super weird deep cut character that will wind up being a really cool thing during the movie, but not nearly as big as what it
seeming to be made out to be number 9 he says that scarlet which is the new most
powerful character in the Marvel cinematic universe at the end of Avengers endgame just to be clear, I think he was only referring to characters that were in Avengers endgame, so he’s not talking about other big cosmic characters. They haven’t done yet because they’re way
more powerful characters than scarlet which that they just have not gotten to yet Galacticus probably the best example that everyone’s waiting for them to do new fantastic four
movie, so that eventually we can get to collect this and introduce another God tier powerful character into the MCU, but this is Kevin Feige saying that scarlet which is more powerful than the whole she’s more powerful than Captain Marvel. I saw a lot of you joking in my timeline about Kevin Feige. Saying the exact same thing about Captain
Marvel last year before her movie came out. I believe his quote about her was she’s the
most powerful character we’ve ever introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe and that
was before Avengers infinity war. It happened so I think the logic is sort of
whoever is getting the next big movie in they want to hype up they think it might be big. That new person is the new most powerful character in the MCU so somebody will come along like they’ll do their Silver surfer movie and say, He’s the most powerful character we’ve ever introduced into the Marvel cinematic universe. He’s nothing if not a hype man, so hopefully that kind of explains the way they feel about how powerful each of their characters are
as of right now that’s true scarlet witch is the new most powerful avenger character on planet Earth number eight Wandavision is now releasing in the fall this year instead
of 2021. because it’s New Year’s week 2020. As I’m releasing this video, Disney plus released a new trailer. Hey, here’s all the cool stuff or releasing
during 2020 everybody get hyped up. There was a clip for the Mandalorian season to because that’s gonna be coming out later this year. Everyone’s really excited about that, but
they also included a clip for the Wandavision series So people were like wait a minute, what about the Marvel phase 4 timeline that you showed off at D23 that had it coming out during
spring 2021 before Doctor strange 2. So just to be clear, the Wandavision series is going
to cross over with Doctor strange 2 the reason why it used to be coming out right before
Doctor strange to is because the final episode of Wandavision will basically be the opening moments of Doctor strange 2 because scarlet witch is going to be in Doctor strange 2
as a main character, so that the TV shows and the movies will truly be one shared universe in a way that they’ve never been before. It’s all connected only for real this time. You have also spotted the Easter egg from
behind the scenes on Wandavision. They been filming they’re actually going to
be doing sword from the comics, so the shield of the Marvel universe now becomes a sword which we all kind of thought at the Spider-Man far from home post credit scene with Nick fury on the space station that looked a lot like the sword space station from the comics. This just confirms that’s all going on and
the comic book version of Monica Rambo that there introducing the adult version will be
a member of sword liaising with Nick fury in outer space. So it really hyped up about that the other
more practical reason there releasing it sooner is just because it’ll be ready to go faster. I think they just got things going faster
than they thought they would, and you have the Loki series which is also going to take
place right before Doctor strange to the data one overlap Wandavision and Loki episodes. Either way, it just means we get stuff faster,
so I’m really excited about that. Number 7, when he is talking about all
the Disney plus stuff and the Marvel phase 4 shows he also reveals they’re doing 4
movies in 2021 most of you already probably figured out what this means, but it’s the
first time they’ve ever done 4 movies in one year. It’s going to be Shang Chi and the legend of the 10 rings in the beginning of the year then Doctor strange 2 multiverse of madness in the spring then Spider-Man 3. They don’t have a subtitle for that yet. Spider-Man 3 homeless and then at the
end of the year it’s going to be Thor 4 love and thunder they’re in the middle of making Shang Chi right now they’re gonna start shooting Doctor strange 2 really soon and then Spider-Man 3 will start shooting sometime next summer. Number six. He also revealed that a huge actor just flat
out turn them down when he asked them to play a really big upcoming character. They’re going to introduced in one of the new Marvel phase 4 movies. My guess is that because they’re heading into production on Doctor strange 2 maybe guardians of the galaxy 3 It was a character for one of those movies
potentially a new character in Spider-Man 3, because that movie is kind of being fast tracked hopefully wasn’t Keanu Reeves turning them down again number five he makes a bunch of Spider-Man jokes about Sony about them almost not getting the character during Civil War. Then again, that happening with Sony after
Spider-Man far from home then everything working out separately, Tom Holland also talked about a different
version of Spider-Man 3 that they had pitched to Sony when he was technically out of the MCU for a brief couple weeks that really didn’t last that long before they brought
them back in the MCU after that all happen. People went back to Tom Holland recently and the like was going on the Spider-Man three, so it’s really exciting were getting ready
to start shooting next year I’m excited about the story. It’s very different than the one that we pitch
to Sony when we were not inside the MCU, but it will be more in keeping with what fans
were expecting from Spider-Man three. Given the ending of Spider-Man, far from home. They’ve also started to acknowledge him crossing over with venom. Eventually, in the future is become more of
a done deal. Just a question of when that’s going to happen. So number four there is a report that
Sony is now working with Tom Holland to try and lock him down on an actual cameo of some kind. During venom to do some sort of Tom Holland, Peter Parker or full-blown Spider-Man appearance during venom to maybe post credit scene. Maybe something as small as him being on screen for less than two seconds. Number three. He talked about Shang Chi and the legend of the 10 rings introducing other brand-new Marvel characters. He didn’t say who this would be, but they
said that because they’re doing something of a kung fu movie. He implied that the characters would be something that they would only be able to do in a movie like Shane Chee and the legend of the 10 rings so I’m just guessing that it’s gonna be a bunch of super deep cuts from the Shane Chee comics, but because they’re doing the Mandarin a lot of what they’re doing will also flow from the
Ironman comics don’t be surprised there’s some deep cut Ironman Easter eggs, because it all comes back to Ironman one way or another. Number two. He joked about making changes to new versions of Wolverine and Spider-Man. This was while he was talking about the history of the Spider-Man character and the X-Men Fox characters how they basically didn’t have
control over their own IP. Mostly, he was just trying to be funny about
Wolverine and Spider-Man, he wasn’t saying that there can introduce some radically different version of Wolverine even though they will eventually have to recast number one he also talked during this about how they figure out the endings to their movies and how it
winds up being a group collaboration. He was mostly using the example of the vendors and game like how they figure out how the ending was going to be and when did that happen. According to him, they figured out the ending Captain America getting his happy ending with Peggy Carter way before they ever broke the story for Avengers infinity war. They knew the ending before they knew what the other movies are going to be the big things happening next week in the Marvel universe is they’re dropping the next big new mutants trailer which is technically a Marvel movie
now so of course I’ll do a video for that when it drops, but leave all your video requests in the comments below. Congratulations to the giveaway winner from my last big Marvel video long Tyler 48. Please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get your details. everyone click here for my brand-new Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds video and click here for my brand-new Mandalorian Season 2 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome. This is the way!

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  2. How about the villain in Doctor Strange 2 is going to be Dracula. It will introduce vampires which will help set up the blade series. What do you think? Love the show, keep the videos coming!

  3. I feel like doctor strange 2 will mostly be about Wanda broke reality in wanda vision do the multiverse is messed up with cracks and stuff to they have to fix thos cracks with some sacrifices probably.and mutants can be brought in like this they can say that during the whole conflict they aren't able to fix reality completely so reality changes making it seem like the mutants where there the whole time

  4. REALLY hope they are going the ILLUMINATI storyline. It would give that PERFECT opportunity to introduce PSYLOCKE and WOLVERINE.

  5. After todays release of the New Mutants trailer and full confirmation to come out this year with demon bear (massive psychic) being a protagonist, this movie being the first horror R rated X-Men film before the merger as it is now a marvel film. Add that to the new Doctor Strange; multiverse madness being introduced as the MCU first horror film. Along with the fact that Deadpool has been added to the MCU. As we all know Magik is Colossus's younger sister and the only Russian Colossus was in Deadpool and after all the New Mutants trailers since 2017 that she's shown with a Russian accent lends high creditably that this movie. These New Mutants will bring the X-Men to the MCU along with Deadpool also R rated

  6. Okay, I don't exactly retract my last statement. But I have a new prediction. And I think you can take this one to the bank. The surprise characters in Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness will be Professor X and Mr Fantastic.

    BAM! I said it! Let's see who it will be. 👍👍

  7. My biggest prediction is that they will use the post-credit scene of Doctor Strange 2 to introduce Deadpool and other mutants.

  8. Latest leaks / rumors suggest that professor x will be the character no one would guess. Along with the beginning seeds planted for the Illuminati, possibly Reed Richards being a character no one would guess that is introduced as well. However I think that there is going to be a galactus or Doctor Doom teaser

  9. Prediction?

    They've been wanting to find a way to bring in mutants so I'd like to see some mutant villains.
    Magneto would fit with Wanda

  10. Biggest subscription for Doctor Strange? My guess is it's going to open the Multi-verse. Like he's going to make it possible for different universe version of characters, or universal cross-overs, etc. That this will be how they open new actors for roles, new continuities, new series, etc. But also allows things to happen in the prime MCU.

  11. Marvel is full of surprises I wish Disney and DC could work something out cause their Partnership has been Amazing with Marvel DC could Benefit from some better positive stuff Too. I hope that Marvel keeps Wowing us this all looks Exciting… Thanks for your posts

  12. Wanda being the most powerful is a waste. She was never an interesting character and she's so inconsistent. The whole romance with vision thing came out of nowhere and contributed nothing to the story. In fact if anything it was a detriment to the overall quality of infinity war. The best thing they can do is axe that plot line and give Wanda the Ragnarok treatment. Abandon the Wanda of the past and let a new director fix the character.

  13. My prediction for the next doctor strange is that nightmare will trick scarlet witch and other people into joining him. Doctor Strange will have to stop all of them and save scarlet witch and others from nightmare.

  14. Would love to see The Living Tribunal show up in Dr Strange 2. They have talked about trying to get him in the past and he would be easy to work in the plot as judging Scarlett Witch.

  15. Maybe Silver Surfer? He's one of his fellow Defenders in the comics and most fans don't associate them Together.

  16. Dr strange 2 will for sure do mephisto, but the character they’ll do will be magneto, as wanda’s father (hence the Spider-Man deal reference as a parallel) – that’s my prediction 😉

  17. My deep cut character prediction is either Nightmare's daughter, The Dream Queen or Wanda's half sister, Polaris.

  18. Dr strange will have to fight against a very powerful mutant we haven't seen yet . Perhaps a mutant who assists Wanda in her false reality

  19. I definitely see the likelihood of Scarlet Witch showing up on Doctor Strange, if not being the cause of the problems he faces in it.

  20. Honestly I really hope that doctor strange loses his powers like in one of the comics. They have the info to have him go to other worlds to look for magic like in the comic books the only thing is that they don't have iron man anymore to provide him a ship to go across space. Basically he lost his magic and was struggling to find a way to get it back and thought he'd find it on another planet

  21. In the new Doctor Strange movie, I seriously think it will be a Fantastic Four character like Doctor Victor Von Doom, or one of the main 4. In the comics right now the F4 are heavily involved in the multiverse, and it would allow for the easy intro of x-Men/mutants, etc…

  22. Biggest prediction: This is whats going to open the door to mutants and the fox characters and maybe we will see a version of marvel zombies since this is going to be on the scarier side.

  23. Giveaway prediction:
    We will get either an X-Men or Fantastic 4 character appearing and possibly speak with doctor strange (someone with high intellect so Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, etc)

  24. For ds2(doctor strange 2) is what If we see a teaser for marvel what if like we see Hawkeye die instead of quicksilver you know something like thay

  25. Baron Mordo will be the main Villain in Dr. Strange 2!!! With Blackheart taking up the role of secondary "from the shodows" villain role!!

  26. Watched inhumans on Disney +
    Are they doing a second season?
    I might be the only person who actually liked the show.

  27. i think that in Doctor Strange 2 he will be with Scralite witch in a new world all sorts of monsters and she will help doctor strange to stop monsters THAT can control his mind and that Blake wizard can,t take her powers I hope you like this theory me and my dad throat of this to gather and Doctor Strange IS THE BEST HERO EVER IN MARVEL

  28. wish i knew more about comics so i could win. they def use strange and wanda to introduce mutants due to quantum realm

  29. dr doom and/or silver surfer or ghostrider should have end credits moment or cameo if there not in the movie for 3 movie

  30. well they be releasing the disney+ marvel universe tv shows on dvd/blue ray because some people won’t watch it because some people don’t want to pay/don’t have the money for it. (disney+)

  31. Wanda is actually very powerful and I agree that she is the most powerful, she's like a whole infinity stone as a human. But I wouldn't say she is the best at combat.

  32. Prediction: (if anyone else said this already, sorry but this is 100% my own idea without any influence from anyone and I immediately thought of this after seeing endgame and spiderman ffh.) Mutants are those who experienced the blip or the ones who came back from the snap, and somehow the genetics are fucked up and that's how mutants came to the universe. Wanda and QuickSilver are also mutants due to the exposure they had to a infinity stone. Then this ties up with deadpool (who got his powers from wolverine), as it may be set to a timeline all the way after the endgame. Also after the snap a mutant emerged like a vampire who can turn others into vampires then here comes Blade franchise. This also explains why, storm emerges from wakanda, she becomes a mutant after the snap. This whole theory fixes the issues in terms of age of mutants and how they could catch up to the whole mcu.

    Prediction 2: wanda rips the reality trying to bring back QuickSilver

  33. Pietro will show up in Doctor Strange 2, but Strange is gonna snap Wanda out of it and it triggers Wanda to be the bad guy

  34. dr. strange 2 will introduce the fantastic four…franklin richards silver surfer and the real version of galactus

  35. The MTU recently acquired the rights to use the Marvel Netflix characters in the movies a lot of people are thinking Iron Fist or calling Wayne could appear in shang-chi and that Matt Murdock could be Spider-Man's defense attorney in the next movie

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