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  1. Hey, I turn 30 next month too 😀

    I was wondering if you could make a video about PMS and Dysmenorrhea. I think it's important that people know about the difficulties of leading a normal life when you have that kind of problems.

  2. Dr. Mike Can I get dark circles from looking at screens for a very long time? (laptop)I'm an IGCSE student and I'm almost always using my laptop and only get my phone 2 times a week only for 3 hours, and I sleep for about 7 to 8 hours every day sometimes even longer

  3. Dr. Mike I could use some help I want be be kind the doctor who is treating me but I feel like he is ignoring my requests. I plan to address it next week and if he doesn’t help or improve switch doctors could use advice

  4. Hello sir, could you please expound on how to increase non-REM sleep as that's more to be focussed upon for better productivity.

  5. My eye started twitching a little bit when he only said "chest compressions" once… It's as if Sheldon Cooper only knocked once. Something just isn't right… 😀

  6. I’m a nurse. I had doctor discussing a DNR order with a patient and the doc told the patient she was like ham in the fridge that was about to expire. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Dr. Mike have you watched The Farewell? The whole premise of the movie is about a grandma who has cancer but the family decides not to tell her. There's even a scene with a doctor in it!

  8. Love you Doctor Mike. I love how much you care about people. While you're not my Doctor I can see that you'd be amazing with your patients. Oh & please have Bear in your next episode, I'd love to see Roxy too😄

  9. Hey doctor Mike, I usually get really bad headaches during my periods.. What do you think is the cause nd is it normal??

  10. Medical Advice Needed Here
    I've done a heck load of research and I think that I might have Tourette's, should I actually go to a doctor even though Tourette's usually goes away at 18 (I'm 16) and my ticks are not severe in any way?

  11. Hey doctor Mike, could you you played do a video on how to study for exams and tests. I’m currently preparing for the equivalent of America’s SAT’s and was wondering if you had any advice on how to remember information (assuming that you had A LOT to remember during your medical school and residency)
    Thank you 😊 also love your videos as their soooooo informal ❤️

  12. Doctors are a blessing thats all I care about. I am glad my MP did not undervalue my pain and didnt send me home with painkillers but send me to the ER, with a bursting appendix. It didnt show up at urine/blood tests initally and she still send me there. Cant thank her enough for listening 👏

  13. I have learnt so much about anaphylaxis and epinephrine! Thank you for making videos that are so educational 😊

  14. I had to check the “NEVER” box for alcohol consumption and smoking habits on my newborn sons Dr’s registration form this morning. 🙄

  15. I wish I encountered doctors that cared I’ve been suffering for years they don’t seam to care if you have multiple issues they don’t care You only get 10 minuets for an appointment then sit for about 3-5 minuets with the doctor get no help and rushed out

  16. Me: sleep deprived uni student who hasn’t had water all day; wonders why head hurts

    Google: brain tumour with 10 days left to live

  17. I have an SCI and urinary retention. For fun, I put my symptoms in WebMD. It said I had an enlarged prostate. I’m a woman.
    I actually HAVE been encouraged by my docs to research what I can about my own rare diseases, simply because they don’t have much knowledge on the topic, and I worked in pharm for years so I can tell what’s useful and know where to find solid info.

  18. Dr. Mike: "This is my handwriting. It's not so bad, right?"
    Me: I could only discern what you were saying because I already knew the words.

  19. Me: Why does my stomach hurt?
    Google: BRAIN CANCER
    Me: Wait how does that even-

  20. The doctor clicking box thing is so frustrating as a nurse too. I will chart something, like a wound that is totally unrelated to the patients diagnosis and not something the doctor needs to address, and it doesn’t count for reimbursement unless the doctor puts it in his note. So I have to harass the MD about a stupid issue that they don’t care about. Because my charting isn’t good enough for the Medicare Gods apparently.

  21. My doctor's office also does the check boxes list thing on the computer. But they have a nurse do it. Then the doctor looks over it real quick before coming in to see me. She is only on her computer to make notes about the appointment. Weird that they have him fill in the questionnaire thing when a nurse can do it. It would allow him more time with patients.

  22. I'm impressed that you are so honest and frank about acknowledging the reality that there are some negatives (both in perception and practice) regarding doctors and health care. I'm also going to admit that sometimes your topics don't appeal to me, but you're nice to look at. If you were my PCP I'd probably visit more than once per year. 😆

  23. Hi Doctor Mike, how are you doing? I have had a few problems where the doctor would try to hurry me out of there and they tried to change my meds when they were still working. Happy belated birthday my friend.

  24. I had a heart attack at 36. I knew what was happening bc of my symptoms. The ER doctor tried to tell me it was gastritis. My thinking is that he figured if he told me the truth I would panic and make things worse. WRONG
    I flipped out and cussed him out and told him to either tell me the truth or find another doctor who would. He told me I was having a heart attack and then I calmed down.
    Never assume that someone can't handle the truth bc usually we will recognize the BS

  25. I wanted to ask about I was in the hospital they burn unit doctor left staples in my legs and they are giving me tons of pain?

  26. My previous doctor (who retired) was wonderful. She always checked my insurance before prescribing anything. She also wouldn't prescribe addictive medications unless absolutely necessary. When I had bad insomnia, she wouldn't give me ambien or another sleeping pill because of how addictive they are. I think that's the real reason why many doctors don't prescribe it. Also, my doc believed that the ambien wouldn't help, because my anxiety was to blame for my insomnia. She was correct. After trying a bunch of things she gave me ambien. It didn't do anything. Didn't even make me drowsy. But after finding the right combination of antianxiety and antidepressant meds, I was able to sleep.

  27. My new family doctor hides behind her computer. The first visit was ok. But this last one, she never moved away from it. And then she asked if I had measles, etc vaccines…… uh, yeah, when I was like 2!

    It is so annoying because I lived in a 3rd world country for 2 years and their health care was really bad. I'm talking prescription for pneumonia was bedrest without a BLANKET. Seriously. The guy that happened to finally got one because some of his visitors found out and brought one to him. Oh and his family had to bring him meals…..
    SOME people want free health care in the US… you get what you pay for

    Another doctor I had literally came in, asked a question about what I was allergic to, and then without really listening, told me what the treatment would be. I understand she's busy, but I'm paying a lot of money to get the care I need, and I don't want to be rushed or get the wrong treatment because a doctor wants to leave early or is behind schedule.

  28. So Dr. MIKE didn't get invited to WIRED AUTOCOMPLETE interview hence, he finally decided to make one himself… And I loved it

  29. I know drs are late because things happen…BUT they should schedule less for that reason. If they get behind that time helps. If they stay on time then they have some.paperwork time built in

  30. Hand the tablets to patients, and let them inter the info. Be sure all the info go to the server. And now you dont have to ask all these questions any more

  31. I did get a shock when I didn’t see that there was a text at google that said: doctors are scary
    I am maybe afraid of doctors….
    but not dr mike….
    I hope… I always have an apple with me….

  32. Funniest story that actually happened to my wife and I. The nurse just finished taking vitals and left the room to get the doctor. The door was left open slightly. My wife and I are talking and we hear from down the hallway someone yell "just Google it". We were still laughing when the doctor came in.

  33. okey what does skin color have to do with being a doctor.
    the only thing that should matter is skill. how well you do the job. the rest is just window dressing.

    and how much light bounces off your skin is about as useful as a cup of sand in the desert.
    skill is it nothing else

  34. Where are the places where there is a lack of diversity in medicine? In my hospital, not a single one of the hospitalists are white. That's right, not even ONE. They are a mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and black. I would say they are about 1/3 or more female.

    When I look up doctors in my area, no matter what the specialty, the names that come up are predominantly Indian and Middle Eastern. Idk where all these white doctors are, but they are not where I am in California.

    Also, it is extremely rare to find a doctor in my area that went to medical school in the US. Even when there was a white and American born hospitalist in my hospital (I think he left pretty recently) he want to school overseas, likely due to cost.

    So, no, we do not need more diversity in the medical field. It's already full of people from all backgrounds and every color imaginable. We don't need to meet quotas or try to loosen standards so that more "minorities" are included. When the nursing school I went to changed to lottery only instead of accepting students bases on merit, their pass rates went from about 95% down to <75%. Idk about you, but I care way more about how smart and qualified my doctor or nurse is than the color of their skin or the genitals under their scrubs. Acceptance into medical programs should be based on merit, and merit alone. There is no other criteria that makes you qualified to enter into a program for such an intellectually demanding career. Equal opportunity is what matters, not equal representation.

  35. Hey Dr. Mike! I have a question maybe you could help me with. Since having my daughter 5 months ago I've been told to drink plenty of water for recovery and milk production. I mostly drink tap water though, and I'm wondering if it's as bad as everyone says it is, or that it might be harmful to my baby somehow.

  36. Some doctors are too honest, though. Or maybe just blunt. They told my grandpa "yeah, if something happens to you where you need resuscitation, we ain't gonna revive you. It'd be too much effort. We'd just end up doing a lot of damage and if we managed to revive you at all you'd probably live on as a vegetable."

    Okay doc, we get the point, but dude, can't you be at least a little tactful about it? The family was a little bit angry about that. Choosing not to revive my grandpa? Sure. Saying it to us like that? Wtf? For the record, doctor is Dutch. I now get why we have a reputation for being blunt.

  37. There are also articles about how nurses are going to be replaced by robots and about this I feel the same as you regarding robotic doctors. Nurses are artists; we have an overall picture of the patient and in-depth information that we both combine to make decisions about care. We coordinate care with many departments and also decide when to call or bring in someone new to the table. Robots can never replace us in this aspect.

  38. It can be frustrating how busy doctors can be. My OB got called to L&D yesterday unexpectedly and I was only able to see a nurse. She was so rushed trying to cover all his appointments she didn’t even take my blood pressure (I have gestational hypertension so it is kinda important to monitor it). When I checked my updated chart online this morning it listed a new blood pressure reading that was no way mine!

  39. Honestly I had the greatest P.A last year. She called me to personally deliver my lab results and asked how I was doing. A few moments later I told her about my lack of sleep and she instantly prescribed meds for my insomnia…. 36+ hours no sleep on the regular caught her attention 😂

  40. Hi Dr.Mike.I work in a rural small hospital and found the comment about the pager interesting.With my hospital they dont do pagers.They just installed the Voalte system recently.Which the whole care team can communicate with easily.Which is awesome. Doctors have the apps on their phones which is called Voalte.Me or if they dont have the app open.Then we just text them from our personal phone.Unless there needs to be a verbal order then we call.Its interesting to see the difference in communication from a Rural Hospital to a Big City Hospital.Also I like your videos they are informative and funny.Plus the only way I can stomach Greys Anatomy.Keep up the great work

  41. Mike, doctors are already being replaced by algorithms, but they dont touch the more sensitive fields.

    Watson is a nearly perfect medicine algorith that prescribes thousands of medications each day, and he's getting better at it by the minute. In fact, since he can work multiple patients at once, he's already better than most real doctors.

    However Watson doesn't touch areas like Chronic or Terminal diseases, as those have a heavy emotional impact on the patient, something Watson can't work with.

    But don't worry, Robots are starting to understand emotions too.

    The human brain is, as you know, a machine. A biological machine. And like all machines, it can be recreated.

    Despite the fact that it is arguably the most complex machine in the universe, attempts at recreating it have thus far been astounding sucesses. Humanity is getting closer and closer and closer to creating a PERFECT artificial recreation of a human brain. And when it happens, Humans will be obsolete. So will Doctors.

  42. A university clinic I went to has a good way of combating the doctor and patient seperation by a screen – they tell you to come in early, a nurse does the little computer questionnaire, and then you talk with the doctor for the full time that you're booked.

  43. me: i can’t hear out of my left ear very well.

    my doctor: i think it might just be clogging due to your ongoing cold.

    google: you’re going deaf. you will be blind in a week. by the end of the year you will be but a corpse.

  44. 1)Anything wrong with me
    2)Google it
    3)I have at least 2 type of cancers another chronic fatal disease and have 2 days to sort my will

  45. Hello,Humans.
    Arthur Fleck : [written in notebook]  The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't. – Joker (2019)


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