5 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO Season 11 Official Comic-Con Trailer [HD] Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh

  1. I really hope that I'm wrong but what I see from her so far as the doctor she is terribly misscasted (and not because she is a woman – maybe just the wrong one). She seems to be nice and sweet but I see nothing of the vivid energy and powerful charisma of the doctor in her. Not to mention his crazy genius and extraterrestial aura…she seems to be limited in her expressions and her performance overall seems to be too hold back. Which is even more difficult as she has to step into the footsteps of outstanding brilliant and versatile performers like Tennant and Capaldi.
    At least the stories look interesting and the whole picture of her performance as the doctor is still to come so let's hope for the best :-/

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