98 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appointment ft. Jamie Lee

  1. How does this character get all these hot girls? He must be the polar opposite when he's drunk or something. Like instead of turning him into a blithering idiot like it does for normal people, alcohol must have the reverse effect on him: the drunker he gets, the more charismatic and better his personality becomes.

    Illogical, but would at least explain how these women ended up there in the first place.

  2. Wow, this guy is such an idiot xD The one time a girl actually wants to be with him, he tries getting out of it?

  3. I think I might have slept with Doobs before I have that exact same shirt make and model haha. That must be why there has not been any new episodes in a while

  4. I guess the guy must have a mirror that makes him look different than the way we see him. He should go to church and light a candle that a women like that even talked to him.

  5. why would anyone do this?…..like wouldn't you want to hang out with a girl if you found her attractive enough to sleep with?…(assuming you don't have low standards)…. especially if she woke up in the morning excited, and waited around ,just because she liked you that much?

  6. I Can't understand why guys do dumb shit like this to women . All she wanted was to hang out ,eat ,and maybe go to a movie . If he really wanted some alone time try speaking the Truth .

  7. What's the problem bro? Jamie Lee's got a sweet face. I would brunch and plan to hook-up with her again.

    These Morning After situations in real life are much more amicable unless someone was wasted. I myself don't like sleeping with wasted chicks. I've even had girls surprised that I call them. Hell yeah, why wouldn't ya? Sometimes the girls are automatic hook-ups once the ice is broken. Sometimes they play coy the next time and act like that never happens, but by the third meeting their like what the hell we've seen each other's junk already.

  8. Clearly a very gay closeted man….I would have wood coming out of wood if Jamie Lee was mounting me upon awakening! I hope the butt sex that you go and have later that day is good because I don't think it will be as good as being ridden by Jamie Lee. . 😉

  9. Doesn't matter how bad his morning afters are, this guy is my Hero. He had more one night stands than I could ever imagine, the girls are pretty too.

  10. One of the best things about this show is, that this guy remind me so much of Michael Scofield 😂😂

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