100 thoughts on “Doctor’s sausage carving – 600K subs special

  1. thanks to you, i squat at work (i cant do the true gopnik squat only western squat) eating seeds,drinking kompot and rocking out to hard bass! At home more potatoes and onion with mayonaze. About to try vodka for the first time, this is gonna be fun.

  2. boris what are you going to do when your channel gets more subscribers than there are people living in estonia ?

  3. Speaking of visiting countries, kinda annoyed you did not talk about the Norwegian brown cheese when you went there. That is like going to a Slavic country and not trying Kvass!

  4. Come to UK benefit city of the world. Immigration guards will welcome Boris in back of lorry. Blin!

    Record this. Please!

  5. In Srbija, u have to try Dijamant majonez. it's lokaly made in my town of Zrenjanin and it is the best we have to offer, except my own home made majonez of course. give me a call on the slav phone and we squat together some time

  6. Being a man not wealthy yet happy is golden. We watch vlogs on YouTube because we like to know what life of others are like. You have a happy life which is desired by many who happen to be wealthier than you. This is the true treasure.

  7. Glorious 60FPS.
    Also,will you ever come to Turkey or The Netherlands?
    We have amazing Semechki (it's called çekirdek) here in Turkey.

  8. DAKTARISKA cooking help please? Privet tovakitsh Boris, there is no Doctor here, and the Kielbasa is gross, so could you please make a cooking lesson of this? http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-recipes/doctors  Plus there are so many jokes you can make so please make those jokes on vid.me not just a youtube video… make a dual version like 1 for vid.me and 1 for youtube like you just did with Anatoli's Muffins.Ps   Still hoping you retitle the muffin recipe like anatoli's meaty man muffins for everyone to have a good laugh but demonitisation isn't funny for you, stupid YouPravdaTube.

  9. I recommend trying unicum szilva(plum) is very good… if it comes to beer i havent seen kvass in any shops but if you want beer stay with some Soproni or any kind you wanna try out… best mayonez here is hellman's that i've eaten… anyways if it comes to food… find a local "kürtöskalácsos" which is basically some good breadlike roll that come in many sweet flavours for example sugar and some chestnut dust on the outside of the roll is delicious but be careful because it can give you diabetes… anyway have nice trip if you visit and let us all see your hungary experience… enjoy!

  10. Boris, my friends and I are huge fans! And we are doing everything we can to let people know about you here in Seattle Washington USA. We hope one day you come and visit Seattle! Many great places to squat!

  11. Hey if you go to Brazil came on and visit Blumenal in Santa Catarina in my neighbor city her they have Mayonez Sausage chekkie Breakkie and German Polish culture is be very cool if you visit Itagai and blumenal and Itagai is not to far from between this city's

  12. This man used a bayonet that was probably used to kill a western spy with an ak47 to cut doctors sausage

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