[EN] 닥터스, The Doctors, EP12 (Full)

[EN] 닥터스, The Doctors, EP12 (Full)

Dad. I’m sorry. The cells that compose a human body
are in a constantly unstable state. Living is unstable. Fundamentally, life is a kind of change. Father always said… A man’s life is about making decisions
and taking responsibility for them. Now, I’m starting over. [Three weeks later] I love you. Open your eyes. I’m singing you this song
and washing you. You should see, at least. You are really selfish. Hello. Ah, she’s not opening her eyes and
I think something could be wrong. It’s okay. Ms. Jo Soo-ji, open your eyes. Follow the movement of my hand. Choi Kang-soo… Yes? Monitor her motor functions
often from now on. Yes, I will. Professor Hong Ji-hong is back to
work this afternoon, right? Hasn’t he left his patients in
my care for too long? I haven’t been in touch with him,
so I don’t know. You haven’t been in touch with him? You haven’t called him
since he left for the US to take care of
his father’s inheritance? That’s right. Then, you could call him first. I felt like I’d be disturbing him,
so I couldn’t. Disturbing him how? I thought he might want to be alone. You really don’t know men at all. If you really love someone and
want to hold on to that person, you should go into
that person’s life now. It’s the perfect timing now. Is that true? Geez, why am I teaching you
this stuff? Doctor, have you eaten yet? Why? I don’t have anyone to
ask about men. You’re a dating dummy, right? What do you mean? Looks like I’m right. Professor Hong is going to
have a hard time. I’m glad. I know how hard
it should have been. You didn’t have to come out. I thought you’d come out crying,
but I was wrong. Did you take care of everything? Yes, almost everything. There was more to do
than I thought. Let’s go eat at the hospital. It’s Jin Sung-jong’s inauguration,
so the food will be very good. Let’s eat somewhere else. Don’t you have to go? You are a board member. I didn’t even go to
my dad’s inauguration. Why would I go? Are you going to
keep ignoring them? I’ll have to say hello at least. Yeah, anyway… It’s good to see you again, dude! Hey! I’m getting hot. Let’s just go to the hospital! Congratulations. I’m looking forward to
your cooperation. I’ll need all of your support. Especially you, let’s get along. Let’s all go inside. He was a great mountain in
our nation’s field of neurosurgery. Gookil Hospital’s Hong Doo-sik
has passed away. “I am married to my patients.” That is what he said as he spent his life
advancing the field of medicine. Gookil’s Director Hong Doo-sik will be remembered
as a legend in neurosurgery. We will not forget your beautiful life. I am the late
board director’s best friend. As his longtime companion,
I will accept Hong Doo-sik’s wishes. I promise to lead Gookil Hospital
and the Gookil Foundation board. You can share and eat this. What is this? Rice cakes and towels to celebrate the inauguration
of the new board director. Rice cakes? Oh yeah! Is this it though? They’re keeping things simple. We got ours too! Oh, you’re here. Have some rice cakes. They’re good. Ah, Dr. Pi. Can you take a look at
Lee Sang-hoon? He’s still complaining of pain. Okay. Let’s go together. Yes. I’ll be back. What are you doing? What? You seem to eat something every time
I look at you! I’m sorry. Why are you even here? Were you studying for
your exams instead of working? Oh no, no, no… You’ll do poorly even if you study. Why do you bother? Didn’t I tell you to get permission
from Kim Mi-hee for the surgery? I’m asking because I’m curious. Did I tell you or not? I’m going to go change dressings
for a patient later. I was going to do it
on my way there. On your way there? Yes. On your way there? Yes! On your way there! I’m sorry. You little brats… When I give you the littlest space,
they behave this way. Wow, there’s a lot. Hello, there. There he is. He’s coming. Have some of this while you work. Thank you. Thank you! No need to thank me. I should be more thankful. Every time I step out for a bit,
you take care of her so well. You have to hire a private nurse
and get some rest. Honestly, I am a bit tired, but I’m more at peace
being with her. Please have this. I see. “Honestly, I am a bit tired,
but I’m more at peace being with her.” That gave me goosebumps! Wasn’t that so great? No, it wasn’t. But it did give me goosebumps. I see you’re just jealous. How ridiculous. How is that love? You have to do your own work
even while loving. Who’s paying the hospital bill? He is a freelancer… a freelancer! There are many
different kinds of freelancers. Not all freelancers are successful. Why are you all so negative? She’s right. In all my time as a nurse, I’ve never seen anyone
so good to his wife. It is so beautiful. What is so beautiful about it? Is it so great being
together all day? I wouldn’t like that. Men just don’t get it, Doctor. What’s wrong? Are you sick? No. I’m okay. When did you get back? Did it go well? I thought I was going to
die of boredom. Did you check on Lee Sang-hoon? Yeah. I gave him painkillers. Come in. Hello. You can sit here. Okay. I don’t need coffee. I had enough to eat
after the inauguration. I see. Am I interrupting your work? I was in the middle of work. Try saying things just to be polite. I know you’re a great guy
who’s got it all but that’s no way to act. I’m sorry. What do you plan to
do about Seo-woo? Seo-woo and I have already
taken care of everything on our own. It’s not all taken care of
just because the two of you handled it. You have your parents. Are you an orphan? I have to go back to work now. There is no one like my Seo-woo. Why wouldn’t you accept her? She’s my daughter,
but she is a great person. Mrs. Min, I really wish the parents
wouldn’t interfere in these issues. I will handle my side of the family. You will see once you get older. Family will be all you have. Thank you for your advices. I want my daughter to be happy,
as a woman. Having this hospital
will be a headache. I don’t know
what’s so great about it that she’s being put under
so much pressure. What are you going to
do about Tae-ho? Are you going to
let him work here? Yes, I like having a great person
like Kim Tae-ho below me. Same for Hong Ji-hong too. Now that I think about it,
you are generous. I’m the one who’s providing
a living for those people. Do you know how good that feels? What are you going to do about
the Senior Health Center? I’m going to get it confirmed at the board meeting
at the end of the month. I’ll be here to back you up,
so do whatever you want to do. Dr. Kim Chi-hyun from the
branch hospital is here to see you. What is he doing here? I’d better get going. Congratulation on your inauguration,
Mr. Board Director. Thanks. Well, you’re so busy these days. I was worried about your health,
so I brought this. I don’t need it. Take it back. Mr. Director… What I hate the most are people who
reveal their true colors when people are weak. You asked what you would do
if you got on Director Hong bad side? I’m sorry. Professor Hong Ji-hong was being
very aggressive at the time. I don’t need to hear it. Just go back and stay quiet. Your job there is even at risk. Mr. Director, are you casting me aside now
that I’ve stopped being useful to you? Do you think I only learned
about surgery from you? Don’t be vague about it
and tell me what you have. The anesthesiology records. You know they get destroyed
after 10 years, right? Did you hold on to that? It’s still too late to
strike a blow legally. Why do you think there’s a saying
that the fist comes before the law? Your antagonist is Dr. Hong Ji-hong. Just go back and wait. Call me up to the main hospital. I will be very helpful for you. I said go back! Please think about it. I’ve always made
decisions on my own. I got used to it now. It has nothing to do with you. [Hong Hong Hong] [Hong Ji-hong] [Yoo Hye-jung] Aren’t you getting off? Yes. I see you at the hospital. I work at the hospital. Isn’t it a given that I am here? What brings you by? I stopped by because
I was in the area. Also, I know this may be late, but I’d like to offer
my condolences. You’re good at changing the topic. Do you still not remember? My memories grow
when fed kindness. I am open to deals. I am a kind person. I’ll keep that in mind. [Choi Kang-soo] What is it? Professor Hong Ji-hong is here and
he’s going to check on Jo Soo-ji. Oh, okay. The hospital felt empty
without you around. How is Jo Soo-ji? She can breathe on her own,
so we removed the tube. Her motor functions aren’t back yet. Let’s go. Yes. Yes. You must be so tired. I’m not tired at all. I’m just happy I’m able to do this. Hold on. I have a phone call. Please take good care of her. Sure. Sorry. Oh my! You’re moving. I’ll get the doctor! That man is not my husband. Doctor! Ms. Jo Soo-ji’s
motor functions returned. Good news as soon as I return. Let’s go see her. Yes. What’s going on? Her hand recovered some feeling. She is recovering. Thank you. Thank you, doctors. No, this is all the patient
and her inner struggle. No, it’s because you are back. That’s not it. Hello. Hello. I’ll take a look. I’ll see you again, then. Bye, then. Doctor. Are the finger movements
a very good sign? When will she be able to
talk and walk around again? I can’t give you a clear answer. She could be like that forever too. Ah, I see. Then, I’ll see you next time
you do rounds. Yes. What does her guardian
do for living? He’s a freelancer and
works on his computer. He’s in her room almost all the time. Hye-jung, was there anything
strange with the patient? There wasn’t anything noticeable. Why do you ask? It’s nothing. Get to work. Yes. Dr. Jin! I was about to call you. Why? Dr. Jung Yoon-do needs you
for an emergency surgery. Me? Yes. Did you really tell me to
come in for surgery? Yes, would I make
a mistake like that? Hye-jung is here. Isn’t this a good opportunity? Shouldn’t you do
something to please her while Dr. Hong isn’t here? I don’t rob empty houses. I did resolve to walk a messy path,
but I won’t do something like that. Put on your scrubs and come in. Also, Dr. Hong is back. What kind of assistant comes in later
than the staff surgeon? Aren’t you supposed to
go in before me and prepare? Why are you picking on me? I’m already in a bad mood. If I pick on you,
you can focus on that. Don’t focus on
your father’s expectations. You’re not 18 anymore. I’ll be going in before you to get ready,
even though I’m a staff surgeon. Stop being such a show-off. Showing off is supposed
to be like this. Why would I stop? Pull yourself together. Haven’t we stayed with
this cleaning company for too long? I will correct that. It’s the era of Jin Myung-hoon. He looks very happy. Bring Professor Hong Ji-hong to me. Mr. Director… Did everything work out well? Yes. Why are you digging into my past? Is looking into Kang Mal-soon’s surgery from 13 years ago
digging into your past? If you’re curious about something,
you can ask me directly. I’m saying this because
you went to a doctor who was training under me instead. What are you curious about? Do you even remember
that surgery? I don’t remember it. I only remember happy things. Let’s try to get along. Like our fathers,
let us have friendship and growth. In order to have friendship and growth,
we need to lay a foundation of trust. Let’s trust one another, okay? You’re my type of person,
Professor Hong. I like smart people. It’s a 28-year-old male in a TA
with multiple fractures. He came in unconscious
so we did a CT. It showed an aneurysm ruptured
in his cerebral artery. His right pupil is dilated to 3 mm. Thankfully, his vitals are stable. How much hemorrhaging? Approximately 30 cc. Should we proceed? The staff surgeon have to decide. Staff surgeon? Should I call Professor Hong Ji-hong? Let me see. Did you see the CT? There’s a distinct neck
of the aneurysm. Get an anesthesiologist. Let’s get ready for surgery now. Yes. How have you been doing? I haven’t seen you
since your father passed away. Yes, I had a lot to take care of. Thanks for the extra work you put in. Cottonoid. When dealing
with the Sylvian Fissure, be careful not to
damage the blood vessels. Especially the ones
on the lateral sulcus. I see. Irrigation. Why aren’t you going in? Hello. Go on in. No, it looks like
you have an appointment. You have to go. I don’t actually have any. Ji-hong and I don’t set times
to see each other. He is just a friend who is male. Right now, if I had to meet
with either you or Ji-hong… it would be you. I knew that I have to meet you,
but I didn’t contact you on purpose. I assumed we would meet
like this someday since Ji-hong was around. Why didn’t you want to contact me
if you wanted to meet with me? Because I would have to face
my childish behavior from my youth. Back then, I thought I was old enough
and that I was an adult. I was 27 years old. I’m sorry. Should I forgive you or not? Forgive me! I’m having a hard time lately. In neurological terms,
I’m in a mental stupor. That’s great. You haven’t forgotten about
the dinner you owe me, right? So, where are you now? Come on in. Hey yo! What’s up? Who wants ramen? Uncle, you don’t want your egg mixed in
and you like green onions, right? I like mine with eggs, but don’t break the yolk
and no green onions. Seriously, what am I doing
with these old guys? I’m the crazy one for
listening to you, Uncle. Let’s have a drink
while he makes us ramen. In-joo’s coming soon too. You’re putting in a lot of effort today. This place seems bigger. How can there be such a difference
when the hospital is providing it? Let’s talk about that after
I visit your place, Doctor. What?
You’re going to come over? In-joo. Where is your place? Over there on the third floor. Oh! In-joo! I don’t think I can get back up. Hey! Hong Ji-hong! Hong Ji-hong! Jung Pa-ran! In-joo, you’ll wake up
the entire neighborhood. How much have you
had to drink, Jo In-joo? Get up, you wench. What? Wench? Ouch, that hurts! Let go. In-joo, let go of me. Come on! Hi, Dr. Yoo. Say hello later. Geez, fine. Hey! Geez… Hey, I can walk by myself. Sure. You have to come in too, Dr. Yoo. Wow, she wasn’t
that bad in the past. Want to come inside? No, I want to leave. Okay, then. “Okay, then”? How can you just say
“Okay, then”? You said you wanted to leave,
so I said that. Since when have you
listened to me so well? So what do you want to do now? Do you want to go home
or talk to me? Come on in. Should we have coffee? You have something
like this at home? Yeah, I do. Do you want to try it? No. Sit down. I’m sorry. For what? I don’t know how to console people
when they’re sad. I’ve never really been
consoled by anyone before. I went through it alone
when Grandma passed away. I thought that being sad was something
you go through alone. I missed you. As usual, I did this on my own. My dad’s belongings
and personal affairs. I took care of it all on my own. In the past, I would be used to it
and it would be comfortable. But this time, I was going
crazy thinking about you. Why didn’t you call me, then? I waited for you to call me. When I wanted something before… I always acted first. Telling you
how I felt is an example. But, waiting… That can be the most positive thing
you can do for the person you love. I learned that from you. I was ashamed… I had pushed you to change. I’m sorry. I wanted to be loved
just the way I am. But I told you to change. You’re very logical and quick to admit
when you’re wrong. You have always been this way. It’s a positive quality. I want to be in your life. I’m sorry I told you to change. You have to decide and
make your own choices. I will be there by your side. Can I do that? Yes, you can. I’ll be going now. I can’t hold you back, can I? No, don’t hold me back. Do you know
how much you scared me today? I thought you no longer
felt the same way. You didn’t even
pick up your phone. I didn’t pick up? No, you didn’t. Sorry, I didn’t know. I want you to pick up at least. I had all sorts of thoughts
running through my mind. You lied to me about
something before, right? No. Really? Yes, really. You wanted to try that game. How did you know? Try it. Cool, right? Yes. Here, you go like this. Hold on a little longer… Oh, I failed! How do I get good at this? You just do it. Watch me. Oh, it was close! Seriously, you people… Uncle! Leave me alone. Get up! You’ll be late for work. Aunt! Aunt, wake up! What time is it? 6:50 a.m. Then I can sleep a bit more. Aunt, why are you
being like this? Who are you calling “Aunt”? You’re so tall and old,
so why are you calling me that? It’s so mean. I gave you a place to sleep
and food too. Are you going to be this way? So why am I an aunt? And not older sister? You’re my uncle’s friend. That means you’re my aunt. What kind of nonsense is that? I’m going to get washed up. Make some freshly squeezed orange juice for me to have
once I’m out. Uncle is no help to me at all. Even his friends are weird. Downstairs is that nuisance Hong. Now we have
this new nuisance Jo. Orange juice. Sleep. I’ve been checking the
motor function of Jo Soo-ji. I don’t see much change. Let’s go. Dr. Yoo. Let’s go together. [Your order is complete.] Oh… Honey. I feel like everything
I do is for you. Don’t you agree? Open your eyes. Honey, let’s talk. Open your eyes. Yeah, that’s it. How do I look today? Blink your eyes
once if I look good. Hello. Yes, hello. Okay, let me see. How are you? This side is normal and this side… Okay. There isn’t much change. Looks like you
might have to wait longer. Thank you, Doctor. Yes. Let’s go. Do you think we can get her
away from her guardian for a while? He practically lives in that room. That’s why I’m asking. Yes, I can. I’m telling you to wait a little bit. It’s not at the peak yet. What? If you’re sure not going to regret it,
then do whatever you want. Hey, I’ll talk to you later. Excuse me. I was hoping to get
some consultation on buying stocks. I’m in a lot of debt. Stocks? I’ve suddenly taken on a lot of debt. Please help me out. Yes, sure. Then let’s go out and talk. Okay. What about my wife? It could get too loud for her. Yes, let her rest and
I’ll buy you coffee. I want to invest in some stocks. I have no idea where to start at all. The coffee shop
over there is very good. This is how we will communicate. You can blink once for yes and
blink twice for no. Is there something uncomfortable
for you right now? Is it connected to your husband? Doctor, he’s coming. What’s going on? The monitor fell off. It fell off. She’s not getting worse, is she? I think we have to run a test. I don’t think you need to
worry too much. We’ll take a CT. Dr. Yoo? Yes. Mister. You can’t go in there. If you wait in the room,
we’ll bring her back once she’s done. I see. Let’s go. Doctor. [Aggressor] She’ll be okay. I’ll give you the CT results
once we have them. Yes, Doctor. I reported it to the police. Jo Soo-ji has been reported
to be a missing person. Missing person? Yes. Her parents reported it. She has a husband
so why would her parents report it? You’re so pretty. So pretty. Honey. Remember when we first met? Seriously, it was like
being hit by lightning. I told you to stop doing this. I like you so, so much. Give me just one chance. Who am I that you’re going this far? I will put everything
in my life on the line. I will protect only you, Soo-ji. And you know how I begged you
to get our marriage license? So, I went to register our marriage. I felt like I had
everything in the world. A man who would put everything on the line for me
is asking for disaster. Why didn’t I know it back then? Ms. Jo Soo-ji’s parents
are on their way. Why was she reported missing
when she has a husband? Jo Soo-ji is single. That man went on his own and
registered the marriage. So, Jo Soo-ji doesn’t
know that man? That’s not it. According to her parents,
he followed her around like crazy. So she dated him
for a few months. He was too obsessed,
so she broke up with him. So, he is a kind of stalker. Yes. We can’t leave the
two of them alone. Where are you going? The police are here. He’s not going to be
on guard with me. I’ll bring him out. We would be appreciative
if you did. I’ll do it. No. Learn to accept protection. You do it for me, Doctor. Doctor, you don’t have to explain the CT results
by showing me the films. It’s easier to explain
if I show it to you. Was there something specific that… I need some information. Sorry, I suddenly need to
go to the restroom very badly. Her name is Jo Soo-ji. She’s a young lady. She’s my daughter. How can I find out her room number? Mister. This is the consent form for
Jo Soo-ji’s surgery. The guardian’s contact info and
resident ID number are there. Thank you. He looked like a nice guy. Hey, guys with eyes like that
are the really scary ones. That’s not true. It is true. Thank you for your help. Thank you. Did they catch him? They just wanted his information and
asked about how he had been acting. The ER was busy since this morning and
we had a crime movie scene happening . What a day it’s been, Professor. Are you off work? Yes, how about you guys? I’m on duty. I’m being on duty by a kind of punishment
for the whole week. Hey! It’s for your own good… I’m doing it so that you can become
a great surgeon later on. Of course. Bye, Doctor! This is on the house. I don’t know who you’re waiting for,
but you’ve had to wait a long time. Give that person a call. No one is coming. Ah, I see. Oh my… you looked so normal. Seo-woo! What brings you here? Are you alone? I’m alone. This is the only place to drink
near the hospital and that’s why I’m here. Did I ask? Do you go drinking alone now? Young-gook is coming. He’s very busy because
he’s a third year. Good thing you have him. Why is a cat worrying
about a mouse? You used to console me a lot
when I would get dumped. You miss that, right? Yes, I do. It doesn’t matter. I’ll never do that again. Good. Don’t do that. Don’t be a fool around me. CT, MRI… Oh, you’re on duty again? That’s how it is for first years. That’s how it is for all first years. Doctor, you’re still here? I wanted to check on Ms. Jo once more. Abusing a person
under the pretext of love is such a horrifying thing to do. He did seem slightly crazy to me. Work. Yes. I’ll bring you more water, okay? Geez, you scared me. Why are you so surprised? Did you think it was over? Even if you die,
you’re mine anyway. You’ll never rid yourself of me. I’ve been giving it some thought. Rather than let
someone else have you, I think it’s better if I kill you. That’s okay, right? Doctor, something’s
happened in room 410. Let go of me! Check on the patient! Yes. No. Stop it. This is assault, not love! No! Get the CT ready. Yes. [Yoo Hye-jung] Yes? Jo Soo-ji is in a semi-coma. She started bleeding from
the same place we operated on. What happened suddenly? You’ll see once you get here. I really want to save her. It’s not actively bleeding. We’ll be finished soon. I can’t see it very well. It’s not bleeding too much. Gel pads, please. Irrigation. Very good. This is so hot! Looks great. Yoon-do, you’re home? What is this? Where did you find that? Where do you think? I found it in the fridge. This is all you have to eat here. Wow, it’s good. Why are you here again? This place is such a mess. That model hasn’t
left my place yet. My place is too far
from the hospital too. I have an important surgery
early tomorrow morning. You General Surgery people… You can’t even
figure out mental state. How can you call
yourself a surgeon? We’re not as bad as you
psychotic neurosurgeons. Good saying! Our In-joo! Uncle! Stop saying “Uncle”
and bring me ramen. Don’t you have ramen
in this house? Aunt. Okay. I’ll be your aunt,
so get me ramen. What do being an aunt and
ramen have to do with each other? Aunt wants to eat ramen. Aunt and ramen. Now they’re connected. I like cup ramen. So what? Go buy it. Leave. I’m going to work from here. My place is too far. Your place is big. We are surgeons. We’ve been trained since we were interns to
live together in one space. This must be a dream. It has to be. It’s a dream. It has to be a dream. It’s not a dream. Yoon-do, bring me some
radish kimchi and salt. Get it yourself! Are you awake now? You got through it very well. What a relief! Your motor functions
are coming back too. Me too. It’s been a long day. It sure has. Doctor. Can you take me home? Yes, I can. I really like that stuff. Let’s go. You can head home now. We’re almost there. I’ll watch you go in first. Go in first. You go first, Doctor. You go in first. No, I want to watch you leave. Okay. I’m leaving. Sure. A back hug has the ability to
make you feel full of emotion. It’s the feeling of someone standing firm behind me
and supporting me in my life. This is the greatest joy
that a lover can give you.

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