Ex Drug Rep -- Manipulating Doctors

Ex Drug Rep — Manipulating Doctors

new videos every day my name is Gwen Olsen and I'm the author of confessions of an Rx drug pusher God's called two loving arms and I wrote my book in August of 2005 I spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry working as a detail rep primarily as a specialist rep calling on psychiatry cardiology neurology endocrinology and ob/gyn and after 15 years in the industry I felt like I had a moral obligation to come out and tell people what I had experienced what I had seen and what I had participated in in the industry because there were a number of things that I had identified and recognized as being dangerous to the American people at large and one of those things was the consistent minimization of side-effects that drug reps were taught to do and I was very concerned about the fact that it was seemingly less and less popular to give full disclosure about our drugs as time went on in my profession and we were more responsible for marketing information being given to the doctors than actual good medical information fair balanced medical information and we were given the exact verbage the tag lines that went along with the marketing the marketing departments plan for that particular sales period and those were specifically the things that we were supposed to say and often these things had been cleared through legal so that we weren't saying things that were illegal but the semantics of them might have been implying things to be a little bit differently than they were and I'll give you an example of that one of the biggest things that I saw that took place was when we would get marketing promotional materials for example a sales piece would come out and have a bar chart or information from a clinical study on it that raised concern with the physicians say a number of physicians would start to complain about the excessive number of CNS side effects for example then what we would see is the next marketing period after reps had disclosed that during a meeting or some kind of a pool meeting that we had that marketing piece would come out and would be revised and that bar chart would be changed or that you know specific information would be altered so that perhaps the CNS side effects were now broken out to dizziness and you know the various other side effects that would be included in the central nervous system section so it didn't show quite so drastically how severe the side effect the side effects were so what I started to realize is that statistics were actually the semantics of research and that you could take statistics and bar charts and pretty much manipulate them and make them look pretty much however you wanted them to and that began to concern me as well as the fact that I wasn't being encouraged after a period of time to have full disclosure with my doctors in fact we were starting to be encouraged to minimize more and more and to skillfully sidestep the concerns and objections of physicians and I knew that that created a dangerous environment for the patient and I saw firsthand several circumstances where my minimization of side effects or misinforming a physician had actually resulted in the patient being damaged and or killed and so I decided that there was something very very wrong with the way that drugs were being approved and marketed and the FDA was no longer serving the position for the people that they were supposed to serve to protect our interests and to make sure that dangerous drugs were not being released onto the marketplace and in fact they became the buds of the pharmaceutical industry I heard on more than one occasion people refer to our friends in the FDA or our people in the FDA when in fact prior to that period of time the FDA in no way shape or form had friends of ours in the pharmaceutical industry so that was really a red flag for me that things were going downhill rapidly in American medicine and I didn't want to be a part of it grrrrrr initially during my tenure in the pharmaceutical industry I sold psychiatric drugs in the mental institutions the image M our clinics psychiatric emergency rooms of hospitals and while I was selling psychiatric drugs I really got an education about the fact that many of the manifestations that I had seen in terms of behavioral things such as pill rolling and the shuffling gait and the jaw lip-smacking that you often would see patients in mental institutions exhibiting that these were not manifestations of their psychiatric illnesses these were actually manifestations of their psychiatric drugs and then I started to realize that there was something called the revolving door syndrome this is what I was educated on by MacNeill pharmaceutical actually when I sold Haldol that there's something known as the revolving door syndrome and what that means is that patients who were hospitalized continue to come back repeatedly and every time they come back they have lost more function than the previous time that they were admitted so I started to put one and one together and started to look at the side effects that people were exhibiting from these drugs and realized that these were actually brain damaging therapeutics and that we weren't talking about this aspect of the drug with the doctor we weren't talking about this aspect of these drugs with the general population who was discussing these things were the doctors in the mortality and morbidity conferences when I was supposed to be the fly on the wall standing there with the food that I was delivering for the doctors I was also listening to the cases that they were talking about and I started to realize that these were seriously brain damaging therapeutics the doctors would comment about it the doctors were also and their staffs were also often very concerned about patients who exhibited reactions to these drugs because they could in fact become violent and pose a threat to both the other patients and the staff and so knowing that these things weren't being disclosed to people in the general public I started to wonder what the motive datian was behind keeping this information from people why would they not let people know for the full disclosure about the drugs because I knew that if someone was actually crazy and they got relief from a drug it only made common sense that they would want to take the drug and that they would feel normal again and they would be stabilized and in fact it was proven by you know the various experiences that I had that the reason that people didn't want to take their drugs was because they were in fact not getting relief they were getting more severe symptoms and having more exacerbation of mental illness when they were on the drugs than they were when they were off the drugs so I started to question there were a group of people that were out rallying one time in front of one of the buildings that we were approaching and my district manager says oh that's just a bunch of Scientologists there you know all those crazy people they belong to a cult they're all anti psychiatric drugs in fact you know anytime anybody isn't for psychiatric drugs if you just label them a Scientologist that'll discredit them because everybody knows they're crazy so that kind of became my you know little tagline for anybody that spoke out against psychiatric drugs because I knew then that you could label them as a Scientologist and people didn't know anything about Scientology but they'd already gotten a bad rap because the pharmaceutical industry was promoting that they were a cult that was basically just out to destroy the psychiatric industry another aspect of the pharmaceutical sales reps training that I don't think a lot of people are aware of is how professional that they are trained as cells reps in fact I was trained when I worked for bristol-myers Squibb how to profile physicians based on their personality types so that you would know how to be most influential with a doctor and how to get them to prescribe your drugs and that was like you would profile a doctor as either being an analytical or they were a driver but that specifically was the way that we were supposed to approach the doctor if you knew if he was an analytical then you were supposed to approach him with a research study because they were people that like numbers and people that wanted you know that type of information and if they were in a me then you knew that that was the kind of person she could basically just get to do anything that you wanted them to do because they were just people pleasers and they wanted to make you happy and so you could pretty much lean on those people as opinion leaders if you wanted them to promote drugs off-label for you with other practices or with other physicians and then of course there were the drivers which were the doctors who were in charge and therefore you had to take the backseat let them think that they were leading the conversation and that you weren't teaching them anything you were in fact just talking to them and that type of training was very intricate I mean we were taught specifically how to approach physicians so that we could get the maximum result out of our presentations

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  1. Hi all from Berlin, Germany… here a bipolar girl, on Quetiapine (Seroquel) at the moment, got "Bipolar" after stoping cold turkey 4 antidepressants at 13 years old, prescribed by my pediatrician in Romania, my native country. …I am sick and tired of all this Pharma mess. The plan is to go off medication and to fight against those blind doctors and psycologists too… What is more important is that Faith is my medication now. Finding the Truth in the light of the Bible has helped me more than anything out there and trust me, i´ve got a messy tragic past. …To all the people out there on antidepressants or antipsycotics:
    You have been fooled to believe there is no cure.
    The healing of the mind exists.
    Careful at the EMF exposure!!! Careful at the food from supermarkets, take sunlight and make exercise!
    Peace be with you all 🙂

  2. What they don't tell you if you want to be successful in this business:
    A. If you are a female, you better look like a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Model
    B. If you are a male, you better be a former star quarterback, have a chiseled face and body, and willing to sleep with nurses
    C. If you want longevity in this business, you better count on evening and weekend parties with doctors and nurses and forget about being married.

  3. Look into sueing drug companies for free, Google lawers in your area that specializes in mental health lawsuits. YouTube videos of survivors of psychiatry. Stop this fraudulent poisoning, and murder for profit.

  4. The drug companies are the worst drug pushers! The FDA is complicit, and have their hands out. Pharmas have all kinds of side effects, and antidepressants cause homicidal and suicidal tendencies. Go with herbal and natural health. My sister's lifelong schizoaffective disorder was cured by a naturopath, by integrating the natural methods with her pharmas because she had been on the pharmas for years. And acute depression patients have been cured almost instantly by megadoses of Vitamins b-complex and c.

  5. I’m not religious at all but I often question when hearing people of religion wonder what the mark of the beast is? Well look no further than big pharma and there drug pushers like this woman was, this woman alone is responsible for ruining and killing many families and or there loved ones. I’m am glad she has now changed her outlook and quit being a legal drug pusher however how long did she do this after her inner self told her this was really wrong? My guess is about everyday she worked.

  6. I noticed about 5 days after the Parkland HS school shooting there was a propaganda story on yahoo news saying "Anti Depressants Really Do Work!" You ever notice the commercials for drugs that say this drug "may" help with this or it is "believed" that this happens? They cant say it "does" work or they "know" what the cause is because that would be a LIE.

  7. this month I looked everywhere on YouTube for her old video with a doctor called SOMA STATE .

    … I was telling a number of people to look for it with reference to the horrors of Lexapro which destroyed my memory.

    … and it has taken me YEARS to get back close to normal.

    …I should have sued them in a class action lawsuit when I had the chance …but I am very glad I found her videos today

  8. I was a medical representative for Ciba giegy now Novartiis for 18.years in the UK 30 years ago
    Wjsy she's sayinh true. Wr dprny a lot og money tskinh doctors out to lunch and on conferences sometimes abroad this is now banned. Some information was false some exaggerated claims some true as a rep you didn't know the difference. We used thid special syyled ptogilong over 30 uesrd ago. Somr drugs were vetu effective such as rimactazid fot tuberculosis and catbamazapine for manic depression and someone antihypettensive drugs. Uncontrolled hypertension used to be a terrible killer. Some drugs didn't work such as transiderm nitro fot angina but you dont know the truth of the data you are presenting. Some drugs are very valuable try having an operation without anaesthetic . Smsllpox has been eliminated wotld wide thanks .to vaccination and.many other conditions controlled. I let the industry to join a biofeedback and cognitive behaviour and cognitive behaviour company
    Although interesting this didn't work at all. Be very wary of so called alternative medicine they have their agendas as well most of it is a con. A transplanted heart will not be prevented from being rejected by homeopathy cancer will not be cured by changing your diet pharmaceutical companies while nor perfect have given us great advances and are the way forward together with other scientific advances

  9. God bless you. You are doing the right thing. Benzodiazepines almost killed me and my mom. They gave us both suicidal thoughts. Hers occurred 29 years ago and mine 4 years ago. The doctors kept insisting the drugs weren't doing that. When I stopped the benzos ALL my suicidal thoughts and attempts stopped and so did my mom's. It was the meds and only the meds doing that to us. I admire you so much for changing careers and getting the truth out. You are so right!

  10. I applaud Gwen for blowing the whistle, however, why did it take 15 years to come forward?  that is a long time

  11. Imagine taking these toxic drugs EVERY DAY for 20 years, like me. The permanent damage done to my brain and liver has ruined every aspect of my life. It has left me with a damaged brain and has GIVEN me many of the worst nightmarish symptoms that many antipsychotics are supposed to relieve. Gwen is absolutely telling the truth. I want to be a spokesperson and advocate against the practices of psychiatry involving mandatory drug therapy. It does more harm than good when taken long-term. PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN A PSYCHIATRIST TELLS YOU THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE DRUGS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
    ** Please feel free to contact me for a real-life experience with many doctors, many diagnosis and many drugs, for many years.

  12. Now that I'm flat on my back I find out that extended release/abuse proof opiates should not be given to menapausal women who cannot do hormone replacement therapy. It cause adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism so thank you Comprehensive Pain Specislist for the fentanyl patch I begged you not to put me on…Integrity Pain for the Opana that helped me gain 30lbs in one month and AMG of Nashville for the OxyContin which caused a false negative—

  13. Like all types of sales, it's mostly about manipulation, side-stepping and rebuttals.
    It's trickery. And that's why I do not like salespeople.

  14. Talk about sick!
    There's 1k people who "liked" who are susceptible to this nonsensical information and they don't understand she is SELLING all because adverse effects she experienced.
    This is an example of someone not able to ethnically make decisions for herself and then blame shift on to the brilliant individuals who create new drugs through passion, dedication, and determination.
    What a way to thank the company who provided your financial life line for many years!
    Great news, there's a cure for this and it's called the legal system. Hope she gets a taste of her own medicine and is forced to give back all they gave her.
    She's not a whistle blower, simply an non appreciative deceptive and defaming individual.
    Lastly, sure there are negative effects. If you have a city of one million people on a drug and only 1-100 are in a mental health clinic that is INCREDIBLE because the next step is to bring that number down and down, while paying hundreds of people like you and pouring 100 million to a billion in further research!
    If she thought it could be done better, she should have done what they do better, that's the ethical choice.
    Don't throw anyone under a bus!
    People are disease striken every day, who fights for they're lives YOU?

  15. The biggest Pharma companies have Pilgrims Society members on their boards—money tracing to the old British Chinese opium "trade."  You can find many of them in Who's Who in America, but only rarely will "Pilgrims Society" or "The Pilgrims" or "Pilgrims NYC" or "Pilgrims London" appear in their info.  Some rosters have leaked out however but none in 35 years.

  16. Ms Gwen Olsen, it is not right to make a sweeping generalization.  If you worked for an unethical drug company and know other such companies, the best thing you can do is to expose this and that particular drug company.  You know the efficacy and safety profile of the drugs you detailed and the right thing to do is to present the good and the bad sides in equal proportion – that is what real detailing is all about.  You have been manipulated by your former company and allowed yourself to be manipulated for 15 years, well that is very unfortunate, but don't put the blame on each and every drug company please.  

  17. We all sin but we fall down but we can get up Its time Dr Wallach has been saying this for over 40 years that why I am 90 for Life Healthy Body Challenge

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