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  1. By leaving islam,you will appreciate life and other people's life more,regardless of race and religion.Being a humanist will make you a better person than a muslim.

  2. A profound change in a state of life can also lead to a state of depression for a time…BTW…I commented on your recent video with Farhan…

  3. Correct… Depression is mental illness. It has nothing to do with any religion. Hope is only the solution for this. Whether religion assures HOPE?

  4. watch sam harris, richard dawkins, christopher hitchens etc, and you will feel a breath of fresh air, of life and of hope.

  5. A sudden change from believing someone is watching over you and promising you life after this one, to knowing its all made up can cause you to feel depressed. But you get over it after a while and start to appreciate the one and only life you will ever have.

  6. Moderate exercise on depression is like insecticide on a cockroach.

    Just a tip. Get outside get some sun on your back.

  7. I have stayed in Iraq for a couple of years and helped to set up a psychiatric clinic in Baghdad ….So yeah even Muslims feel major depression ….This does not depends on the following or non following of Islam but on the way an individual handles physical and emotional trauma and in most cases its simply because of nuro chemicals dis balance .

  8. Search up on YouTube depression healed by Jesus, schizophrenia healed by Jesus, mental illness healed by Jesus, bipolar healed by Jesus , you will find soo much personal testimonies and there is not one mental illness healed of any other religion , ONLY Jesus

    And when you mentioned psychedelics and mindfulness meditation to help on your other video, search on YouTube "New Age to Jesus" and you will find hundreds of testimonies of people into meditation, psychedelics find truth…again there is not one of new age to any other religion, ONLY Jesus……… JESUS IS LORD

  9. Hi Abdullah, I am a Muslim and still watch ur vids, I just wanted to say that one of the reasons I won’t become an atheist is that I would rather believe in something than believe in nothing , do u not also want to believe paradise is real , instead of believing that when u die that’s it . Do u not want to know that there is someone up there who is always with you instead of knowing ur on ur own. That’s me perspective to this.

  10. Kinda odd that you feel the need to keep using Islamic phrases in your video titles and tags etc.

    I am an ex-Christian but you don't see me constantly making videos of my former faith and using that faiths phrases in my video titles and tags or bashing that faith.

    Is someone looking for quick fame and looking to make a quick buck?

    Tut tut tut, really sad and pathetic but some people will always fall for the lies and scams.

    Anyway, goodluck!

  11. It's an important topic and a thing we as the society/community should help and support them through this in both a personal and professional mental healthcare. But also being a supporting fellow human being.

  12. I am seeing a lot of hateful comments on Abdulla at David's channel. Just appalled at how people can not understand what Abdulla stands for. He is preaching rationality, free thought, compassion and understanding our fellow human beings. There are some sick and vile people out there on these platforms. Hope we can erase out trolls and make this community strong. I urge people from both David's and Abdulla's channel to not engage with such hateful comments and report them ASAP. Let's not feed anything to hate.

  13. Im living in a closet as an ex-Muslim and it is difficult, but mostly in order to save my marriage i decided to do so…thank you Abdullah for everything you do

  14. Yo this guy is acting like he's happy and has no depression 😂 Bru your living in chaos 💯 percent.All Allah told us to do is right and will lead you to the right path.this life has death in the end it's just a task from Allah and with out a doubt you'll go to a better place than this whole universe .

  15. What about the convert version? The one where our whole life gets turned upside down for accepting Islam? THATS where we loose family, friends, career paths (Haram money and what not) and pretty much our whole way of life just to be treated like second class citizens in the religion of "universal brotherhood". Being Muslim was the worst 14 years of my life. I actually became Severely depressed as a Muslim. I spent the last 5 years of My Islam in a crippling state of depression. The depression caused by leaving a religion has more to do with the dramatic and often traumatic livestyle shift. For me it was leaving Christianity for Islam. So is Jesus causing ex Christians to Become depressed and Allah is causing ex Muslims to be depressed? You think they cover one another's shift when they can't get around to making a new apostate depressed because they have to answer the prayer of someone who can't find their car keys?

  16. Hey Brother
    I have an alternative answer
    You talked about Counseling and Meditation. Essentially trying to be your own God.
    Don't get me wrong I understand your heart is hurting after finding out you were being lied to.
    But there is a truth, there is a God, there is a reason why we are here and it is more than just having sex.

    By holding onto Evolutionism you are exchanging a wrong set of beliefs for a new one that is equally bad.

    I encourage you to read the Bible, specifically the new Testament.
    God loves you and he doesn't want you to be lost.
    If you are reading this, know that I am praying that your step out of Islam is a step toward truth, not degeneracy.
    Peace of Christ to all

  17. I was once a Jehovah's Witness and I saw many depressed ex Jehovah's Witnesses too because of the pressure from their families, the fear of a cruel God that is going to destroy you in Armaggeddon, etc. Some religions use a fear that creates depression on those who leave them. True, Islam is worse because you have the whole system against you in a Muslim country whereas the JW are a very small group

  18. It's a torment of God for all you rebels you can't do anything with it Abdullah also seems to be depressed

  19. Allah himself fails to do anything to kafirs in this world then how come he will be able to send them to hell after death. It should not so happen that Kafirs end up sending Allah and his momins to hell and get hold of 72 hoors, Momins beware 🙂

  20. We are all devine immortal souls.It is really tragic that many religions do not want their followers to realise this fact.I would recommend to study Advaita VEDANTA Philososophy for any sincere seeker who wants to know the truth.

  21. I left Islam and recently have come back to parts of it. Universal Sufis include many Islamic forms of dhikr and I realized this can help me with my current depression. I didn't lose family when I left Islam because I am not from a Muslim background. I did back away from the ummah, but a couple months ago started attending my Unity Mosque again.

    After the shootings in New Zealand, we spent over an hour sharing and venting. I know I am blessed to have discovered the Progressive Muslim community and Sufism. I also appreciate deeply my freedom to come or go from a religion without ending up in prison or executed. Islam has become, in some Muslim nations, a cage and jail cell. Political radicalism has put some tyrants in control of various nations. They oppress and Muhammad, peace be upon him, said we should stop oppressors. In fact, we should be willing to fight for those who are oppressed because oppression is worse than aggression that protects and rescues the oppressed.

    I am grateful that in the US, half of Muslims approve of the lgbt community. I came to know my lgbt identity in the 1980s. Until Ellen Degeneres came out, I hid and internalized society's hatred of the lgbt community. I also have had to hide my mental illness because of stigma. So I know what its like to live a double life and feel distant from everyone. I never came out to my mother because I feared her reaction and my father made fun of gay men, mimicking them so….

    Islam is fluid. It can adapt to democracy and western values by choosing a path where one reflects God's Mercy and Compassion in the world. I believe that the Cosmos are connected by al-Wadud and an-Nur. I had a psychic experience last fall that actually showed me what happens behind the scenes. And the Light is not choosing who it connects to. It connects believer and non-believer alike. God/dess bless all.

  22. The main reason for depression, besides clinical causes, is stress. Changing ones life long practices, estrangement from family and friends will cause stress in the short term. Nothing to do with ‘god’. You are correct Abdullah.

  23. I've got 3 things that's gonna impress you Muslims Christians and jews jesus was the son of god he was the messiah he took up on sin for us and conquered evil and god for himself the stories people said about muhammad being a pedo all that there was 2 types of Muslims the ones who hated muhammad and ones who followed him somewhere between the line Yemen was a key sorce of water coming from the Jordan river as the rain came from over the lands and filled into the desert of yeman another story was promised to up come muhammad he was'nt just a prophet he was a savour coming from the heavens in the old testimont when Moses wrote the 10 commandments symbolizing the 10 Arab armies there was alot of fore tellers of the future that would take place anyways these books are all keys to the timeline of things to come the bible the Torah and the Quran when the dead is risen they'll come back of full on wars against each other in a war once the dead is risen on earth Moses jesus Christ Muhammad and the rest that did great things anyways guys just stuck to whatever you learned for yourself don't change your religions anyways there's 4 kingdoms spoke of in the 3 books the man that drives the chariot the one that sits on a throne of iron and sapphire the one that is the form of a fire bird and the one with all command over the three as seen as a angel

  24. Suggestion: I wouldn't do the music at the end because its too loud and drowns you out too much. Its too serious a topic to have the new age piano. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    I see so many correlations with how its been for lgbt Muslims and non-Muslims and that includes the west. I was there in the 1980s, when AIDS started and gay men were told they deserved it. The stigma surrounding lgbt life is getting better. But even atheist parents would disown their gay and lesbian children, kicking them out of the house when the children courageously comes out. It wasn't so long ago that society shrugged when lgbt people were killed.

    Its very similar. Parents and friends do not necessarily support lgbt ppl even today even in the US. I'm blessed to live in a liberal part of the country vs. the Bible Belt.

    I am not blaming religion for this though it was a factor. LGBT people are viewed as deviant perverts regardless of a person's religion or lack of it. An example would be white supremacists and the Nazis during the Holocaust. Religion wasn't a factor there. Hate can grow anywhere.

  25. I used to be trapped in this cycle of unhappiness, for some strange reason I would go through phases of feeling empty, and even depressed. However 5 years ago I learned about classical hatha yoga, pranayam (breathing techniques), and various forms of meditation such as mindfulness. I started practicing these spiritual methods for inner-well being everyday. I can say for sure these have been the best 5 years of my life. Not because everything externally has been fantastic but these methods have empowered me to take my thoughts, emotions and psychological process into my control. External factors don't have that same grip over me. It's like I have learned to override the cycle of suffering. Religious wise I'm from a hindu background but Im agnostic. I dont know if there is a god, maybe there is, maybe there isn't. I definitely reject the abrahamic god who is fully of jealousy, vengeance, hatred for non-believers and threatens hellfire for those who go against his will. This is clearly a man made god. However I acknowledge there could be some sort of energy, force, or intelligence that is making the universe function. Overall I realized once you are happy and fulfilled by your own nature then you don't really need religion, you don't need a purpose in life, you dont need to depend on some god or messiah to save you. You don't need a heaven. You make your own heaven here, we can create our own purpose here. My purpose is to help others live a fulfilled and happy life, not to worship some god who clearly seems man made…

  26. You are an absolute legend Abdullah, I am an ex Muslim who converted to Buddhism 16 years ago. Keep up the good work!

  27. I really like your videos….honestly I dont know whether you are Right or Wrong But surely one can say you are good human being the way you try to explain your perception neutrally,politely…
    M in middle of No where..highly confused 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  28. In my job I am confronted with suicides of Muslims, especially Muslimas on a monthly basis.
    The most disturbing fact is the bad behavior of the muslim families if they reach the place.
    If there is a fire or an accident as well, they always come in the hundreds and prevent police, firefighters and doctors to help the injured.

    Crying, shouting and stay in the way of skilled people.

    Making everything to a matter of faith. Stupid an selfish.
    They are a threat to all helpers.

    Suicide and depression you will find among believers and atheists. It is human.

    The problem is the stupidity religions provide for it.

    No one would
    replace insuline with prayers or the reading and citations of holy texts.
    But in the case of depression it should be the solution.

  29. Meditation is a great way to counter depression – USA troops with shock and battle fatigue are trained on meditation

  30. Just to point out – for those in need of community in North America you should join ExMuslims of North America – they’re an amazing organization

  31. The depression of ex Muslims would be because after studying in depth and finding flaws and falsehoods would shake what would have been blind and full faith in the perfect word of God which gave a complete sense of security . It would shake the very foundations of the person who depended so much on it. It would be like being cheated or defrauded . It would be like how an adopted child would feel when told that his parents are foster not the real parents

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