Eye Doctor (Lil’ Buddies 4)

Eye Doctor (Lil’ Buddies 4)

*beatboxing* Hey! Where were you? Ugh. Just got back from the stupid eye doctor. Ugh, the eye doctor’s the worst! Ya don’t need to tell me.
Poking and proding around in my eyes… I don’t even like touching my own eyes, I dont want some stranger up in there, with his…clinical… stuff… Totally! Plus it’s like- When they update my prescription like, it’s- I’m like… – ya know? *sigh* Like, I don’t wanna think about my senses not being perfect, right? Sure… Like imagine all our senses started to fade. Like, like no more seeing… or hearing, or touching… tasting.. or, um… the… the other one… Smelling? Smelling! None of that! Like, what would we even be? *sigh* Like just, um… like, thoughts? Sure. Or like would we even be able to have a thought… without any outside stimuli? Like if we’d never heard, or seen, or felt,
or tasted… or… uh… um… SMELLED. Or SMELLED anything,
wHaT wOuLd wE eVeN tHiNk aBoUt?!? Are we… Are people just like, a collection of responses to the stimuli presented to us by our senses? Do we even do anything except for react, like… are we capable of it?! You know I hate you, right? Hmm? *ukulele theme*

9 thoughts on “Eye Doctor (Lil’ Buddies 4)

  1. There's one answer to what someone would be if they couldn't see, hear, smell, taste, feel, or think: dead.

    On another note: SECOND!

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