FLU SHOTS IN AN AIRPORT? Nurses that travel…

FLU SHOTS IN AN AIRPORT? Nurses that travel…

so Chicago they have all these like
carousel no words that I’m not used to here we go go to the Apple store
I’m running a little late the number one reason why I’m late
is Starbucks yeah you do a Happy New Year thank you
back to the turnstile again but this one’s automatic so it’s really
weird I keep getting stuck so I hear if you’re getting your battery
replaced they keep your phone for four days that’s not gonna happen cuz I’m
only in Chicago till tomorrow I’m so excited finally to be able to have my
iPhone charged all day not having it died like two or three times a day and
never having fun when I need it so I’m inlined it’s going to go like 50 minutes
I thought I needed a new battery but evidently I didn’t my battery’s good
which is good news but then why does my phone keep dying I don’t know I guess I
use it too much so 2017 is over and now it is 2018 and
I’m so excited I started nurse Lake back in May 2017 I
got a new studio in my studio apartment in Seattle Washington and I’m really
excited to start filming there and posting videos to YouTube and Facebook
and I’m also excited to blog I got all new camera equipment so I will be taking
you on all my adventures on a weekly basis whether that be me traveling me
going to conferences and conventions or just working in the studio at home I
believe that if we all share our experiences together would be able to
learn so much from one another and help grow professionally and also help grow
the nursing profession as well it’s been a fun year 2017 was amazing again I
learned so much but I am even more excited for what 2018 is gonna bring I
thank you guys so much for watching my videos liking and sharing my content and
I will see you back in Seattle but first let’s go explore the city so I just saw the coolest thing walking
through the terminal there’s actually a nurse giving out flu shots which is
perfect because it’s flu season and when you’re at the airport you’re typically
if you get here early you’re just waiting around for your plane so I
thought it was really cool that they were offering flu shots I’m not sure
which hospital or clinic she was with but what she did say is they actually
have a clinic like a fool like clinic and one of the terminals so if you need
to see a practitioner about something that you could see one here at the
airport while you’re waiting I just thought it was really cool and I’m sure
more airports will probably do that in the future if it’s a success but it was
awesome that they were giving out flu shots to those who need it
I already got mine who sees that earlier but if I didn’t get mine it would be
perfect because I’m here at the airport like two hours early I don’t know I’m
gonna do probably gonna Starbucks or something or look at the neck pillows
because I love a good airplane neck pillow

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  1. Glad y’all are doing well. I’m so happy for you and nice vlog. Would love to see more. Chicago looks beautiful. ❤️ Houston’s Top it pizza family sends their love, we miss yall! -Brandy.

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