freckle splash! makeup tutorial • blackhead removal • jolse unboxing

freckle splash! makeup tutorial • blackhead removal • jolse unboxing

[Music] hello everyone its Andrew and today I’m back with a new makeup tutorial in this video I will be also showing you how I clean the pores and blackheads on my nose the pore cleaning is everything that I do every week but please note that I wash my face first and use a toner before after I’ve had my nose a little I’m using this mini pore stick from Michelle my nose I found that it helps much more if I use a spot cleaning brush so after applying it I will just grab my nozzle a little bit with this brush and then wash my nose again [Music] next I will be moisturizing my skin with milk EU moisturizer from a pure it’s a drop moisturizer so it’s really easy to apply I’ll also use the title balm from benefit to moisturize my lips sunscreen is really important especially in summer so I’m also going to use the sunscreen cushion from Missha as the sunscreen is getting absorbed by my skin I’ll be using this eye brightening base from Tony moly on my eyebags don’t believe how they look on camera they really dark in real life and as my place I’m gonna use this mini strobing cushion from Tony moly it’s again a glowy base which I really really low and I wanted to try it out and for my BB cream I’m using this oil control PP cushion from the face shop even though I don’t have oily skin but I bet you can tell why I bought this it’s because it’s coca-cola teemed and I couldn’t hold myself back next I’m moving on to this concealer from aritaum it’s a very light shade compared to my skin tone but thankfully once I blended it nicely it turned out to be okay but when I first put it on it gave me a mini heart attack [Music] next I’ll be setting the concealer with the powder from match on my eye area and right around my nose because it’s really hot and it might light off from my face for the eyes I’m getting the street fashion palette from etude house and I’m getting this really shimmery shade and I will use it on my whole eyelids first afterwards I’m getting this brown shade which also appears a little bit orange I will use it on the crease of my eye only and blend it outside softly it will need some patience because the eyeshadows were as pigmented as I expected [Music] [Music] [Music] to use under my eyes I’m getting the shade and I will just connect it with the top I said oh I have used earlier [Music] I’m getting a white eye pencil now and I will brighten the inner corner of my eyes next I’m getting a brown eyeliner and I will do this really thin and small extension of an eye liner to give off this natural eye makeup look which is really unlike me now I’m going for my small eyebrows because they shouldn’t be small in this makeup I’m just gonna give this straight eyebrow look but I’ll kind of draw them downwards to give off this innocent eyebrows that I always draw for some reason as for the fake eyelashes I have cut an old pair I had I cut the inner parts of the eyelash I had and I’m gonna be using it on the other part of my eye as an extension of an eyelash now I’m getting this chubby lash mascara from clinic and I’ll be using it on the fake eyelashes I used earlier to blend it with my own eye lashes [Music] I’ll also use it on my bottom eyelashes and I will use a piece of paper so I won’t stain my eye makeup to come through my nose I’m getting this contouring item from Innisfree and I will just draw wherever I want to contour my nose and afterwards I will be blending it with a brush [Music] for my blush I’m getting this palette from the balm cosmetics and I’m gonna go for the lightest shade of pink in it since it’s a cream item I will be applying it with my finger to draw fake freckles all over my face I’m gonna be using the frick item from the getrekt company and i will also be linking this item in the description below as well as all the other items i’ve used in this video but only for this item I also have a discount code so check the description box if you want to buy it with the discount also I think they’ll be shipping worldwide soon they used to just ship to USA but that’s gonna change so keep an eye out for it [Music] since my neck area is open to make it more believable I also drew some freckles on my neck for my lips I’m getting this rosy slim-fit tint from Innisfree and I’m just gonna apply it normally on my lips and blend it with a brush [Music] for my highlighter I’m using real color highlighter from Oh way but I had a problem while recording so it only shows how I applied it onto my nose I’m really sorry about that and also with this step our makeup is done and I really hope you enjoyed it recently I started to do lighter eye makeups and more natural looks but that’s gonna change really soon I was just experimenting I would say and I kind of missed my old look so I guess more heavy looks will be coming soon then I will be seeing you in my next video bye bye [Music]

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  1. Wow! The freckles look so natural when paired with pale skin tones! Made me look at my own freckles just to see if I could tell the difference! Love it, Princess Anzu~ 😍

  2. I love the amount of diversity in this comments section ^^ Bir sorum olucak bu arada NYX Jumbo Pencil White almak istiyorum ama fiyatı malum, biriktirip ondan mı alsam yoksa bir başka marka tavsiyen var mı? :>

  3. You're so cute ♡♡♡ Your makeup really inspires me! Thanks for another beautiful tutorial, and keep doing your gorgeous work ♡♡ All love from Brazil

  4. Sad that such talented channels like this have only about 350k subs but dramatic beauty gurus who have to use tons of filters to look decent have like millions of subs:((

  5. Hi I love your make up and your videos Youre so GORGEOUS💗 The strawberry girl make up and the cherry girl make up is one of my fav video:) I want to watch your Red apple girl make up🍎

  6. 당신..정말 아름다워…그거 알고있어야돼 꼭꼭 당신 최고야 목소리도너무 귀여워 최고최고

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