8 thoughts on “|Fugue State| Doctor Who + Broadchurch Crossover

  1. This is beautiful and so well-made. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE MORE SUBSCRIBERS?! AND WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE MORE LIKES? ♥

  2. I really don't know why this video hasn't more viewes. I absolutely love it! Great choice of scenes, amazing editing 🙂

  3. , well I'm finally happy to see that the new doctor even though he's playing a cop now told his old character where he could stick it right up his crawl mean right up his ass it is supposed to have said that a long time ago thank you for protecting Rose from that from that ass wad that tighty whitey cry baby that temper tantrum child Time Lord my ass tie up Arctic Toya's bowl shipt

  4. Somebody needs to write a fanfiction about that! Amazing Video! It should have a loootttt more views and likes :3

  5. I would love it if the cop gave the doctor a swift kick in his ass I'm tired of this yes we all know you're a timelord we all know that human beings Decay with her and die you don't have to do it all throughout time and space shut the s*** up shut your f**** mouth you're annoying me please want to talk about fracture your fracturing my nerves pissed off go back in your tires where to go masturbate to yourself that's all you're good for anyway not even sure if they're good for that

  6. Yeah I get you look like him you sound like him that's because you are him just any human form cheese I guess already down don't know what's worse the whole time Lords regenerate and human beings 2K wither and die or the hole where the hell do I do it every day get up go to work eat chips come home go back to bed and do the whole thing all over again yeah okay I have enough of that crap please give me a Sonic Screwdriver so I can blow my own brains out that's how I'm feeling not literally wanting that to happen a girl can see how she feels without literally saying she wants to hurt herself maybe knocked myself in the head with chart peanuts that's plastic so I wouldn't really hurt much this is much to do about spaceship

  7. I think about the human doctor / Coppell karting is staying his why are you really here doctor what do you think you're coming back for Rose you are sadly mistaken She's mine now ass that's why I think you Staind and you'd be right to say that the time War Doctor wasn't very good the rose at all if I think about it he's downright rude insensitive a total prick and she'll have a brick fall on his head Brookhaven that would kill him unless someone took a gun and shot him

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