21 thoughts on “Horror Short Film "Home Education" | Presented by ALTER

  1. I was in both School and home schooling and to be honest school is the best . Being home schooled is wrong . Many people will encourage it but it's so many down falls . We're kept from the real world and inside of a bubble . Highschool wether a good or bad expirence is needed and people are actually beibg manipulated when homeschooled and abuse tends to be unknown to certain people and they grow up thinking its normal until other at school points it out now imagine that if a person is to be homeschooled and is going through abuse then no one will know and if a child goes missing then no one will ever know . At school although bullying happens cause welcome to reality … At least if you're gone people will notice . When I was gone from school before I started home school the whole class noticed whenever I wasnt there which was shocking to me and noticed when I wasn't in class cause I was coming late . They even noticed how I would wear my hair and was like finally when I actually put it in a correct pony tail . That actually makes me wanna cry now cause I didn't think people even cared to notice me . Not only that but with going to regular school we get to see other sides to people and other opinions which we don't have in home schooling . Especially the ones who grows up with home schooling tends to be the most naive and weak to be honest and when they get out if the bubble they don't know how to handle certain situations unlike most who does and cant even easily spot when a person is fake and toxic due to being in a bubble so much . There is a major problem with homeschooling . People state that its good for anxiety and depression when it never is . All you do is have more alone time and stay in a bubble . In fact it can even make it worse .

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