Hover Board Dentist Gets Convicted | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

Hover Board Dentist Gets Convicted | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

[INTRO MUSIC] Yo, a dentist in
Alaska is in trouble after a shocking video of
him appeared on social media. Also, they have
dentists in Alaska. Oh, OK. JIM MORET: It’s
the day of judgment for the dentist
who pulled a tooth while riding a hoverboard. Dr. Seth Lookhart caused outrage
with this now-infamous video. How is this outrageous? WOMAN SPEAKER: You don’t
think that’s dangerous? To pull a tooth? You already fu– they– They shoot your mouth. They shoot you
up in your mouth. What the shit. They could put– they could shoot you in your
face, you won’t feel that shit. [LAUGHTER] I don’t care– Have you ever got
a tooth extracted? They’re man rough. Like this is nice. He’s on to roll away,
awesome cool shit afterwards. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] When I had my
wisdom teeth pulled, the man put his foot
on the fucking chair. It was like, Nyah. It was like, oh, shit. That felt weird. JIM MORET: In
court, the dentist’s own attorney described
that hoverboard video as absolutely stupid. Stupid lit. [LAUGHTER] Like, wouldn’t you want a
little more from your lawyer, not that’s stupid. Like it’s egregious
or some shit. Your honor, this is stupid. How do you plead? Stupid. JIM MORET: Lookhart was
accused of sharing the video and joking, I don’t
really walk anymore. Takes too much effort. What. That’s a hell of a caption. Like, yo– JIM MORET: The
hoverboard stunt wasn’t the dentist’s only problem. The judge found
him guilty of fraud for the unnecessary
sedation of patients to make money from Medicaid. Oh, so the hoverboard–
oh, he was just doing illegal shit all over the place. Ah. Well, y’all love
the hoverboard shit. There was, like, oh,
yes, he was like– Oh, yeah, he was doing
the hoverboard too. He was knocking people
out, doing insurance fraud. How much time did he get? WOMAN SPEAKER: He won’t
be sentenced til April. We can keep you updated. No, let’s go there. Let’s go for his sentencing. WOMAN SPEAKER: To Alaska? To Alaska.
Yeah. Hell, yeah. Showtime got money
like that, don’t you? [LAUGHTER] WOMAN SPEAKER: Would you
be character witnesses? Yeah. I would be like– He’s a good guy. Yeah, I went to dentistry
school with him. – Yeah.
– Never saw him on a hoverboard. [LAUGHTER] Right. Good guy. Good guy. Let him free free to homie. Free Bobby’s murderer,
free tax, going to free the hoverboard dentist. Yeah.

35 thoughts on “Hover Board Dentist Gets Convicted | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

  1. In my book there is no such thing as unnecessary sedation. I hate the dentist and want to be knocked out every time! I wish I was in Alaska to see this guy my teeth wouldn't be fucked up because I'd have nothing to fear I'm out.

  2. I mean shit, it's Alaska. Fuck else are you going to do but ride a hover board while pulling teeth? Seems logical lol

  3. I was born in Alaska and I don't appreciate the accents! They were insensitive and hilarious! I don't know how I feel 🤣😂 also I love how Desus sounded like he didn't even know Alaskans have teeth Hahahahahahaha! #BodegaHive

  4. People got more upset over the hover board vs. the fact that he was fleecing the tax payer by doing unnecessary dental stuff to bill medicare.

  5. Yeah the hover board wasn't really his issue it was the fraud. Anytime he had a patient who was on medicare/medicade he would do every procedure possible. Unnecessary x-rays, putting people under to fill cavities. Just so he could charge medicare more money. And he most likely would have got away with it but that hover board video brought attention to him. So congratulations you played yourself.

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