How to Cope with Holiday Depression : How to Help Someone with Depression

How to Cope with Holiday Depression : How to Help Someone with Depression

Hi, my name is Rachel Blackston and I’m here
on behalf of Expert Village, and I am a private practice mental health counselor in Orlando,
Florida and I work at a private practice called Twelve Stones Counseling Center and it’s located
in Ovido, Florida. And I’m here to talk about how to deal with depression over the holidays.
There are a number of things that you can do if you have a loved one who you think they’re
that may be depressed. The organization, Families for Depressional Awareness, puts out a couple
of tips on the website The first is to show your love to the person,
to your loved one. When you’re depressed, you’re often feeling very lonely and hopeless
and isolated. Let them know how much you care and that you’re willing to help. And it’s
also important that you really validate their feelings and their experiences of sadness.
The last thing you want to say is “snap out of it” or “cheer up” or “use your willpower
to get out of this situation.” The second is to be informed. There are a number of family
profiles on that can help you watching families that have a depressed
loved one. The third is to speak to the impact on the relationship. It’s ok for the depressed
person to know that this impacts you. If you have a spouse that’s depressed it may be affecting
financial responsibilities, household duties. It’s ok to let them know that this has an
impact on you and to be honest about speaking to that. The fourth is to reach out, reach
out to your community, to mental health professionals, to your doctor and see if your loved one would
be willing to see someone, a professional counselor who specializes in depression. And
finally, see if they’d be willing if to take a questionnaire or an assessment or an evaluation.
There’s one at that is could be really, really helpful for them to
identify if they have some of the symptoms of depression. And finally, it’s important
for you to read up and understand some of the underlying issues of depression. This
is a great book by Mitch Gallant and Susan Gallant. It’s called “What to do when your
loved one is depressed.” I really recommend this book. It’s got a lot of really helpful,
helpful tips.

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