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  1. Didn't say why men live shorter because of leftisim in America

    In short men live shorter on average because they commit suicide 5x more and have chances of serious injury and death 20x in the workplace
    That's because men do all the dirty job

    Women's job is usually shit
    Eg teacher hairdresser and shit like that

  2. Eating healthy and working out is really hard for me because I keep fasting and I get tired of it do I quit and I gain all the weight back.

  3. How is it possible for elderly age + heavy weighted individuals having inability to keep up with exercising when they are slow in reflexes with having joint problems ??

  4. 1:44 Really? I think you are being a little too soft, I follow the 5 habits without even trying because for me they are common sense, it is not like people need a strong will to follow those 5 habits, they just need to be conscious, that's all.

  5. Hi Dr. Mike. Just came across your channel. It has really opened my eyes. I´ve been very depressed lately. Haven´t been working more than 40 hours a month after I lost my job and found a new part time job – so I´ve been alot at home. Sounds like a luxury for some, but it´s not luxury when you do it every day. Just like eating candy or celebrating your birthday everyday isn´t fun either. I noticed I started getting depressed ´cause I wasn´t feeling productive. And I didn´t even bother doing any housework. My husband would come home from a long day at work and see that I hadn´t done anything and get frustrated. I have alot of head ache. My hair is falling out. I get irritated alot and I´m already at a BMI over 30 and I keep gaining weight ´cause I just can´t eat the way that I should when I´m at home all the time. I´ve gotten anxiety about going out, and cancel all my plans almost. I hate the person I´m becoming, and couldn´t see a way out. I wanted to do so much with my career, but I didn´t have the strenght to do anything about it. And then I feel lazy, and that makes me even more depressed, and a bad mother.
    Anyway – I´ve been watching alot of your videos these couple of days and I feel I came across them for a reason. You´ve lit a spark in me to do something, and get my butt out there. Exercise, eat healthy and change my life and thinking. Just wanted to say thank you for that. You inspire me on so many levels – I bet you hear that all the time, but thank you anyway. Wish you could be my doctor, haha. You should be a public speaker <3
    Sending much love from Norway.

  6. I follow all of these habits and it's NOT hard! I would say the hardest one is exercising regularly (although I do). It can just be hard to fit it into a busy lifestyle.

  7. To play devil's advocate, perhaps the data correlated increased drinking and unhealthy eating with those who died sooner because those people lived stressful lives, or had issues which were extraneous, and therefore they drank/ate unhealthily to be happy? I know the science is there as well, but data isn't always as clear cut as this is made out to be

  8. I now this video is old, but I'm Adventist, and it just was WEIRD to hear someone say that. I knew it was true already, but it still surprised me.

  9. I have a genetic neuropathy, to me eating healthy, not smoking or drinking and doing regular exercise is not an option.

    So I'm probably going to live to a hundred, having never eaten cake.

    On the positive side I look wonderful at 28 and people swear I'm 20 or younger, while a lot of the people I went to school with are already fat, balding and wrinkly.

  10. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I never did and I'm glad I never succumbed to peer pressure. That's already 2 out of 5 habits! I'm about to turn 30 and people still think I'm about 22-24 years old, so I'm very happy! I just started going to the gym about 6 months ago and I feel really good, and the only thing difficult to me is the healthy eating… I mean, I don't mind eating some veggies, but I hardly can resist to chocolate, pizza, donuts and tacos! (And I mean REAL tacos, because I'm Mexican!)

  11. I wish you spent a little more time talking about “adding life to your years” or quality of life as we age. Having aging parents I see the value of taking better care of myself so I can remain active and not be sick or in pain as I get older.

  12. I am a 50-year-old woman and I do not wish to live until I am 93. Bless all those who do, and when I was young I wanted to live until I was 120. But then I developed osteoarthritis and am in pain pretty much every single day and it gets worse every year. So. I'm ok with an average of 25-30-ish more years. I eat well and stay active, which I think has helped my quality of life. But, I'm definitely ok with checking out in my 70s.

  13. Mike: If you follow all of these habits you can potentially increase your lifespan by 14 years if you're a woman and 12 years if you're a man …..


  14. "What's the hardest one of these five for you to follow?" Eating healthy,  exercising and healthy weight. I get anxious, I eat, I get depressed, I don't move. So imagine that day in, day out. Overweight/obesity/fluctuating unhealthy weight. If it's going to start anywhere, it has to start with mental health. Mental health is the key to living longer. If you care about you, you'll take care of you.

  15. Who gives a shit how many years you live if you live them having a good time?! Time isn't important, quality is. Time is the most important to the young, and Dr. Mike is VERY young.

  16. wish i could find a cookbook with real traditional recipies from all the blue zones. Preferably with lists of what vegtable they grow. Someone wright it please.

  17. Im going to try this. Hopefully i'll become old enough so I that technology has come a really far way and people can become immortal. i want to be immortal

  18. My Dad: I don't understand why women live longer… hey, hold my beer while I show you something… I think I can move that deer stand up higher into that tree…

  19. It's simple: Eat plant based and you will live long. My parents eliminated animal products and no longer need medications

  20. First off all. As a Barbadian I felt offended when I heard the buzzer go off when the guy with the jazzy hair cut call out my country (this is for you, sweetie 💋). C’mon Mike, we have a James Sisnett and all his siblings who lived to a ripe age too !

  21. So, i don't drink, i don't smoke, i'm a normal weight, BUT, i could work on my exercise, and i could eat a little healthier, seems like im doing pretty good

  22. I wonder if all these surveys that compare women's life expectancy to men's are done between study groups of similar life style and profession or if men's lower life span is a result of the men with high fatality risk jobs (police officers, fire fighters, mining,etc) affecting the mean

  23. Eating healthy and exercise r my major problems. I have a planet fitness membership but haven't used it in years.

  24. How to make help others around you live longer:

    1.) Don't text or talk on your cell phone while driving ! Put your phone and any other distractions away and out of sight at all times on the road ! Calls and text messages can ALWAYS ( and I mean always) wait till you reach your destination !
    2.) Don't drink while driving ! There's no shame in choosing not to drink and no shame in getting a ride home if you are drunk. There is no excuse for drinking then getting behind a wheel !
    3.) Use turn signals while driving and ALWAYS STOP at stoplights. NO zooming through red lights !
    4.) Do not drive if extremely tired to prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. Let someone else take over if possible.
    5.) If angry, scribble with crayons on paper, punch a pillow, talk to someone you trust or seek help professionally from a therapist rather than grabbing a gun and shooting at a school/church/movie theater or anywhere else. Always choose words over violence every single time !

    Thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

  25. Can you do a video about brushing teeth and how it prevents heart disease among other diseases ? Please? Simpllllllllllle?????

  26. I will try to do better, but "eat healthy" is confusing nowadays. While avoiding processed food is easy, there is too many questions about everything else: is meat healthy? should we avoid red meat? is dairy healthy? (lot's of people is lacto intolerant even if they don't have lots of symptoms one can be acne at teenage age but still lots of people say we should eat dairy) should we limit fruits? if our diet should be more plant based then should we worry about protein and iron? etc. etc.

  27. Exercise + Healthy eating are probably the two toughest ones to maintain. Surprised that sufficient sleep didn't make the list.

  28. Video Idea – The health benefits of intergenerational relationships!
    Another Harvard Gazette article also reports that results from one of their longest running studies on health and happiness shows that the quality of our relationships has a powerful impact on our health.
    Another interesting article I read recently highlights how a nursing home in Amsterdam allows university students to live rent free in the home, in exchange for service hours with the residents. I see the social, emotional, mental and physical benefit of these intergenerational relationships in the home I work, with other programs such as visiting Mom & Tot groups and student-veteran visiting program. I think it would be great if millennials better understand the aging process and how to better interact with the older people in their lives

  29. Well this helps a lot Tank you 🙂 (i have to write a 80 hours long essay for school about a topic and my topic is immortality. )

  30. Step 1: Become an android
    Step 2: <this space reserved>
    Step 3: I don't know, rule the world or something. I haven't really thought this through.

  31. Dr Mike, this video is way too short! Please expand on this! I know about the Blue Zone study, but ….I can't stick to vegan/plant-based ONLY diet. What's your take on limited meat diet?

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