How to overcome Depression | VED | [Hindi]

How to overcome Depression | VED | [Hindi]

Hello, welcome to Program Your Mind Ved this side. Today, let’s talk about Depression I am getting so many calls and messages in my office and people want me to help them to come out from their depression so today this video is on this very topic that how can We overcome this depression, how can we come out from the depression if you or any other person in your knowledge is going through Depression so I think you must share this video with them It may be I can’t say with much guarantee that what will happen but it may help that person to come out from his depressive state so let’s first understand What is depression? let me tell you, depression is a state of mind As happiness is a state of mind, Feeling victor is a state of mind, feeling Joyful is a state of mind, Likewise, feeling depressed is a state of mind So, the very first thing we should understand is how does this state of mind gets created? Let me tell that how this state of mind gets created? there are two parts , through which the state of mind is created One is our Mind and second is our Body It means any state is formed when something is going on inside our Mind and the same experience we express by our body Let’s take an example You are very Happy Good thoughts are going on inside your mind you are remembering a good memory in which you enjoyed a lot At that time the thoughts of happiness are going on in your Mind in that particular time these thing are happening in your mind and how you experience in your body what happens? you get smile on your face If you talk, your tone of voice means, the feeling behind your words also seems so positive your body’s structure or posture also seems very different filled with energy in between these two, the Body and the Mind there is a good coordination together what they create we call it STATE OF HAPPINESS If the good thoughts are moving in a person’s Mind and at that particular time his body is also complimenting him then slowly slowly his State Of Happiness will also increase likewise, The STATE OF DEPRESSION is also a State What is The STATE OF DEPRESSION? When the negative thoughts comes in the Mind of a person and regularly some thoughts like Self-defeating and self-criticizing are going on there may be some rememberance of events which are painful many things like this are going on inside so the same expression also reflects on Body like what? You might see If a Person is in Depression’s zone or State He will never be seen with high shoulders, chin up and smile on his face You will say Yes, definitely Mostly, in this kind of situation Any person’s posture may be like folded hands and with gloomy face and sits with sad face manier times people may be seen in these postures it can be a meditating posture but i am talking about a state in which there are wrong and depressive thoughts are going on so these Body postures are also complimenting them in this state, the breathing process is also different from the state while they were happy you may check them or you can observe yourself even in depression these both things something going on in Mind and something else in body together they create the State of Depression and Empowers this State Let’s try to understand If anyone has to come out from the depression’s state Because it’s a State look, A Man is not happy for all the 24 hours If We look on any Normal Man’s life so, in a period of 24 Hours Sometimes He Feels very good and sometimes He don’t sometimes He is in State of Depression For sometime and most of the time in the State of Happiness or what we call ‘natural flow’ But any state which lasts longer we say this person is in this state like, A person, most of the times is in the State of Happiness and for the few time is in the depression’s state so, we will say he is a person of the Happy State If a person is healthy most of the times and sometimes he falls Ill so we will say He is a Healthy Man It’s not like a healthy man doesn’t fall Ill or a Happy man doesn’t become Sad but whichever is more extended State, we begin to call it that person’s natural state or personality In the same way If I talk on Depression so, when a man is in Depression, Somethings going on in his Mind His body is at different posture to experience the same Shoulders are down, face is gloomy and tention on Face Maybe in a different feeling zone What should be done to come out from it as I told you any state which remains longer so our personality and identity becomes like that To those whom we call depressed or in depression They most of time lives in this State and sometimes He lives normally So what to do? it is needed to slowly slowly decrease this extended state mean to say it needs to decrease the Depression State and increase the State of Happiness How can we Do this? To do this I am Sharing some Key Points Means if You or anyone in your surrounding is in Depression Phasse So, How can they Break it? Very Firstly Let me tell You a Shortcut What is this Shortcut? as you Feel that You are going so much in these kind of Thought, negative thoughts So First, observe your physiology Mean to say observe your Body Pattern, Body Posture and gestures and Break It Come out from its patterns If You ever think that Negative thoughts are going on in your Mind and suddenly You feel that Maybe I am sitting in a same posture and at same place with Gloomy Face and down Shoulders As this thought comes to your Mind, understand that you are creating the State of Depression or Entering in it at that time you can leave your place or chair You can leave that place you can lift up your shoulder Because You have the control of your Body You can change It let me tell You on deeper level let me tell You that depression’s State is being controlled by your Unconscious mind But anytime You can take it’s Conscious control and what it Means to take Conscious control Your Body is feeling Down but you can bring it in a state of feeling Up You can lift up your shoulders and you can take a deep breath You can lift up your face, you can hold your face, You can give attention to your facial muscles in positive form and When You do this and continue it for sometime then You will see those powerful depression thoughts in your mind are not there or reduced or their power is reduced or their level is reduced Why it is happening so? Because, now your body is not supporting those thoughts Mind and Body form a system If a part is not supporting to depression and another one is supporting Depression so ultimately there will be no depression state means depression’s state will brake and You can Engage yourself in someone else so, this is how You can take control over your depression How You can instantly change or convert the Depression it is one method of it it’s just a part But, with this let me tell you the deeper level of it that ultimately How can we come out from the depression? so one key was, one method was to use our physiology This i shared You, how can we use our body to come out from the depression Now let see second thing there are some thoughts are going on inside your mind which are dragging us into depression Now these thoughts are negative thoughts, self-defeating thoughts, self-esteem reducing thoughts this kind of thoughts are going on in your mind let me tell You, You need to work on this because it is the root and resources of the state of depression I don’t know what is the Depression’s reason in your life, if You’re facing it may be because of some event in your past life for which You feeling depressed even today you may feel that your self-worth has been reduced because of such event or that was so painful event let me tell you that event has been over It has been passed and a thing of past and Past doesn’t exist anywhere it can exist only in our Mind and nowhere else and if that is tormenting You even today if Past’s event still tormenting You and taking You to Depression So there is only one reason of it and it is That you’re still holding on it if You leave it, release it so it will slip from your hands and it has passed away it has passed away from your life, so it will passed away slowly- slowly it will go away from you When You will engage yourself somewhere else like, so many times I give this example Even though it’s a funny example When someone’s heart breaks He goes in corner of a dark room and in the dark room he plays music and listen songs like “bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere” Now tell me whether you are trying to forget or remembering that you are actually reinforcing those memories but instead of doing it if you leave it that was a part of Past come out from it and engage yourself in something else You will see your life is changing there are a lot things to do in life What we Have chosen? whether we can choose the pains of those old past memories or We can choose some better things choice in your hands, You are always free to make your choice And what You choose, the consequences of that choice comes into your life And the same results comes into your life so I was talking about You can change or converts the things which are in your mind You can delete that for measurably I don’t mean by deleting, that memory will be faded I am trying to say that, effects of that memory on us will be ended up i Have some videos on this very topic You may watch them if you wish ‘How to erase Painful past Memories’ You may search it on Youtube or You can find it’s video in my channel That can help You on this topic What I am telling you briefly is, We have to shift our Mind We have to change our Mind to make it come out from Depressive zone see How it Happens? Like, A glass is full of water if We empty the glass So air will take place of water in that glass it means something will replace it We cannot make it blank So the thoughts in our Mind If some thoughts are moving in our Mind and we want to remove them out , so we will not be able to do it We can replace it means if we put something better in it. So, the older things will come out itself older things Will be moved from it You can check it by using in your life it’s upto on your focus What I am saying It’s not guaranteed whether you listened me and your life is gonna changed Yes, it can be If You make effort for it If You work on it and do hard work for it Think of it, the depression’s phase will be over from your life completely How good your life can be so, this is the two parts of which I told You Body and Mind together they make a system first method I told You is, to stop supporting from your body to it so You will break the state of Depression and You will come out from it second is to get rid of the very thoughts of your mind which cause you Depression to delete them, remove them and fade them Manier times our elders call a proverb ‘bury the hatchet”. What these things means? it means, the things You hold on You can leave them as You say burn them, really burn them to those thoughts Today You don’t need of those thoughts in your life so this is the way You can use your Mind and Body to come out from this state after this, let me tell You about something new That is Look, whenever We talk on depression in your life

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